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  1. All team missions have already been completed
  2. It is not a talisman, it must be in the practical mode, if you die, you are instantly resurrected.
  3. I was playing in Master Ninja 03 and I got to elizebeth, and that was on the 4th try. now coop missions are much easier.
  4. Has anyone tried the coop missions in master ninja? is it much easier or does it seem that way to me? in master ninja 03 I almost killed Elizebeth on the 4th try
  5. But what has been balanced where did you see it?
  6. a doubt companions. The version that is sold in the Hong Kong store is the Asian one that includes the other list of trophies?
  7. Do you know if the provocative trophy can jump in private games?
  8. Google Translation: I'm playing it now, the online mode works, I'm already in Master Ninja of the coop Original: Yo lo estoy jugando ahora, el modo en línea funciona, ya estoy en Maestro Ninja del coop