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  1. Yup!
  2. Rock Band 4
  3. I'm a big fan of heavy metal, but I also love electronic music and I think Avicii's music is pretty good!
  4. Good riddance. This game lacked everything that made me fall in love with the series so many years ago.
  5. Demon's Souls. Damn stone grind...
  6. Are the servers working now?
  7. I wonder what was the problem?
  8. You need to slowly grind at Niflheim until you get enough materials to forge Ivaldi's armor. That's probably the best armor in the game.
  9. You would need a lot of IT knowledge to pull it off, but since there was no official announcement, you will most likely need a time machine 😅. No one expected the servers to go offline so nobody thought of sniffing the packets with the intent of bringing the back. The servers for Rock Band Blitz are still online so I don't see a reason why The Beatles' and RB2's servers should be offline. You should try and pressure HMX into giving an official statement on the server status. Alternatively you could hope that HMX releases the source code for the servers so we can start making them ourselves, but that's even more unlikely I'm affraid.
  10. When news the severs were closing got out, some players started sniffing the traffic flow between the PS3 and the servers to analyze the packets to try to reverse engineer the servers.
  11. Gonna try and get the rank tonight. I know that game by heart so it shouldn't take me too long. Too bad I'm gonna have to skip all cutscenes and conversations...
  12. Was finally able to try it yesterday and it worked perfectly. It isn't said in the reddit post, but they recently changed the DNS IP. The new IP is:
  13. If people are allowed to autopop all the trophies for the Jak & Daxter games using the in-game debug menu, then I don't see why this wouldn't be.
  14. Yeah sometimes the router can overwrite DNS settings. Try changing the DNS on the router itself.
  15. Did you change the DNS like explained in the guide?