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  1. On my Vita I went to single player>play user levels>most recent users and selected the most recent user, Prarpin, from June 26th. His levels are playable for me. I already knocked out the online trophies, not sure if or why that would have anything to do with it.
  2. Just a heads up, I tried playing online this morning and it actually worked. In case anyone still needs the online trophies.
  3. If you are into sports you can get games that are 2-3 years old at a substantial discount. Sony also just came out with the greatest hits collection that are $20 each. I would recommend getting a Plus membership because you can get two games a month free.
  4. Conan: Exiles Fun Factor: 1/2 a point of 10 Difficulty: Variable (see below) I bought the collector's edition day one because I am a huge Conan fan. Let me say up front the last time I was so disappointed with a licensed video game I was playing E.T. on the Atari VCS. Ridiculously buggy and glitchy, EVEN after a 14gb day one patch. Terrible fight mechanics. Incoherent story. The only redeeming quality is being able to plat this in less than an hour with the admin page which I wanted to avoid. Oh, and you HAVE to boost one trophy for the platinum because its impossible to get legit. If you are going for a quick platinum this meets your criteria. If you want to play a game that's fun, you would likely get more entertainment picking your nose.
  5. @Maxie Mouse Awesome write up! Thank you for the time and effort you took to make it awesome ๐Ÿ˜Š My first plat was Legends of Wrestlemania and it wasn't too hard. The first platinum I really worked for was Demons Souls. No drops, no shortcuts, just patience and adaptability. That's where my trophy OCD really started.
  6. Out of curiosity, what penalty is handed down if you have an illegal game? Fine? Prison time? Community service? Listening to Katy Perry's music?
  7. What would you say is the most important piece of advice for someone learning fighting games? What is your favorite meme?
  8. Just Sing Difficulty: 3 Fun Factor: 7 This is my favorite singing game because I like the vast majority of the tracks and the difficulty is not high. I would highly recommend it if you can get it done by June 29 because the servers are going down then. And yes, there are trophies that are affected.
  9. If I buy a game day one, which are for the rare series I absolutely love like Souls and God of War, I preorder the collector's edition. It is near impossible getting collectors edition on those series any other way. If not, I wait and try to get the collector's edition on the cheap. This worked for Doom ($39), Mirror's Edge: Catalyst ($42), Uncharted 4 ($17) and Wolfenstein 2($34), which I still have yet to play. If that doesn't work I wait for the Game of the Year/Gold edition. Honestly my backlog is big enough I could stop buying games for years and still hunt different platinums consistently so why pay full price?
  10. I really dig your gamer tag, feel free to add me
  11. First off @ProfessorPlat, great gamer tag!!! Favorite PS exclusive has to be Demon's Souls through Bloodborne and God of War (2018) make it tough
  12. OMG XCOM2!!!! I knew this day would come! Time to add that plat to my other XCom plats๐Ÿ˜„
  13. Saw Solo: A Star Wars Story. Some thoughts - 1. Alden was too passive to be Han Solo (not even bringing up his lack of similarities to Harrison Ford) In virtually every scene he was in with other actors those actors overshadowed him. 2. L337 was fucking retarded. 3. Watching a Star Wars movie without Jedi/the Force is like watching a superhero movie with no superheroes in it. 4. The movie takes some time to build up and the pacing afterwards is inconsistent at best. 5. Answers questions no one asked. How did Han get his last name? (Corny) How did Han get his blaster? (Dont care) A full plotpoint on the Kessel Run, something alluded to in passing in Episode IV. C'mon Disney, on one hand you say "Let the past die, kill it if you have to" but they don't hesitate to milk the past any way they can. I loved Han Solo's character in the original trilogy, he would always surprise. Whether he was telling Luke "Dont get cocky" instead of congratulating him on shooting down a TIE fighter or responding "I know" when Leia professed her love for him, you never knew what to expect from him. Not this movie. It was a safe, by-the-numbers movie that shares trivia that in my opinion diminishes the mystique of the character. One reviewer said he felt Solo was like watching a wikipedia page on the big screen. I believe that is an apt description.
  14. I have played characters with shields ( I love the shield parry), dual wield (love the backstab), heavy weapons (stun) and spell weapons (nuking is fun!). As someone who has platinumed the series I can't understand anyone who doesn't like any one of those techniques. The series is so balanced you can make any technique work in any battle. Playing with a shield it makes sense going "shield up" into the unknown. . . It is fucking lame to google instead of explore though. Why bother playing then?
  15. Calling it now: Its only a matter of time when you can just buy trophies for certain games instead of actually having to play them.