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  1. I predicted in another thread that the time trial trophies will be close to impossible solo. To make the gold medal times, I feel like you need both characters to constantly be on the move and playing solo you can only control one at a time. This will hands down be one of the rarest and most difficult platinums on the PS4 imo. I attempted the gold time on Hideaway 4-5 times. My best run had a few hiccups but was pretty smooth, yet I am 6 minutes off the pace. Unless some hidden shortcuts or such start appearing, I just don't see how the time trial times are possible playing solo.
  2. I've played the first three chapters and this is simply an early game observation that may prove to be wrong, but I'm gonna claim the time trial trophies are impossible solo. Im predicting we will have to co-op up to achieve the speed run trophies.