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  1. No matter whether it's one hack or three, intentional or not, people will get away with hacking. Yes it sucks but once you accept that fundamental truth you will realize the leaderboards are bullshit anyway. Especially with people stacking 30 min Platinums. . .
  2. The attached video specifically says "All Season Pass" content.
  3. Mass Effect is one of the best series last generation, in my opinion. In fact, Mass Effect 2 has, in my opinion, the best ending sequence of any video game, ever. I had to platinum each game. That being said, these games are no pushover. If you want a challenge with compelling gameplay look no further. Especially completing ME2s Suicide Mission on Insanity and keeping everyone alive. But man, what a ride!
  4. Final Fantasy VII
  5. Paige is awesome, I heard about this and shed a tear. In my opinion Paige is the one that actually made me care about women's wrestling. I am beyond angry this happened.
  6. The Last of Us Remastered. I won't even start My Name is Mayo because of what I have heard of its difficulty so you're not alone.
  7. If there is no monetization for this initiative this isn't a concern. I wouldn't worry until this became the case. And Yong Yea has the most annoying sign off . . .
  8. So this game has already come out on Steam and debuts in the PS Store January 19. This is the long awaited sequel to Mutant League Football, a game produced for the Sega Genesis by EA (back when they were an innovative video game publisher. No, I am not lying, there was such a time!). This has been spearheaded by Michael Manheim (who created the original) through Kickstarter funding and if you look at the video below, he has done a damn good job on a modest budget. This game has already gotten great reviews on Steam. I would love to see a major publisher pick this license up and give Michael a AAA budget (but PLEASE, no loot boxes/pay to win. We have Madden UT for that, thanks anyway) If you remember Mutant Football League or if you like over the top humor and violence in your sports games, keep an eye out for this. Price on Steam is $24.95 so will likely be around that price when it releases in the PS Store Jan 19!
  9. Those are really nice, I would totally buy them if your partner decided to make some to sell
  10. I don't understand Sony giving Plus members games that nobody can legitimately platinum or 100 percent. Definitely some opportunities for the quality of the Sony PS Plus selection process.
  11. AWESOME meme, I miss Dr. Evil😁
  12. Metal Gear Solid V, I really need to get some MGS plats on my profile
  13. I'll take that Ghost Recon plat and that awesome gen1 PS shirt you have on in your avatar picture😉
  14. Senran Kagura: Estival Versus "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" Fun Factor: 7 (a bit grindy) Difficulty: 3 My first Senran Kagura game and it was ok. The combat was rather simplistic and the story was meh. Going through shinobi heart with each character was tedious. I did like the art and the premise though.