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  1. Wait a second... that's similar to ddrakner's dispute and he got unflagged. 🤔
  2. This is actually a good point. Cheaters will eventually slip up and get caught for something, but legit players will always appear legit. Maybe the system could be updated somehow to give the benefit of a doubt for people with late syncs? Maybe something like a yellow flag? Your assumed cheated game gets a yellow flag but doesn't need hiding for you to remain on the leaderboard. After your 3rd yellow flag, it becomes a red flag and then all subsequent flags are red as usual?
  3. LOL, you should check out a few trophy hunting groups on Facebook. I've seen a lot of people there admit to hacking their trophies with strategically edited timestamps as to make their profiles look legit. A few of them are still on the leaderboards.
  4. Is it ok to punish someone for something they didn't do?
  5. What's next? Are we gonna flag online trophies that were boosted instead of being done legit? Seriously people, what tha' hell?
  6. I'm missing from my wishlist Outer Wilds, Beatsaber and Kentucky Route Zero. Thay also appear to be missing if you enter the store through the PS4.
  7. Kentucky Route 0 and Outer Wilds have the same problem. Beat Saber too which isn't even included in the sale.
  8. Resident Evil It's like one of the best games of all time. You should really give the plat a shot!
  9. Yup! The studio is even mentioned in the credits for RE2 Remake in the special thanks section.
  10. I'm thinking they'll remake Code Veronica once development on RE8 is finished. Currently all their RE teams are busy working on something.
  11. I basically asked them to do a Carlos Story DLC with all the missing locations from the original. It's hard living in a Carlos-less world, you know?
  12. It's why I used the word "sometimes".
  13. Sometimes getting the fastest possible platinum time requires a lot of skill actually.
  14. How did he unlock Inferno difficulty right from the start?
  15. I always say that the police suck out all of the fun fun fun on the autobahn!