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  1. Thank you, this will definitely help me when I get back to this
  2. WWE 2K17(PS3) Fun Factor - 7 (awesome game, would score higher if not for shitty online) Difficulty - 4 I am a huge wrestling fan but I almost passed on this game. The reason is because I got glitched out of the online trophies for WWE 2K16 and 2K support is awful. However, I found a new copy of this game on clearance at Target for $8 so I said fuck it, I'll try again. I am so glad I did. The gameplay is fun as hell, the roster is HUGE and there are tons of unlockables. Not to mention there is only one online trophy: to play 100 online matches. The word play is key because assholes who lose like to rage-disconnect. Disconnected matches do not count so I had to lose a lot of matches just to get them to count (which is the main reason this MP sucks) for the trophy. Well, having to lose to get matches to count and the amount of hacked players, whose matches also don't count toward the trophy. I would highly recommend this game for wrestling fans. Just note what I wrote about the online above. ALSO note the servers close the end of next month😕
  3. Platinum #219 - WWE 2K17 for the PS3. Frankly this was a bit of redemption after getting glitched out of the platinum for WWE 2K16.😁

  4. Thanks @BEAST_IHMOTEP, got the idea getting jealous looking at other people's profiles.🤩 @JackHayden0893 That Overwatch plat looks sweet, I'll choose that one😉
  5. Nice trophy list! I chose Flame Over because I love the plat name ("I Am The God Of Hellfire!")
  6. Platinum #218 - Dungeon Hunter: Alliance on the PS Vita. It was a fun little dungeon crawler 😁

  7. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance "Champion of Gothicus" Difficulty: 5 Fun Factor: 7 This game is more or less a budget Diablo clone but is worth the playthrough. Because they don't make Diablo for the Vita.😉 I put the difficulty at 5 because I completed the Legendary playthrough as a Mage but you can make your life significantly easier by using the Rogue. Their is no equality amongst this game's character types. The Rogue is ridiculously overpowered, the Warrior is overpowered and the Mage can get powerful but it will take some time and patience. All in all this game is a competent dungeon crawler and has one significant advantage over Diablo: since it is a Vita game you can play it pretty much anywhere.
  8. My first was WWE Legends of Wrestlemania, my 100th was Dark Souls 2 and my 200th was Mortal Kombat. So yeah, they couldn't be much more different . . .
  9. Make a "pros/cons" list and take at least one full day to think about it. List benefits of starting over under "pros" and sacrifices of starting over under "cons". Once you have everything you can think of listed for both columns the list will give you the answer. Bonus: This works with any big decision you need to make in gaming or life in general.
  10. Downwell, I am having such a hard time getting into that game . .
  11. Wet Rarity - 4.17% Fun Factor: 4 Difficulty: 7.5 Wet has a couple of things going for it in the beginning. Chapter trophies pop quickly, the story is campy as fuck and the BulletTime acrobatics are cool. Then the tedium kicks in. You will need to play through the story AT LEAST 3 times. Points count mode requires you get a certain amount of points on each chapter (most are easy but a few are rage-inducing). The boneyard challenges, which most are easy and some are even fun, but beware Crackshot 2: The level of difficulty coupled with crappy camera angles and a 20 second completion requirement is hazardous to the health of your controller. In fact, I shelved this game several times because of this challenge. I am happy to have it over with since this is my 37th ultra rare plat but if I had to do it all over again I probably wouldn't. Too much of the game was frustrating because of the game's wonky camera.
  12. Nothing against anime here, just am not a fan. I will play games with anime elements if it catches my eye (like Ni no Kuni)
  13. But the thing is this has been an issue for weeks, possibly months and they just patched the game this week . . .
  14. Sounds like a realistic and attainable goal😁 If I can offer some advice I would say target online trophies first and foremost because servers seem to close at a moment's notice in some cases.