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  1. Ps3 truly was the golden age of trophy hunting. I still go back every now and then. Harder platinums, simpler times
  2. Are you really saying getting the solo of Final Countdown 100% is easier than passing Black Widow in GH? I refuse to accept that opinion.
  3. Looks fun. Reminds of GT5 which was a blast. Hopefully a proper challenge in getting those license golds.
  4. It’s a feature provided by Sony, so labeling it as cheating wouldn’t make much sense. If they should be eligible for fastest achiever however is another discussion. I can totally understand it being frustrating being dethroned by an autopopped list and I can’t really see how anyone would be bothered by being removed from fastest achiever with their 1 sec platinum. They didn’t put that much effort into it. Then again, probably many edge-cases with partially auto-popped lists which would make it hard to moderate
  5. Awesome, just read servers are back for BC2 as well
  6. Arrest me if this kind of post is unwanted here, but some might be interested. Battlefield: Bad Company went down yesterday, impossible to connect to servers. I found a reddit post saying there are also no servers for Bad Company 2 in BC2 sub. Might not be worth panicking just yet, hopefully just temporary issues. Still, always scary with these issues in decade-old games
  7. Only tip I can give is to restart the game every now and then. Playing straight from rest mode (with game active) seems to definitely screw up trophies.
  8. Glad to see the 100% trophy. Looking forward to finally 100%’ing this game. Also nice to see the silly 'get arrested 50 times' trophy is gone.
  9. I assume we’ll get a new PS4 list as well due to the additional trophies. Two different versions of the same game on the same platform, resulting in two lists. Any other similar instances like this? Obviously not thinking of region/GOTY stacks.
  10. No seamless character switching though? That’s disappointing 😁 looking forward to play these again. San Andreas especially.
  11. Looks like I might finally have to collect the horseshoes and oysters in San Andreas now for that 100% trophy. Been holding that off since 2007 or so, it’s about time I guess!
  12. Go for it, I like it. Altough no one but yourself will probably ever notice it I have done something similar for GH: Metallica (complete tutorial) and Rocksmith 2014 (fail same song 10 times). No extra effort there though unlike your case, just a fun out of place trophy order.
  13. It's a shame this is what trophy hunting has become, pathetic that Sony accepts this bs. An ugly dent in the profile to everyone who plays it.
  14. There is no reason to assume servers would go down with the store. That’s highly unlikely and would be borderline criminal by Sony with no additional warning.
  15. Full Deck does not require an online connection. These cards can obtained from collectables and leveling up (career). Aces High is the only card-related trophy that requires online connection.