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  1. Hey, Lool true, finally find some matches and can finifh the trophies, still need the bicycle kick, a pain^^ Thx for reply
  2. Hey, Thx to propose, count me in if possible
  3. Hey, Good news, but what's happens with Club Pro, can't find any matches
  4. Hey, srry about that.

    My trophies doesn't sync in my PSNp account since two weeks.

    How can i fix this issue pls ?


    1. DaivRules


      Go to your trophy page, click your avatar in the top right, then select Update Trophies. 


    2. loncle13


      Damn, forget the forced update button on the Home page too, srry;

      Thx for reply,

  5. Thx, I got 350 points by myself this time, will try to gain 600 at least next time
  6. Where do u check the attacks & defense points ? We have 890 points with my alliance this season and no trophy....
  7. Hey everyone, All is in the title. I saw videos on net showing players having no troubles to avoid the shadow in the basemenbt at the end of act 3. But i still cannot, i'm around a hundred tries and became tired to try something ununderstandable^^. Someone have tips or maybe can try to explain what it's needed here ? Thx EDIT: OK forget one capacity^^ lool
  8. Hi,

    Don't find any info about your Discord.

    Btw don't see the Discord's logo on your PSNp pic too, so maybe it's not linked yet,


    See ya

  9. "Why isn’t auto popping trophies classed as cheating?" Cuz it's not xD. It's now marketing, this new function works perfectly for the crazies trophies hunters, devs add the possibility so it's legit.
  10. It's not dead, was on half hour ago and still playable online... for now^^
  11. Hi, I'm at 24^^
  12. Hi, It seems mssg app was done but inv still works for some games like Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken or Fruit Ninja, players still unlocked trophies by the Vita inv system. If someone wants to quickly try to help me, it will be very appreciated ; there is no reason that the system still work on others games and not on this one, feel free sto mssg me if a pure soul want to try it, thx.
  13. It's written on top of all profil pages^^
  14. Sadly, no way.