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  1. Sign me up for Criminal Mastermind! Got all unique platinums and all bonus ranks
  2. I was refering to the national leadboard, not close to top 100 on the global one no matter how it's sorted
  3. I'm all for this, while both the regular learboard and this would benefit those with most money and time, this will allow players who do not own 100s of games to fight for higher positions. Even in the national leadboard I'm so far behind that I care very little about it, however let me sort by platinums and I would be in the top 100, which would be way more motivating for me and I'm sure for many other is similar positions. Should be fairly easy to implement and not really any reason to be against it.
  4. You need to 5 star all the songs in the game. That is, actually playing a full song with solos included on a real instrument very well. I've also heard the tracking system is extremley broken which makes it even harder. As for the 3-4 player trophies I think I read on an achievement site that they are obtainable with 3-4 microphones which makes it obtainable solo, but I cannot confirm that.
  5. But is this actually against the rules though? In COD games hackers auto-unlock trophies, this is not the case in GTA, hackers mess with his in-game profile which then is linked to the trophies and as mentioned above the trophies will just keep popping as, opposed to COD, he actually have met the requirement by reaching rank 100. Unless he starts from scratch with a new in-game profile of course. Also, as long as a player has reached rank 50 and waited a few days, he will remain unflagged as there is no way to spot them, which is kind of unfair to those who had this happen to them at rank 49.
  6. Yes, it's different, but still very much a LEGO game, everything in-game is made of LEGO. I thought the trend with Project Platinum was to include the more obscure games. Batman and Assassin's Creed include side-scrolling games, while Hitman and Uncharted includes a "mobile game" and a card-game. I just think it defeats the purpose of PP that if someone ever reaches the title LEGO Grand Architect for reaching 100% on every game, they would have completed every single LEGO game out there, except one
  7. You have forgot to add LEGO Rock Band!
  8. I love the idea of a rarity leaderboard and for the first time ever it has been fun chasing positions on a leaderboard. However I think it's far from perfect at the moment. On the national leaderboard I have the 7th most ulta rare trophies yet I'm only ranked 48th. I'm not saying it should be ranked by ultra rare, then very rare etc. But right now I'm tens of thousand points behind players I have far more UR trophies than, but they have 1000s more commons and uncommons. I think that on a rarity leaderboard only UR, VR and rare trophies should count at all.
  9. As with so many others who dispute FIFA 09, you also obtained the trophy for playing for 50 hours just a few seconds before Rea World Winner. The save everyone used to unlock Real World Winner also included the 50-hour trophy, so even if there was some sort of glitch or EA unlocked this trophy manually for some players, this was definitely not the case for you.
  10. Well even if the update system has issues at the moment, this list looks super suspicious. It's not one game in the wrong place like BillyHorrible above, you have to scroll through 10s of games to see the last legit earned trophies, which are all unhackable PS4 games coincidentally. OP even screwed up when hacking FIFA 09, obtaining Real World Winner after the closure. And considering how the FIFA 09 leaderboard have just been cleaned up and that this user have 2000+ profile views (meaning it's not newly added), that game at least is definitely hacked, and not just with a simple game save. EDIT: I literally can't find one legit game in the last played ones, FIFA10, MoH: Frontline, Endwar, even Assassin's Creed 2. They are all earned in random, impossible orders.
  11. He had played 50 hours prior to the trophy patch, the game had been out a few months already. If you check the leaderboard for the trophy, no one earned until the same date, and they all earned it in minutes.
  12. If someone joins my session demands all his trophies before anyone else, rages and leaves. I will give a negative feedback, but surely he'll just respond by giving me the same treat? And then I risk not being able to join a future session because he screwed up my feedback? How will this work?
  13. Take Bioshock from OP as example The 11th earned trophy was the platinum, earned on 26th june 2011, but 10th from the bottom is a non-DLC trophy "All Weapon Upgrades" earned on 25th June 2011.
  14. I don't know why it's like that, I just looked for missing timestamps on a few PSN profiles and the issue seems to be the same for every list. Something is definitely wrong with the sorting option because it even screws up the order of trophies with timestamp as well. Trophies listed after platinums even when the timestamp says it was earned earlier.
  15. The timestamps are missing, so they are not necessarily in the correct order. They are all over the place because they have no idea where they belong. I just had a look at my old profile which I casually played on for a few years before signing up to PSN and it was the exact same issue. If a trophy doesn't have a timestamp it's position when sorted by date seems to be randomized.