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  1. After wandering aimlessly in Claire: Extended Cut, I'm left asking myself: "where the hell am I suposed to go?"

    1. Lorajet


      I get that way in Uncharted¬†ūüėÄ

  2. Must be licensing issues with Konami and the Metal Gear Solid inspired minigames and monkeys. Either they're trying to reach an agreement with Konami, or they're trying to remove all MGS references from the game.
  3. Joe Dever's Lone Wolf uses it to scroll through the book pages. The Trine games use it similarly to a mouse pointer, but it works pretty bad. Emulated PS2 games use the sides of the touch pad to imitate the START and SELECT buttons.
  4. An even easier way is to just let the controller stay idle and let the game play out by itself. You will continuously fail, but Flux doesn't give out a game over screen. Instead the level resets, and the whole process starts over again. This way you won't have to continuously pause and restart your game. Just tried it this morning by leaving the game on before going to work, and got the trophy like 20 minutes ago. Aproximately 90 minutes after starting the game.
  5. I remember trying the first Amnesia on PC a few years back. Couldn't get past some of the first puzzles and that turned me off from the game. SOMA on the other hand had easier puzzles and was an extremely enjoyable experience for me. I think I should give Amnesia a try again, I might have a change of heart this time.
  6. Now I feel like a fucking idiot. I really hope bethesda's going to offer something to those who have bought the season pass. This isn't fair dammit!
  7. Borderlands 2. I really need to get back at playing that game.
  8. I bet Ape Escape 3 is taking so long because of Konami and he Mesal Gear Solid minigame. They're either trying to negotiate something or rewriting part of the game to completely remove all references.
  9. They're remastering LocoRoco??
  10. Hey, I got my 100th Plat last week. PLAT #100: FURI Am I cool now?
  11. Platinum #100: Furi (PS4)

    Piece of cake! :P

    1. MetalGarurumon


      If it's so easy, come over and complete mine, would you kindly? :P Nice job on the Plat and milestone. :)

    2. Galactic Poke Balls

      Galactic Poke Balls

      Nice 100th wolf man

    3. Condemned09


      Congrats :D  100th platinum is impressive 

  12. Still no news on Ape Escape 3 yet? I'm guessing the Mesal Gear Solid minigame is causing some licensing issues. :\
  13. I'm 2 trophies away from platting Fury. Seriously guys... people actually abbandoned this game due to it being too hard? It's not that bad actually once you get the hang of it.

    1. Jigglypuff


      People don't like challenge anymore...that's why most games hold your fucking hand. 

    2. MetalGarurumon


      Before trophies, I was always playing on the easiest difficulty, using codes, my Gameshark, etc. :P I wasn't that good at Fury, but I should give it another try sometime. Clocked out after beating it. 

  14. Well, there is Ecochrome and Welcome Park off the top of my head.
  15. No problem ;). If you're still having problems getting the trophy, a sure way to get the trophy would be to make a setlist with all the songs in the game (Like the Endless Setlist in previous games). Play on expert on your instrument of choice and try to 5* all songs. Write down the songs you weren't able to 5* and play them again on a different instrument. Some of the harder songs are much easier to 5* on Bass (Miracle Man, Metropolis pt.1) or Vocals (Dead Black, Dream Genie).