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  1. Dark Souls Remastered My first platinum in the souls trilogy! Fun and not too grindy plat! I love FromSoftware games, but just ignored DS plats. But finally it`s here.
  2. Infinite hero souls glitch is still working too. Make sure that the next boss gives you HS, turn off progression mode and go back to lvl 1 (or any lvl where you can one-shot enemies). Hold down L2 and turn on progression mode. You will be awarded HS for every enemy you kill.
  3. Ok, I understand that you are not really a huge trophy hunter, but having My name is Mayo plat on your account is more like a community meme at this point. It's not that bad, you see people on this website with hundreds of chip and shitty visual novels plats
  4. No complaints from me, the game is so much fun! Would have been nice to have a platinum trophy, but it's f2p, so I don't expect much from trophies. Trophies seem easy enough and without some huge grind behind it. My man, you have 100% in Warframe, but you afraid to grind? HOW?
  5. Manhunt! Really want to get this plat, but don`t have any free time for it.
  6. God of war 1-3 on PS3! Rly fun plats.
  7. Developers replied that trophy fix coming in the next patch!