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  1. Unless you're talking Superman 64 I'm sticking with Fridays....
  2. Hang on there son, Friday the 13th begs to differ lol!
  3. Well that was fast, new record, so fast it was platinumed 3 days before it was even released!!! I wonder???
  4. I hope so but realistically what other reason does EA have to keep them going? Are you saying EA is maintaining those servers and not Visceral?
  5. Well I'm sure most have heard of visceral closing its doors forever, with the sad news comes a few lingering questions, one of which being how long do you think it'll be before they close the servers in Dantes? I wonder if and when they'll stop support and finally close the door on this online DLC? Luckily I just got mine and it looks like I may be one of the last for the Trials trophy but I also feel bad for those that might not get it but want to. One thing left to say..... y'all better get yours soon!!!!
  6. Yeah part 8 is pretty popular, him and part 6 but my favorite used to be Retro Jason AKA Grapejuice Jason lol but since the last update Orc Ear Jason AKA part 4 Jason is my man. I fucking hate Savini Jason as a counselor not because I can't have him but because his music is sooooooo fucking annoying!!!! I guess I should have PH.D too but I must be missing some environmental kill somewhere, it'll be thrilling to get that one naturally. So what are you playing on, P.C.??? Don't see your list on here so....
  7. Yup! I get Jason all the time! And I'm a brutal, relentless Jason so I make the most of it, rarely do people escape me HA! HA! HA!!! But in all seriousness I don't think even the Jason matches/kills trophies will be that difficult once they add the offline bots update. Once you can do that you will be able to be Jason every time and rack up kills and matches at will! Unless they must be done only online which could happen, it'll take the luck out of being Jason...
  8. Awww Don't be so hard on it lol, its a grind but its also so so much more..... like tons of fun for one! I would say play it for fun with little worry about trophies, they'll all come naturally and once you have may be half the list then start gunning for whatever is left. The only ones you really need to boost are the Jason matches ones like you said and that's about it. Oh and maybe partying up for the Jason kill but other than that and getting all possible kill variations all trophies will be popped while simply enjoying the game...........unless you suck.
  9. Yeah, me too, I go to privacy settings and uncheck all the boxes since for whatever reason they're automatically checked and confirm and its still showing as not public. Probably a PSN thing.
  10. Ohhhh noooo, not an inconvenience?!?! Listen, it happens. When you boost with people that can be from multiple time zones sometimes people might think they're on time and they aren't, or whatever the case. Either way, will it really make you feel better if you consciously know that someone got punished for it. Did it fill that void they left? Didn't think so. Sorry.
  11. Then don't participate. No one is making you, its your choice. Why do you need to see consequences brought down on people? Just make a note of it for next time and move on. Sorry.
  12. I just looovvvvvveeeee Amiibos!!! Personally I just like it that some of these mascot type characters are getting merchandise produced from some of these games who have literally none ever. My wanted list includes Bayonetta and that Metroid 2 pack and currently I have Sonic, Megaman, Shovel Knight, both pixelated Mario's, Ryu, Pacman, Dr. Mario, Greninja Toon Link and oh yeah really want those 3 Shovel Knight DLC characters ASAP!!! A better question now that they have been around for a few years is fantasy Amiibo. My dream fantasy Amiibo would have to definitely be my good barbarian friend Simon Belmont! C'mon he's tailor made for Nintendo, remember Captain N? Him and also another personal favorite who wouldn't be that out of place is Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse, in classic form would be stunning. God I hope Namco would sell it to Nintendo and take him out of their little tiny box. Finally I want Isaac and I saw a pic of it not long ago just wondering what happened to him?
  13. Wolfenstein, Dead Island 2(whenever it may come out), Bloodstained because there are no more Castlevanias and the Nioh complete edition, I purposely skipped it on release in the hopes of the complete edition.
  14. Than. So no one is gonna say anything about Ryu Izuna Dropping some poor sucka? I wonder if he just pops in as a brief rival, if you get to use him at some point, or if its just a quick cameo?
  15. Splatterhouse, Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne and any of the Castlevanias that came out on PS3