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  1. I understand why you don’t want to give us an exact date, but could we get something slightly more specific? Like is it within the year at least? I don’t know how to quote posts from different threads on my phone, but I was told soon when I asked in January 2018 as well.
  2. While I’m all for this idea, I can’t really be hyped about it. I was super hyped about the series-tracking when it was comming soon, two years ago. Of course there are alot of behind the scenes work, but I can’t even remember the last feature or even stat that was added to this site.
  3. With DLC included, I'm pretty sure it is: 26 - Driveclub 91 - Pinball Arcade (PS4) 118 - Rise of the Tomb Raider
  4. I don’t know if anything has changed recently, but when I did this game this summer, you definitely didn’t have to do it in one go. That would be insane, as this game has a massive online portion.
  5. This is wrong. I did this last week with no online pass.
  6. Without a doubt, Guitar Hero: Metallica. I have a few others that are considered 8-9/10, but it’s mostly just about grinding long enough or using the right tactics, then it’s doable in a month or two. Guitar Hero: Metallica took me 8 years on and off in the genre.
  7. Does this only apply for the 30 days or can you do this for the map and win trophy as well?
  8. I wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t remember the specifics, but I believe what makes this effective is that you can get an insanely high accuracy by hitting more than you shoot. If you already have thousands of bullets fired, this might take very long. I won’t do the maths as I don’t remember the specifics, but you might be looking at years or decades if I remember correctly
  9. It’s a bug, 4 cheaters have been removed from the leaderboard and for some reason that one number is not updated to reflect it. This completley screws up the rarity of trophies from games with a low playercount. If i remember correctly Sly has updated these numbers at least two times earlier, but for some reason it’s not automatic yet.
  10. Another joke of a list, just as with all Battlefields. At least there are more than 3-4 MP trophies this time, but still way too easy. I’d love to grind for some high ranks or hard/long medals, there is no fun chasing platinums like this with trophies popping left and right without any effort
  11. I think PowerPyx might be wrong on this, I have only 100% completed 6 animals, yet the social club trophy tracker said 18% which sounds more like the amount I have actually studied.
  12. It is still possible, but only by bandwidth limitations as mentioned earlier in this thread. I never got it to work myself, but a guy as able to host a lobby and help. I guess just connect all your devices to the same router, and stream/download or move further away from your router. That’s what I would have tried, but not sure if it will work.
  13. While you UR fighting plats are tempting, I’ll go with KZ2 due it being unobtainble. Really wanted to get that plat before it went down.
  14. It is in-game, I see it’s refered to as GHMix and GHStudio in some guides, maybe that’s what it’s called? It is the place where you can create your own songs and download songs others have created like the song which gives you exactly 133,337 points for the trophy.
  15. How can you know there’s nothing to download from GHTunes if you’re not even sure if it’s the game?