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  1. you can add me. just put psn profiles in the message. fredbassett
  2. That is insane. If one was do nothing but download their games from the psn, they would need one huge hardrive. I just had to delete a whole bucha stuff for Splinter Cell.
  3. usually I just play on hard and get all the difficulty trophies. It was more efficent that way.
  4. well said
  5. About once a year, sometimes more. I had Max Payne for about a year, and then before it, I had drake from UC2 and UC3. Lets see how long Jason from FC3 hangs around
  6. I don't really play online that much, but you can send me a friends request. Just let me know you're from forums. fredbassett
  7. The one where you pause the game from Eat Lead. That game was so funny, even the trophy list was a riot.
  8. I agree with that. If that was the case, I would have a few more plats!
  9. I perfer the physcial copy of a game. I have downloaded games that I could buy at the store, but it doesn't seem right. I hate, with some games, the long download time. I kinda like walking into my local game store and talking to the clerk about the game, and what not. Maybe I'm old fashioned....
  10. I got two games with the launch of the system, Mavel Ultimate Alliance and Resistance Fall of Man. Two great games, I still enjoy them.
  11. Max Payne 3.
  12. I'm hoping the first one will come, but I doubt it. As for the trophies for SR2, I don't think it will ever get patched, but that should not make a difference. This is game is so fun, you are basically robbing yourself of a good time.
  13. I really don't care. I really only have platinumed games that I could only was only due to one playthru. There were some, like LA Noire, that I platinumed because I really liked the game. I hope to plat Far Cry 3, but only time will tell.
  14. great job on bringing back the site. Thanks for all the hard work.