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  1. Those aren't PS3 updates. It's not BLACKOPS3GAME, its' BLACK OPS 3 GAME.
  2. Absolutely not, you just need to use the guide HusKyCode posted on the Mad Max Forums: Only difference is that you will be using the links to BlOps3's title updates. The following links are for the title update 1.31 (latest one) and 1.26 (one of the last title updates to allow the easter egg to work). I'm gonna subidivide them by game version and colour (green - good / red - bad). CUSA02290: CUSA02624: CUSA02625: CUSA02626: CUSA02627: CUSA02628: CUSA03004: CUSA03005: CUSA03327: Okay, that should be all of them. Can anyone test these out?
  3. I'm currently digging through my backlog cause I don't have enough space on my HDD to install BlOps3 and all its dlc. Should have enough space as soon as I finish The Walking Dead Collection.
  4. Digging through the interwebz I was able to find a 5MB .txt file with every link to every ps4 update in existence, among them are the Black Ops 3 updates for every game version. I'm gonna use HusKyCode's giude this weekend and try to apply the same proxy spoof method he used for mad max. I'll keep you guys posted!
  5. Are we sure it's PS2 game and not a PS4 Remaster?
  6. Mine is Joe Dever's Lone Wolf at 55 achievers. Ultra Rare 2.88% I really don't understand how this is an Ultra Rare, the game was really fun and easy to platinum. I guess some players might have been put off by the whole book thing.
  7. Source?
  8. Read the reply to the first comment: "You can override the Easter egg crash if you do it with a 3 man party." Can anyone confirm this?
  9. Kinda off topic, but does anybody know if the zombies killed in road to devastation count toward the Genocidiary trophy?
  10. Yup!
  11. Rock Band 4
  12. I'm a big fan of heavy metal, but I also love electronic music and I think Avicii's music is pretty good!
  13. Good riddance. This game lacked everything that made me fall in love with the series so many years ago.
  14. Demon's Souls. Damn stone grind...
  15. Are the servers working now?