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  1. Nice trophy list! I can't decide between Civilization: Revolution 2 Plus or Xcom Plus, so I'll take em both! I know, I'm greedy lol😜
  2. I would choose Apotheon because I think it looks really cool, just haven't started it yet
  3. Tomb Raider, the MP trophies and lack of single player trophies make me apprehensive. . .
  4. Disgaea 3, congrats on that one!
  5. Down well, playing it now and it's kicking my ass so far😉
  6. Please list me as Champion of the Gods, I have all the GoW plats😁
  7. Aside from Evolve, which I have absolutely zero interest in, I already have all the games listed . . .
  8. CoD: Modern Warfare 3 100%, because I will eventually get the plat but I am not doing all the DLC
  9. Assassin's Creed II, which is the first Ezio AC. I need to get to that one eventually ☺
  10. Akiba's Trip, have been curious about that one
  11. Really? So any opinion that doesn't match yours is stupid? Would it be stupid if I didn't buy it because I don't like the cover art? Because I'm allergic to hedgehogs? Because I only play sports games?My reasons, whatever they are, for buying and not buying any game are my own and I am not going to blindly follow the consensus. How's this for an opinion; I think it is completely stupid to be so presumptuous as to call another person's opinion stupid in an open forum. Ruined gaming, are you kidding me? Oh no, Sonic is the only game worth playing and it has no platinum. Whatever will I do? NEWSFLASH - The vast majority of quality titles nowadays have a platinum! The impact of not playing a game with a 26 year old marsupial protagonist is minimal at best. I completely disagree with you. I believe EVERY triple A release should have a platinum, including Hitman. Episodic or not. You see, thats the beauty of opinions, if we all thought the same things opinions would be worthless.
  12. It's a concept in sales known as "voting with your wallet." If enough people stay away and don't buy the game, the publisher will eventually have a meeting with their marketing division to brainstorm solutions to drive sales. Then one genius will eventually say "How about giving it a real trophy list with a platinum? It don't cost nothing. . ." And voila, everybody wins. Do I think the most recent Hitman game would have done better with a platinum? Absolutely! I actually would have bought it because I love the series. Sad to see IO Interactive go under too. But eventually publishers need to figure out what their core audience wants. And no, I am not talking about casual gamers who buy 1.2 games a year. I am talking about trophy hunters who buy 14.7 games a year on average. I have no problem playing games with no Platinums. My problem is actually paying for them. When Sonic comes to PS+ I will have fun with it. I have plenty of backlog to keep me going until then. Based on the number of "My Name is Mayo" Platinums tracked on this site alone your estimate is extremely short. Speaking of which, I find it fucking hysterical that some people who have that "prestigious" platinum are posting here that trophies don't matter. Hypocrite much?
  13. Mortal Kombat vs DC since it's been impossible for years. Seriously, I am so jealous of that one . . .
  14. Dead Space, because I don't have any of that series on my profile.