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  1. I’m back at Master Assassin after obtaining Origins platinum
  2. Platinum Artist - Guitar Hero: Metallica (0.28%) Finally unlocked this the other night after chasing it for nearly 8 years across two accounts! Definitely my hardest and proudest platinum to date, and I really can’t see myself topping it anytime soon. Nice to finally see some change in my top 5 rarest trophies as well
  3. No, you dont. This can be done with 2-8 players. For example, you can play with one guitar on a team with one who is using bass, drums and mic and play against a player who has connected all four instrument himself. It’s just has to be two standard bands, and one player can only play on a single team. You can have 8 different players on one instrument each if you want
  4. I’d also like this, especially for old PS3 titles with unstable servers, or even announced server shutdown dates. Sometimes servers have been shut prior to the given date or even without notice. I’d like to earn all online trophies before syncing in those cases. I usually post in sessions for these games without joining, and the host is always fine with that, but the problem is that someone else will join in the spot I’m already occupying, as the session says there are still free spots, and then we are either too many or uneccesarily many. What about letting players create sessons for all games, but if the game is not on their list, the session will be marked somehow, so everyone is aware that the host haven’t played the game. Then everyone could tell from the session-description if the session is serious or a troll. As for joining, maybe by requesting to joining and then the host could manually approve?
  5. There are two lists (EU and NA), I'm pretty sure I read you can autopop trophies in the other after earning them in one of them
  6. Good luck! I started a new account myself 4,5 years ago, completing everything to 100% and also trying slowly to complete series. Most importantly, I'm staying away from unenjoyable trophy-whore games as I will never reach any significant world rank with my time an resources anyway. I have doubled the plat-count from my old account and I'm enjoying every game, hope you do the same!
  7. I do understand why they don't want people to post info on how the trophies might be legit, because as you said, obviously they will latch onto that excuse. However, if there even is a tiny possibility that the timestamps might be possible by legit playing, the trophies are NOT obtained in an impossible order and therefore should never have been flagged in the first place.
  8. I have deleted it quite a few times actually, so that can't be right?
  9. I think you are right. I played last night and was gonna delete the 0% list when I was done, but it never loaded, not even after waiting a good few minutes
  10. Well, I tried to change back, but never managed to connect to the first one again by matchmaking. I found the solution online, so I'd say he should give it a go, if he's still having issues
  11. After a few hours, I also had this issue. Making a new alt-account did the trick for some reason. Never happend again.
  12. It was a very strange and unique bug. There was a few weeks/months some years ago where you could unlock GTA trophies while playing FIFA and similar situations that made no sense. This happend at the same time and I think I remember that this guy was playing Sound Shapes when all Knack trophies suddenly popped. This happend before PS4 hacking was even possible, there is a thread by the player in question somewhere on this site related to this glitch.
  13. Which belts do you hold? And how does one become a very good friend?
  14. Your chances are minimal, the belt holders are just trading the belts between alt accounts if I'm not mistaken. At least that has been the case earlier, even if you managed to get a title shot, whoever you are up against is most likely a veteran who will easily crush you. I think our only chance to get these belts back in the trophy community, would be if PSN went down long enough (3 days?), for the holders to lose their belts.
  15. Yes, applies to all. But as soon ad you can connect to the MP menu you can knock out most trophies easily, as you don't have to care too much about stats saving. Along with the wins mentioned above for the main game, you will need the stats to save to unlock a few perks and a weapon just by ranking up, but it's not bad at all.