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  1. Not a computer gamer but curious; what's happening on Steam? And as was said before, it's not just getting a platinum but which platinum you get. You will frequently hear the terms "Trophy Hunter and "Trophy Whore". A trophy Hunter goes after a variety of Platinums, focusing on very rare or lower. A trophy whore buys games to get easy Platinums whether they suck or not, focusing on quick and easy, uncommon and higher. You can tell the difference by their average rarity. The joke was made earlier about "Hannah Montana" because it is a notoriously easy plat(2-3 hours) that most wouldn't bother with if not for the easy trophies. Either way, focus on what you like!
  2. Destiny because it's already on my profile and I really am having issues getting into it . . .
  3. Deadstar since the servers are closed and it's impossible now
  4. Alienation for me and . . .that's about it. Seriously, October 13, on a Friday even. Where are the Good horror games??? Friday the 13th should've been a no brainer . .
  5. Must be an amazing game if people are willing to try methods they believe may not be legal to get it. And no, everyone don't got it.
  6. Nice trophy list! Lots of choices but would definitely choose Super Streetfighter IV. Them trials >me lol.
  7. Dragon Age: Origins, has been in backlog for too long . . .
  8. Wow, if you need to hack a game as easy as this one to get the platinum you really need to find another hobby . . .
  9. I completely agree with you. I really wish something could be done. However, as was mentioned earlier, Sony couldn't care less. Maybe, one day, they will see fit to enforce their own ToS. One can dream, right? . . .
  10. Yes, because people only die after age 70 . . . I believe it is a fundamental flaw with digital that no, you aren't buying the game/movie/whatever, you are buying a license to use it. Licenses can be revoked for whatever reason the issuer decides, whether they discontinue the store, if the company bans your account or anything in between. And to the OPs point, no, I don't think this is on the legal radar nor will it be in the near future.
  11. WWE 2K17 because I have always been a big wrestling fan. However, after getting glitched out of platinuming 2K16 I won't buy another WWE game developed by 2K
  12. Obligatory "Physical is > than Digital media" post. Seriously, that sucks.
  13. Thanks Oowa! And thanks for putting this league together, it has been a blast so far😊
  14. 3D Dot Game Heroes 6 years 4 months Two words: Dash Circuit. The undisputed worst mini game in video game history. Imagine "Flappy Goat" from Goat Simulator times 100. I really had to push myself through some pain and frustration to finish it. So fucking glad to be done with it . . .