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  1. I usually don't realize I'm hungry or thirsty until I look at the time. Then I'm like "Holy shit I'm hungry!!!" then proceed to cook food.
  2. How is that? cause I have the same problem.
  3. Prolly gonna go with Xillia just cause I think that game gripped me the most. Obviously Last of Us and Infinite were amazing also. And I liked Black Flag quite a bit too.
  4. lightning hit my house one time i was playing Disgaea 3 my tv ps3 and wii died epicly...my house was ok tho.
  5. Oh thanks was just thinking about how fun these games were
  6. Sword in the Stone such a nostalgic movie for me
  7. drake and the 99 dragons -.-
  8. Rosario + Vampire Fairy Tail Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple Needless Bleach and obviously for nostalgia reasons DBZ
  9. Did I like the game a lot? Oh yes indeed. The best game I've ever played? Oh no sir. But everyone has their own best game ever, so grats on finding yours =)
  10. So now that I have it like I said not the best fighting game player so any tips or advice? My fingers move stupidly for some reason when I try to combo -.-'
  11. I just named my Soldier Roland just cause of the Blands 1 soldier but mostly cause of The Dark Tower Series of books.
  12. ok, thanks downloading it now =)
  13. "Time to look badass"
  14. I know it's been out awhile now but I've recently came upon some money that I can actually spend. I've been a hardcore persona fan for a long long time now, but the catch is fighting games aren't my strong suit. So any suggestions if I should get this bad boy or just look the other way?
  15. The pun it's too much I love it. I lost my shit the first time I heard him say BEAR-SONA!