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  1. I'm down to my last treasure which is the Official Seal (Jade). Any tips on where to find it?
  2. Found that one yesterday while playing Co-Op Arena on Chateau.
  3. Found that one today while playing Hunter Arena on the London Streets map.
  4. As in boosting treasures only from start to finish?
  5. The more I read about this game, the more I feel like I'm already out of time.
  6. Coop Arena or Hunter's Arena?
  7. Max Payne 3. New York Minute Hardcore is just soul crushing.
  8. This is definitely going to mark a few hours off our boosting session. Thanks for posting this!
  9. If you got a dynamic IP, try turning your modem on and off again. You can also try rerouting your console through a PC with a VPN.
  10. Is there any group of pro players dedicated to help people get the co-op trophies like on Unchated 4?
  11. Is this anything like Picross for the DS?
  12. Fallout New Vegas
  13. Will the trophies still be tied to the FFXV trophy list? Back in the day, The Last of Us: Left Behind got a standalone release, but its trophies were still tied to the main game instead of having its own trophy list.
  14. Unless mistaken, 0.
  15. I'm going to see tetraminos everywhere I look for months after platting this game.