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  1. Loooool, an extremely agressive troll comin' to talk about free opinion on the forum, frustrated by the way he buy games at full price Neef don't need to learn anything from you funny buddy So you want to censor guys who likes PS+....
  2. Hi, Will start this one soon, someone interested for grinding together ? let me know, see ya
  3. Hi, interested by On The Rail trophy, someone can help about that ? ID : Loncle13
  4. Wow Great !! It's an amazing work that u have done, thanks a lot for the help... Unfortunately i have both Vita and PS3 version I'm interested, tell me if i can send you a FR, thx
  5. Oh OK, thx fr the answers, not a good news for me^^. I'm sure i will not spend money for that, so i will to suffer untill i decide to give a F*** at this M*****F*****' game
  6. Hi, I play on digital version of the game and i can't do the infinite ammo glitch... really frustrating with the objectives of gold medals in Twisted Difficulty to unlock Warthog and get all online trophies before server closure. So if i play in coop with a guy who has done the infinite ammo glitch, will he bring the infinite ammo with him (just for him will be good enough) if i'm the host of the coop ? And If he will be the host, the gold medal will count for me too ? Too, I've seen a profile where the guy has the trophy "Any Car Will Do" and not the "Twisted Gold" one, Is that possible ?
  7. Hi, (sry for my english) When i install my digital version of the game, i was surprised to see the Lost Archive & the Ancestors Characters pack already installed in my game^^. Really interesting... I only miss the maps pack to grind all trophies and i decide to take them free by an HK account, it's work fine untill my PS3 crashed while i install the maps pack on her. I reload the PS3 and ALL the DLC have disappeared xD...... Greed is a bad thing !! Did u ear that before ? I will try to get all of them by my HK account but i think i must certainly wait for a sale^^
  8. Loool, nvm what do u have or not ; make a prediction or subtitle ur thread : "December PS+ prediction thread (about what i use) "💩
  9. Yes that's it^^, but luckily this trophy is not a priority and can be done quietly, focus on level by level. Twisted Gold is more a big problem for me (Have you thought noob ?, sure i am^^). Without the infinite ammo glitch (I use digital version of the game), it's a real pain and it must be done quickly cause it's the way to unlock the last vehicle (Warthog) 😫😠😡
  10. k thanks, that's a F***in' good news
  11. hi guys, I will buy minecraft in few times but i want to know which dlc contains trophies, there is tons of skins, maps, ... but never find an info about the dlc with trophies so if someone can help me to find them^^, i'm lost in playstation store pages with 184 items
  12. The Train & Tha Pain

  13. Well, (first sorry for my english) I will test all the possibles methods to achieve this 1% trophy simply cuz i can't play the time needed to grind enough XP. Work, kids, ... let me 3 hours per day max and business travels kick me out 1 or 2 nights per weeks... with 18 hours of boosting (very) max in a week, i'm so far...... I gave up the MP trophies of this game to focus on KZ3, more doable & less time consuming for a player with my profile but i continue to check any ideas about it ("hope makes life" we say in France^^). So, this one is not bad as it seems but there is 2 big problems : - U need to be well organized and be sure about the players who tells they will follow u, cuz many wants only have benefits of ur idea and will not doin' the first part of the method. - Multi are not made for boosters, it's for competitive players in a large majority. Some of this guys spend entire days to gain XP just for fun, they love to be High Ranking and mostly they love beating boosters^^. I think a MP like the KZ2 one is full of this type of players and u can't control them so it will be very hard to predict which score can allow you to go ahead them. Just Hope the instability of the servers put them out. I will follow this thread to see what is consider, btw thx for the idea, Brainstorming never hurts
  14. I'm in too, let's try to be lucky... Thanks for the Lottery Prodigy 👍
  15. He has one in the past but it seems that he is no more usefull to play online, u can go on without it. Lucky for you, cause the PSN store doesn't sell him anymore.