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  1. k thx for answers
  2. Hi, All in the title. I never lauch the game for now and have read many things about the game. My question is : The game can be easily done in around one month (around 2 or 3 hours a day) if you have not started it yet ? I have seen that some trophies don't unlock, that you have to pay to play as werewolf, that he is boostable, sometimes not^^ so i just wanna know about players who have already done it what it really is, thx. And if some others players want to try the 100% too
  3. Spelunker HD will still workin' ?
  4. Just done ! it works perfectly for now.
  5. Thanks !! Voted For Ghost of Tsushima
  6. I'm near to test this method but i'm afraid and few questions are comin'... I don't want many plats or something like that... I've just forgot to buy The U3 expansion of Uncharted : Fight for Fortune before they delisted it from EU Store and still only need the 2 trophies of this DLC for the 100%. "Luckily" (loool), U3 DLC is still buyable from some others store like HK and Malaysian ones but I know the Vita can be linked to only one account in one region... So my questions are : The method here is the only way to complete my game ? Which other solution can i find to complete it ? Which are the risks to use the methods describe here ? I'm not really good in this xD, i've just understand that there is a risk to be flagged about the timestamps but is there others risks ? by example for the data about others game in your main account or something else... Thx
  7. K Thx, but it seems too complicated and risky for me to attempt this.... I will wait some days to accept my fucked up situation
  8. Thx, How can we use it on a PSVITA linked to an European account ? I still need only the U3 expansion to do for the 100%. I only wake up now about this game and it seems im totally fucked I'm ready to pay again the full game but i think we can't use it on our account... Between the delisted games, the servers closure, the buggy ones, ... the trophy hunting became a really bitchy hobby who can turn a good guy on a terrible hacker...
  9. Thx for answer, I ve searched in every way but still no possible to do. A funny thing is that i can send the Vita save to the PS3 but it's not the way i want
  10. Hi, I want to transfer some save from my PS3 to my Vita but don't find any option for this. The transfer is still possible on that way ?
  11. I'm on! Add me for trading trophies PSN : loncle13
  12. Currently playin' Bishop Briggs / White Flag.
  13. Loooool, an extremely agressive troll comin' to talk about free opinion on the forum, frustrated by the way he buy games at full price Neef don't need to learn anything from you funny buddy So you want to censor guys who likes PS+....
  14. Hi, Will start this one soon, someone interested for grinding together ? let me know, see ya
  15. Hi, interested by On The Rail trophy, someone can help about that ? ID : Loncle13