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  1. #20 - Beyond Two Souls (PS4:) Rarity: 6.79% Very rare BEYOND: TWO SOULS™ MASTER 27th Sep 2022 3:09:14 PM It's been a productive 2022 to say the least (considering new job role and workload and *cough -age). This has been a long time coming since it was released on the PS3 console system. Overall I love how Quantic Dream made this game a cinematic game experience (it was ahead of its time back in 2013). I just hate the grind for ...All Endings trophy (uggggh ) On to the next...cheers y'all -Razgriz
  2. #19 - Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

  3. #19 Horizon: Zero Dawn All trophies obtained Obtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies. 17th Jun 2022 2:12:47 PM 29.91% UNCOMMON Fun Factor: 5/5 Difficulty: 4/5 Grind: 3/5 It was a superb experienced and overall gameplay.! (If you'll not do any speedrun and just enjoy the environment, nature and creatures.) My two son would say 'It's unchartered underneath that woman skin' It was a long time overdue, to complete it on 1yr 5months but hence am just glad this is in the books and can now be excited for PS5 - Forbidden West. On to the next...... wait..... I need to secure a slot first and then buy the actual PS5 console 😅 Cheers! -XF22Razgriz
  4. #18 Snowrunner (PS4)

  5. One with the Truck 23rd May 2022 5:06:52 PM #18 - Snowrunner (PS4) Difficulty: 7/10 Grind: 8/10 After 4 months+ we are finally ONE WITH THE TRUCK Felt good to be back on track, wise A mix of seamless to utterly frustrating 'Recover' moments due to unexpected tilt and flip here and there. TBH, got some 'don't want to continue anymore moments' or 'burned our moments driving back and forth'. But we grind and grind until we persevere. #18 was definitely worth the ride. Cheers! XF22Razgriz
  6. So my base PS4 from 2014 is now in the state of "could not start PS4" after that infamous 8.50 FW. It worked for 2 weeks after and even manually updating to 8.52 yesterday it still fails. Am I destined to perform Factory reset now.? Boi I'll be damn, with my save files 😭. Also what's the best route to reset my PSN password since I no longer have access to the original Sign-In Email. ☹️Any input humble peeps of PSNProfiles are highly appreciated.! Cheers!

    1. MidnightDragon


      Things like this is why I liberally use the cloud.

  7. #16 - God of War 4 - PS4 Holy crap! about damn time for a The drought is finally over. Will you look at that.? 17th Apr 2020 5:47:05 AM 13th Jul 2017 6:21:20 AM -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- On to the next during this lock-down period. The Nathan Drake's Collection maybe. Keep Safe everyone! -Razgriz
  8. Am ecstatic about it but due to some financial constraint, it will have to wait. I've waited long enough for both PS3 and PS4 when they launched so waiting game for the PS5 shouldn't be that painful. And besides, I still remember the exact feeling when that Limited Edition MGSV came out and I was like..... deym!! Adulting is never easy, especially when you have two boys at hand and some house mortgage and the list goes on and on. ( unless maybe, we struck some gold in closing some clients and end up with a huge sales incentives ) peace out! -Razgriz-
  9. Uncharted 4 Take a Note Find a Journal Note 85.43% *Common *atm Head of the Class! Defeat 20 enemies with headshots 87.97% *Common *atm Jot This Down Find a Journal Entry 86.14% *Common *atm Stealth First Ask Questions Later Stealth take-down 5 enemies 87.57% Common *atm Still Got It! Hit all targets in the attic with the toy gun 53.71% Common *atm First Treasure Find a Treasure 93.34% Common *atm Wingman Perform 10 combo buddy takedowns 52.66% Common *atm Ohh Boi! Felt good to be baaaAACK posting in here! It's been awhile since that last POP sound on my speakers. !! Look at this gap! 16th Mar 2019 9:32:05 PM 26th Dec 2017 5:27:41 PM Cheers yo'ALL -Razgriz .
  10. Hi Guys!
    How's everyone.? Trust that all is well.
    Hoping to get back on hunting come this Christmas break. LOL

  11. Hello Everyone! ☺️

    It's been a long while humble and awesome people of PSNP!! How's everyone today.? Trust that all is well!


    Cheers from the Philippines! 😎

    1. Roster60


      Hey, nice to see you around again buddy 😀


       hope you've been dong well !

  12. Flower :(PS4) 💯
  13. Flower :(PS4) Dream Beyond all flowers lies another room. -- 11.92% Rare *atm Nature Bloom 10,000 flowers. -- 9.71% Very Rare *atm More or less my last trophies for 2017. Hunting wasn't that productive for this year but am good. I know my time constraint due to work and "dad" obligations are way important than hunting but I certainly enjoyed this game. Cheers! Happy New Year mates! 🇵🇭 -Razgriz
  14. Is it just me or this entire country's net connection suck biG Time?!
    can somebody confirm whether Rockstar's socialclub portal has been disabled/blocked/temporarily unavailable or what not.?
    I can't seem to log since Friday. Thanks guys and gals! Cheers! Razgriz- 

    1. skateak


      Not sure about the Rockstar issue but if you have other issue with your internet it could be your ISP. Singapore has some of the best internet in the world.


    2. F22-Razgriz


      yes buddy. Singapore indeed has. And I enjoyed that during my 8-9yrs stay.
      sorry I forgot to mention, I was referring to my hometown ISP. Am back home bud! As my psn avatar would suggest. ;-)

  15. Flower : (PS4) Memories Reminisce for three minutes before returning to the room. -- 33.20% Uncommon *atm Palette Use the grass as your canvas and paint the ground with three different colors. -- 22.57% Uncommon *atm Stars Release all of the names to the sky. -- 17.83% Rare *atm Urban Completely awaken the city. -- 17.53% Rare *atm Healthy Play Take a ten minute break between any dreams. -- 36.81% Uncommon *atm Illumination Light a darkened pool. -- 22.33% Uncommon *atm Wind Play with the windmills and ride the wind seven times. -- 22.28% Uncommon *atm Discovery Find and bloom a secret flower. -- 80.55% Common *atm Cheers, mates! -Razgriz