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  1. I wonder how big anti-vaxxers' influence will slow down the eradication progress.
  2. You should really plat Resident Evil Remake. It would be a shame not to.
  3. If I were to downgrade to the pre-definitive edition patch, would that fix the bugged trophies?
  4. Would be even better if Revelations 3 had both Billy and Carlos as protagonists.
  5. Been listening to a lot of DnB lately. Coming from a Metal and Rock background, I never thought I would ever dig an EDM genre this much!
  6. Oh great... another 2 playthroughs of this amaaaaaaazing game. Somebody please hit me in the head with a golf club.
  7. How does this game compare to SMB difficulty-wise?
  8. 200th platinum, here I come!
  9. I'll be honest, I kinda loved the memes. 😂
  10. Everybody's Golf. Fun Fact: it was also my first game on the PSP. Gotta keep up with tradition I suppose! 😂
  11. Then your PS3 should be the least of your concerns.
  12. Try from a friend's PS3.
  13. See if you can login from a different PS3.