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  1. This might sound a little strange but helped me with some of the critical timing combos: 1. Memorize the combo (also practice it a lot until your fingers will do it on auto mode) 2. Stare at the screen or don't look onto it at all (helps me to get the combo right without distraction) 3. Perform the combo over and over until it hits... it will! (At least it worked out perfectly for me!)
  2. Powerpyx says on his guide, that you have to perform a brutality 50 times on a character of your choice in a tower to unlock the head to the wall in the Krypt.
  3. Spent around 4-5 hours only on the tutorials but finally managed to do so. This seems to be the hardest part of the game. No win requierements online is the biggest win for me. Everything else will come with time.
  4. Lets wait and see if it will be possible to unlock characters. If not, who will play it?
  5. Sorry, my bad.
  6. So you got the trophy? Kannst du es mir bitte auf deutsch sagen (Can you please tell me in german?)? Ich habe nämlich alles was die Spezis angeht abgeschlossen und alle Trophys dafür erhalten nur eben die 101 nicht.
  7. Yes. It works and in normal missions you can die infinite times, so you can do it in almost any mission in one go.
  8. No. But I would recommend to do the multiplayer trophy asap. I think the playerbase will drop very soon...
  9. Hi. This is afaik a local coop trophy, but might also work in online multiplayer (mine poped in local coop). With the latest patch, it is somehow imposible to revive party members. Didn't know it also doesn't work in local coop.
  10. Found an easy way to trigger the Angel of Death bonus: Get yourself an Autogun and a Digital Weapon. Use the digital weapon and fire the Autogun with it's standard attack (X). Angel of Death should pop every 2-4 attacks. Done.
  11. Well I tried a lot of stuff with crits and so on with many weapons (close combat, range combat) and it never triggers. There must be another way... maybe it's about sharpshooting while using the dmg wheel... have to try this out...
  12. Yes, this one: Efficient Operative But after a while this will be easy, as only damage given and damage received is calculated against you. Neither the AI or anything else will have higher stats.
  13. Got a response from Neocore about this: " The Angel of Death occurs in case your 3 consecutive attacks provide critical hit." That should do the trick. Maybe I can now go on writing a trophy guide.
  14. Can anyone tell me how to trigger the Angel of Death buff for the Death Incarnated trophy? It seems I only get this in multiplayer but I have no idea how it is triggered.