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  1. Hi, anyone know what Ps Plus Premium Games Croos-buy exists to play in Vita?
  2. This game have local (couch) co op?
  3. Only 1 trophy didn´t auto pop for me "Young Escapee"
  4. Just Platinium the PS5 version of the game right now, can i enter on PS4 version and all of trophies auto pop right?
  5. This is not true. The game was patched, and now is much more difficult, because the boss do random attacks and not sequencial. Heatblast is not OP at all, i already try last boss fight over 10 times, one of them get touched becausa heatblast is too week on the attacks and can´t take the last 1% of damage need. I´m stuck with this and the Bee.
  6. The same problem with me in Portugal
  7. I'm struggling with this too
  8. these games are full of problems. A few years ago I tried to platinium all 3 games and only got Warrior Within. The 2 Thrones bugged the Sand Snake trophy. In sand's of time, several trophies gave bugs, I got angry and sold the game. this week in a second-hand store I found Trilogy at a good price and decided to buy it. I put the cd on the console and start playing and so far so good. I had to leave and turned off the PS3, when I came back the game won't start and the following warning appears - "A critical error occurred and the game will now quit. Try to start the game again" I already uninstalled and installed it again several times and it doesn't go away.
  9. My save game corrupts when i was about 5.000.000 for bounty hunter. Autolog register only my time laps for everithing but the the money resets, any solution?
  10. Just finished the game, go to store to buy Network pass. Bought it. Back to the game, and appear the error NP-2247-5 and can't enter the online. Anyone can help?
  11. Some doubts about glitches. When I bought the game in 2017 I played my first round and the "Family" trophy did not fall I was upset and sold the game. When the game was offered on PLUS, I tried again but the game was full of breaks and uninstalled. This week (already on PS5) I decided to install it again to try the platinum and DLC trophies, can I use the same SAVE? Do I need to playtrhough one sitting? If so, on PS5 if you are going to play any other game, the application closes right? Do glitches affect everyone? Or can I be lucky not to be affected? About the solution to use version 1.09 is impossible for me, because the game I have is the digital version and therefore the most recent, always.
  12. How much time for those trophies? are the only ones missing from me
  13. Not fixed here. Can't sincronise trophies. Error code changes to NP-9849-0 ;(
  14. Me too. Try it right now and didin't work
  15. everyone says that this game is super easy, but for me it's not easy. I'm already in 4h of the game and I can't get the trophy faster, besides the only time I managed to get the 36 elements, I did it in 9min.