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  1. Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust 'Movie Mogul' Difficulty: 3 Fun Factor: We don't need no stinkin' fun factor! So I was at a mom and pop used game shop and saw this for $5. I loved L3: Magna Cum Laude on PS2 so what could go wrong? ( I later learned Magna Cum Laude was made by Sierra and Box Office Bust was made by Codemasters. What a difference a studio can make!) Doesn't that platinum image exude quality? It actually gives a clear idea of what you can expect from this title. Graphics? Awful. Gameplay? Awful. Music? What music? Story? I had to fast forward the story for a trophy! (Speed - beat the game in 8 hours) The game wasn't particularly difficult (camera angles, crappy mechanics and poor hit detection make the game artificially difficult) but it was still relatively quick. But be prepared to get frustrated because 90% timed events + shitty controls = a bunch of unnecessary restarts. And for what should have been a funny game the jokes varied between cringey and lame. I think for all the jokes I heard I may have given 1 courtesy smirk; that's it. Long story short: relatively easy platinum though it has a 16% plat rate. I spent $5 on this "game" and feel like I got taken advantage of. If you are a trophy whore this game may be for you. If you like games that are fun, entertaining and/or mildly coherent don't bother! Caveat Emptor.
  2. When setting up my PS3 I saw I had to set up an online profile. I am that rare guy that didn't just put something, I thought long and hard focusing on something unique yet badass. So no, not changing my name. I am happy with what it is. And let's be honest, if you can stomp bulls you are badass . . .
  3. WWE Allstars, I have all the SP trophies already but am missing only the online trophies for the platinum.
  4. Totally agree with this. This is my profile, if I can get trophies for a game great. If I can't get em fuck it. If I want to game without trophies I go to my Pandora or Raspberry Pi and play vintage games. Bottom line, gaming is supposed to be fun!
  5. Dude, your completion times on your plats are pretty sick. I am a fan! Oh yeah, I would take your Catherine plat, I would love to be done with it
  6. Friday the 13th, tempted to start now that its free on Plus but all the drama going on with Victor Miller/Friday the 13 franchise is making me nervous.
  7. I don't feel like breaking it down for you so check this - https://battlefront-forums.ea.com/discussion/78065/star-wars-battlefront-2-2005-vs-battlefront-2-2017
  8. Clearly you never played the pre-EA Battlefront titles or you would've realized how silly this statement is.
  9. I would recommend waiting for a price drop.😉
  10. I agree, in it's purist definition this is cheating. I completely agree with this line of thinking when there is an active gamer population for a title. HOWEVER when you pop in a game and the MP is dead should a gamer sacrifice their ability to unlock trophies due to low/non existent populations? Fuck that. As someone who has played his share of MP I fucking hate boosting but sometimes it's a necessary evil.
  11. Choose 2 wrestlers with low charisma. Also choose an unrelated arena (ex. - choose 2 MMA fighters and a wrestling arena). Then go for a count out as soon as the bell rings. Do not taunt or do any moves.
  12. Nier Automata to complete that set😁 Gran Turismo Sport, I won't likely get that on my own.
  13. Dead Nation, I really loved that game. Such a polished indie game
  14. I am interested to see how popular this game will be once there ain't no more auto pop. I autopopped this crap on PS3/PS4 off my Vita version and deeply regret it.
  15. I would choose Nioh, I am waiting for it to be free on plus. Arkham Knight/100% is time consuming but not impossible. I have it too.