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  1. Hey guys is BadGamer13 and i saw a few days that you can accept 2000 users now. That means i will be accepting everybody.
  2. I got banned so my account is V-Gamer14
  3. My bluetooth is not working Thats where i talk in games
  4. My first platinum on my first account
  5. I think the guy works for the IGN.
  6. 1891 - 2090 - 0869 3DS
  7. Yesterday I start playing Killzone and found that Sevchenco, Rico, Hammer and Narville isnt there. ┬┐Does those guys die?
  8. Bailalo A Lo Loco
  9. Sony has change the trophy code and all servers are fucked up
  10. How many BadGamer are in this world

    1. Gotakibono
    2. BadGamer13


      beacuse i saw BadGamer13 on xbox and BadGamer-13 on Psn

  11. How many BadGamer are in this world

  12. That happend to me but it still update
  13. On my first psn account took me 40 minutes beacuse the mix colors thing, and on this one took me 5 minutes and 2 seconds