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  1. Grand Turismo 6, I have no racing games on my profile and this would be a nice one to have🙂
  2. Drawn to Death, at this point the game shuts down at the end of the month so there is no way I'm starting it now.
  3. Hi all, I am posting this on behalf of my friend Papidadi: Hopefully the devs at Trion actually do something about these glitches. . .
  4. Sniper: Ghost Warrior "Collector" Ultra Rare - 1.63% Difficulty: 9 (mostly due to glitches/ inconsistent gameplay) Fun Factor: 4 (mostly due to glitches/inconsistent gameplay) At it's core, this is a solid sniper experience. The game's graphics are extremely dated but the slow mo kills are pretty sweet. There are two things that kill the experience: a long online grind on dead servers and inconsistent, glitchy gameplay. For instance, on the trophy "Unnoticed" I ran that mission at LEAST 20 times where I felt I met the conditions of the trophy but didn't get it. I just kept trying and, ironically, on a mission where an enemy noticed and shot at me yet didn't sound an alarm, it popped🙄 At this point you risk a lot trying for this one, due to online MP trophies and inconsistent trophies, but I honestly had fun with it. Full disclosure though: now that I'm done with the plat I'll probably never play it offline again . . .
  5. I'm a fan of his. He makes great videos with good information and high entertainment value
  6. Playstation Home 100%, it was out for years, then got trophy support, then got shut down. Wish I had done it.
  7. This is years overdue.
  8. Valkyria Chronicles, I 100%ed the game on PS3 which had no trophy support😖
  9. Got the 100%, in the US, shortly after the final DLC drop and received nothing. But as others have said, meh, wouldn't use it anyway. Now if it was the platinum image from Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions. . .
  10. Dragon Quest Heroes, it's in my backlog but have yet to play it
  11. Devil May Cry 2, nice one!
  12. I will give you my Unit 13 plat for your Metal Gear: Revengeance plat. Deal? Really nice trophy list btw!😁
  13. Legacy of Kain, the whole series (Soul Reaver and plain) SOCOM Syphon Filter Rune: Viking Warrior & RUMBLE ROSES!!!
  14. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, just to get it over with.🙂
  15. I hate 'em. The number of platinums a person has used to be impressive. Now its easy as fuck to get to 100 plats without playing anything of substance. It's like "participation awards" have come to PSN.