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  1. I'm loving it so far! Flatout 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, and this definitely reminds me of it. I know most people prefer simulation or street racing, but I've always been more of a fan of offroad racers with a heavy emphasis on trading paint, so I'm having blast with it. If I have any criticism at all, the loading screens for levels is kind of long.
  2. I'm always disappointed to see Online trophies, since I don't have a PS Plus subscription and I'm locked out of platinums because of it. I'm assuming there is no chance of local co-op being an option either. Too bad! I've had my pre-order in since the release date was announced though, so I'm definitely looking forward to this regardless.
  3. Bunkers are the bane of my existence. Also, I'm pretty sure they are magnetized.
  4. I didn't read every response on this thread, so sorry if it's been mentioned. It's probably people who have <i>recently</i> bought the game, loaded the menu, but haven't gotten around to actually starting it. It doesn't mean they didn't like the game, but the game is automatically added to your trophy list even if you don't play the game, so at any given time there are probably thousands of people for every game that haven't earned a single trophy. They may play the game a week later, but by then those people have been replaced by a new batch of people who have recently purchased the game, and so on. Just to use diskdocx example from page 1: "And yet, with 518k owners, only 507k have the trophy. That means 11 thousand people bought the game" The raw number, 11k, sounds like a lot, but out of 518k, that means only 2.1 percent of people start the game and don't play it. 97.9 of people play the game normally. That doesn't sound unreasonable. That 2 percent could be made up of people who accidentally boot up one of their sibling's games, or kids who boot up games on their parents accounts by mistake. There are plenty of reasons why it could happen.
  5. Check out the "free games" section on your Vita. Some of them are really microtransactiony, like My Singing Monsters, but there are some good playable games in there, like Run Sackboy Run, Jetpack Joyride, Vitamin Z, and Treasures of Montezuma: Arena. (Note on that last one, it is Arena that is really good, Blitz is super grindy and is more geared towards microtransactions. If you don't see Arena, do a search for it.) Fat Princess - Piece of Cake is a pretty good free game too, but it has huge difficulty spikes that try to force you into spending money, so it can get frustrating/grindy at times. So, free games that I think are good (personally): Jetpack Joyride Vitamin Z Run Sackboy Run Treasures of Montezuma: Arena Invokers Tournament (Online only) Fat Princess - Piece of Cake (sort of) Frobisher Says is okay too. Free games that I didn't like, or are microtransaction generators: Treasures of Montezuma: Blitz My Singing Monsters Shake Spears Get Off My Lawn Desert Ashes Also, if you are poor and want to get the most bang for your buck, look into Rainbow Moon. It's a tactical RPG, so if that's not your thing then maybe avoid it, but I have 111 hours into it and it's easily the longest game I've played so far. I think it might be $14.99, but it goes on sale all the time, and I would expect it to go on sale some more since I believe a sequel is scheduled for release this year and they probably want to get more people interested in buying it by selling the first game at a discount.
  6. You don't have to not worry about not having experience with portables with the Vita, because it feels like a last-gen console that's been made mobile. Personally, I think it's worth it, yes. The biggest issue for me is lack of big budget games. The PS store is updated every week with indies and there are loads of Japanese imports, which are great (I would never have experience Persona 4 if not for that) but the retail side of things is basically dead. If you go to Amazon and look at the upcoming games you will rarely see more than 3-4 games at a time, and most of them are ports of other games. The controls are fine, visuals are outstanding compared to other handhelds, and there is a ton of digital games worth playing.
  7. Hey guys, this might be common knowledge, but I noticed recently that when I browse the PS store on my Vita there are games missing from the store. I assumed the category under the "all" tab showed all Vita games, but I recently noticed that Child of Light isn't displayed under the "A-D" section. Also, I recently purchased Final Horizon during the Holiday sale, and it also isn't listed. You can find the games by doing a search, and they appear if you browse by genre. Child of Light shows up under RPGs and Final Horizon shows up under Strategy, but it's weird that these games aren't listed under the "all games" category. Does anyone know if this is intentional? And do we know if there are any other games that are hidden?
