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  1. Passing BWOL is a piece of cake. Just use star power during the harder parts. Trying to FC TFC's solo is on a whole other level. I've been playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band for 10+ years and I still can't manage to do it.
  2. Does the glitch still work?
  3. Song go "br br DENG"!
  4. Have the interviews stopped?
  5. I'm genuinely surprised nobody mentioned Uncharted 3's online only treasure collectibles. Me and a few online friends rushed to collect them all while the server closure drew nearer. Neddless to say we were all exhausted in the end.
  6. This sounds way too Orwellian to me.
  7. I thought as much when I managed to get an S rank on Stage 1-A. Got any tips? Can't seem to get higher than A in later stages.
  8. Been playing it with a friend these past few days and it's working smoothly!
  9. Does anybody know if the "Arcade Mode S Rank" trophy requires you to get an S rank in all stages or just one?
  10. Did you both get it?
  11. It's been more than a month. Does it usually take this long for Sony to rollout patches?
  12. Platinum #212 : Max Payne 3 This platinum has been in the making for 8 years. I would occasionally go back to it and attempt NYMHC until I finally decided I had enough and refrained from playing or doing anything else until I beat it. And finally it happened back in October. All I had left was grinding to level 50, but it was so boring I couldn't force myself to do it. I would have rather had another go at NYMHC instead of this crap. I finally did it. At first just a few levels per day until I decided I wanted this game done now and powered through the final 5 levels in one sitting. Don't get me wrong, the satisfaction is immense! Though I sometimes wonder why I continously torture myself and my sanity with these kinds of plats. 😅
  13. Don't go for Fortnite. Keep your sanity intact and delete the trophy list!
  14. I meant about fixing the infallible trophy glitch.
  15. So the patch didn't do shit? 🤔