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  1. Really? Haman gets a 6? Eastwood here gets a 9 (10 only if he's wearing a poncho)
  2. Most satisfying / difficult: Dead Space 2 (Hardcore difficulty ATE at least 30 game hours... not including actual playtime.) Most satisfying from a time perspective: Brutal Legend (took 2 years to find someone to boost with).
  3. KITTEH! 10/10
  4. I've got a triskellion across half my back that has the detail work redone by a friend. That is to say, it is a stylized trikellion (a celtic symbol for inifinity, or immortality if you have it on you). I'll get a pic up when I get to my home pc.
  5. I guess first Sakura (though I don't see the telltale staff or camera, etc) and secondly Magic Knight Rayearth. I'm fairly certain I'm dead wrong though
  6. I got this game when I got my PS3, thinking it was going to be like Lemmings from way-back-when. I was mostly wrong, as there is hardly any strategy to be had here except maybe "Run a lot". I got about 4 levels in and couldn't meet the necessary points to proceed forward. I was on a level with one of the timer-bonus things, so I eventually got it by just dashing through the level for a good time modifier. I managed to get a few more levels and now I'm completely stuck again. Its like the 2nd or 3rd level after the Fire Boss. You must acheive 1,000,000 points with no time bonus. The most I can get is 870k... Are there tricks to beating it? I can't find a help guide nor a helpful video. And multiple tries yield less and less points, where I got about 200k just before shutting off the game Soooo... old game, yes, but any help is appreciated
  7. I WAS playing this, but only long enough to realize that the AI sucks very badly. I traded it back in about a week later. Seems like an easy game to plat, were it able to A] be played solo and/or B] actually had people playing it online (which I found exactly ZERO).
  8. I just received DW: Gundam 2 and 3 in the mail yesterday (had to Amazon them). They are the price of a popular used game (so $30ish each). Anyways, if you are familiar with any DW games you are familiar with this one. Button-mashing-ho! Seriously, you will spend most of your time mashing the square button. Once you figure out how to combo, you'll be spamming it since its stronger. Anyways, if this gameplay isn't suited for you, you won't like this whole game. If, however, you don't mind button mashers and have even a passing interest in Gundam, I highly suggest this game. It does look like it will take a while to get the (P) but that's because its a completionist sort of game (collect all characters, mobile suits, gallery items, etc). I have already put a good 6 hours into it and it doesn't feel like it. In order to unlock more things to use you will have to replay some missions most likely. So, again, if you aren't instantly attracted to the gameplay, you aren't going to like ANY of this game. I will say that it definitely helps to already be a gundam fan and have seen some of the popular series, as the Official Mode runs through the battles seen in the anime. The cutscenes are especially good when it comes to this (The end of the One Year War is a great example). Hope that helps people! (Yes I know this game is old already )