  8. Does anyone else have problems with enemies glitching through the floor? Whenever they do that, they can hit you but you can't shoot them back. It basically ends my game every time it happens, because I can't fight back and I start getting powered down and overwhelmed by everything. It's incredibly annoying. At first, I thoght it was just an ability that the Bell peppers have, since they do it the most, but I've had it happend with oranges too. I sometimes get stuck because there is an orange roaming around under the floor at the end of a level and I have no way to hit it. Fortunately you can kill it eventually by stomping repeatedly, but that doesn't help with the bell pepers.
  9. I had the same issue, but I don't remember if I had Death from the Sky yet, maybe it just popped after the next level I finished after buying the ability? Or maybe it didn't trigger until I actually used Death from the Sky? I wasn't paying close enough attention when it happened.
  10. I've spoken out against Microtransactions numerous times on this site. In my opinion, this one isn't too bad. I would say the microtransaction system is similar to Jetpack Joyride, it's there if you want it but it doesn't try to force it on you. It's playable, and definitely not just a pure microtransaction generator. (I'm looking at you, My Singing Monsters.)
  11. Nitro, dear, you are totally misunderstanding everything I have said and it makes me terribly sad. I am not going to argue for the sake of arguing, if you fail to comprehend my displeasure with the microtransaction pricing model and their corrosive effects upon game development then I'm afraid there is no point in continuing with this conversation. Anyone with an ounce of intellect will understand by now how I feel about this methodology of game design. Makes your microtransaction purchases if you really enjoy this type of game design and want to see more of it from more developers. (I...don't.)
  12. My post was about microtransactions in general, not this game specifically. I don't spend money on games like this because I do not support developers who use microtransactions. I wouldn't spend $2 on anything COD either. It's not about AAA vs. Indie developers, if you read my post you will see I listed several indie games that I am a huge fan off (Drinkbox Studios, and SideQuest studios, as I'm a fan of Rainbow Moon and Mutant Blobs Attack.) Personally, I think a good game is a good game, regardless of how much money was spent on development. Again, it is games that are built entirely around microtransactions that I don't like. I have sense played the game. It's fun enough, and it does seem 100 percentable with a TON of time. But as I've said, the developers won't be making any money from me because (I'll say it again) I do not spend money on microtransaction-based games. This is a simple side-scrolling runner, I can play hundreds of them online for free, and I'm not shelling out money to buy bubbles or save-me hearts. My point stands, microtransactions and DLC (in my opinion) are harmful to the video game industry. It has resulted in a lot of horrible, low-quality, and over-priced content and it seem rather irresponsible as a lover of games to give money and support developers who use these tactics.
  13. What kind of devs are we supporting though? I'm totally okay with spending money on games like Guacamelee, Tales from Space, Machinarium, Terraria, etc. These are good games made me good developers, and paying money for them is fine. I do not in any way support these developers who build their games around nickle and diming their customers. You have to realize, these games are designed from the start to be microtransaction games. They intentionally make them super-grindy (or implement impossible difficulty spikes) so that player is essentially forced to spend absurd amounts of money on games that really aren't even that fun. So no, I will no support developers who make microtransaction games. I think the pricing model and the way games are designed around it are toxic and damaging to the game industry, and I'm so sick of the market being flooded with these awful pieces of crap. Why would I want to give my money to the developers who are doing this? No thanks. Note: That I haven't actually played Run Sackboy! Run yet, but I probably will in the near future. I will not spend a single dime on it regardless. I will, however, spend money on other games that aren't built around this pricing model. Personally, I'm looking forward to Rainbow Skies, and Severed.
  14. Best game ever, even without a platinum! Although to be honest, anyone who can do all those challenges really deserves a platinum. o.o
  15. What? The 100 percent trophy in a LEGO game is glitched? I'm shocked! (Yes, that was sarcasm.)