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  1. Go for it, I like it. Altough no one but yourself will probably ever notice it I have done something similar for GH: Metallica (complete tutorial) and Rocksmith 2014 (fail same song 10 times). No extra effort there though unlike your case, just a fun out of place trophy order.
  2. It's a shame this is what trophy hunting has become, pathetic that Sony accepts this bs. An ugly dent in the profile to everyone who plays it.
  3. There is no reason to assume servers would go down with the store. That’s highly unlikely and would be borderline criminal by Sony with no additional warning.
  4. Full Deck does not require an online connection. These cards can obtained from collectables and leveling up (career). Aces High is the only card-related trophy that requires online connection.
  5. I don’t why you keep putting yourself through this, but the community are really lucky you are. I’d be interested to hear how many have been carried through your sessions now or when you’ve hosted your final one. I might be wrong, but did you also host some of the nightmarish MotoGP 09/10/11 20 player sessions? I’m pretty sure I remember you from one or more of those
  6. Sad to see this confirmed. Cleared out most of my PS3 backlog thankfully and most games I’m interested in can be bought physically. Mostly worried about DLC, as that will be impossible to buy. Only bought my Vita last summer and still only played one game. Just bought a 32GB card now to download every game I’m interested in.
  7. Glad to see this thread somewhat active even four years later. Have Sly even commented on this the last few years? He did create the original beta rarity leaderboard so I guess there was hope of seeing this properly implemented at one point. Just curious if this has any chance of still happening or is this thread just sharing and discussing algorithms?
  8. This has been asked and answered 16 times already and multiple times on every page in this thread. Literally the post above yours confirms it, NO, there are no online trophies in the DLC.
  9. Bummer. I love GTA and love trophies. A new GTA isn’t exactly just around the corner either, so would be a nice Christmas present to finally get some GTA-trophies again for the first time in years. Wasted opportunity.
  10. Are you not guaranteed to get a unique card on ever new rank? That seemed to be a consistent pattern for me. After the full deck, I kept getting new cards on a new, empty deck. From my exeperience with the game, I’m surprised to hear it’s even possible at all to get 10,000 kills without the full deck.
  11. I would welcome some more trophies, just hope no trophies tied to buying more expensive stuff, encouraging micro-transactions.
  12. Ever since these type of games started releasing in huge numbers. I’ve just started completely ignoring the main leaderboard and I’m completely ignoring all these games. Not worth my money, not worth my time. Not even 1 dollar and 10 minutes or whatever it is. I’m ignoring plat-count/trophy-count when looking at profiles as it simply means nothing anymore and if I’m looking at a profile filled with these titles, I simply back out. Not interesting. I just go on playing proper games like I always have and support the devs that deserves support. Ruined the value? Yes. Does it really matter or bother me? No.
  13. Shame there is no new trophies. I don’t get why so many people are against new trophies. These would even be for free. I get that people don’t want infallable again, but that would be very unlikely. This a site based solely on trophies. I thought we all loved to hunt and unlock new trophies, I certainly would love some more.
  14. No, you don’t even need to play those at all. You just need to hit every technique once. It can be either in a song or the technique track, but the percentage does not matter at all.
  15. I just had my game crash on the bottom floor of hex. Almost cleared the whole floor, me vs. one other player. Then in-game error message mid-jump before the whole game crashed. This was while on a win-streak of 4(!), kudos increased on restart. That’s some unforgivable, complete bullshit right there.