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  1. Call of Duty: MW3, can't motivate myself to finish it, so flappin' tedious . . .
  2. That is the single lamest thing I have heard all week. This was their 100 platinum and couldn't even be bothered earning a single, solitary trophy in the whole fucking game?!? Please, someone explain what would be the point?????
  3. I would argue it is more fashionable to LIKE him, not hate him. Shaquille ONeill, Cam Newton, Angry Joe . . .there are a LOT of Superman fans. I am not a fan of his because I don't think he's heroic. Being a hero means taking risks to make things right. Would I be heroic stamping out an anthill in my front lawn? With power like that what risks is he taking? I MEAN, C'MON, THE GUY DIED AND CAME BACK AS MULTIPLE SUPERMEN!!!!WTF!! That had to be the corniest plot twist in comic history. Period. Congratz on that, he just upstaged the stupidity of Wonder Twin Zan turning into a bucket of water and Condiment King's Ketchup and Mustard pistols. So yeah, I'm not judging you for getting your opinions from Youtube. I get mine based on facts and history and I am pretty confident in my knowledge. I have been a comic book fan for many, many years. So many years in fact when I was a kid I got the giant issue where Superman got his ass kicked by Muhammed Ali😝
  4. I just want to point out in the first "Injustice" video game/comic, the event that starts everything and makes Superman cuckoo for cocoa puffs was done by Joker, not a Superman villain. Just sayin'.
  5. Horizon Zero Dawn, heard lots of good things about it
  6. Damn you must have some skills on guitar games! I would grab your Guitar Hero 5 since I would never be able to get that on my own!
  7. The only way Superman's rogues gallery even comes close is if you add Batman to that gallery, since Batman has an 8-0 record against him:-P Luthor, Bizzarro, Mr. Mxltplk(spc), Zod. . . BillyHorrible hit the nail on the head when he said "Superman with a defect" types. Batman and Spider Man have huge and varied rogues galleries to choose from. As far as most formidable adversary, the one that gives Superman the most compelling battles is . . .a green, glowing rock. How do you program that into a fun boss battle lol??
  8. I think an avatar image of the platinum picture for the game you complete would be an awesome and cheap gift. Though Just Cause 2 and Mortal Kombat plat images are plain and butt ugly, I would totally love Spider Man: Shattered Destinies or Dark Souls platinum images as avatars.
  9. Ummm, Superman has super speed as well. So any issues making a Flash game would absolutely apply to Superman, doncha think? Btw, what extensive rogues gallery are you talking about? In DC there is only one hero with an extensive rogues gallery . . .and he's the guy with all the movies and video games.
  10. Superman would be a programmer's nightmare because he is overpowered. How do you make fun, compelling gameplay around someone who can do everything and whose only weakness is a rock? Not to mention the fact he has arguably the least interesting rogues gallery of any hero. I mean, he has Lex Luthor and . . .
  11. Game how you want to game and don't let others make up your mind for you.
  12. Nice trophy list! I would choose Persona 4. I played it (and loved it)on PS2 but haven't had a chance to play it on Vita yet . . .
  13. I'm taking your Tekken 7 AND your completion time!(3 days?!? Are you serious???lol)
  14. There is so much power and gaming goodness on the Vita. I love Sony but they are morons for giving up on it like they did. And think about it, you can use it to take your trophy obsession wherever you go!