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  1. Therein lies the top reason why I'll never join a Final Fantasy XIV free company, nearly all of them that spam me invites say, "mUsT uSe DiScOrD!" No, I'll will not use Discord, I'm a 39 year old man and refuse to use a website with the extension ".gg".
  2. I stopped caring about them.
  3. I want this for two reasons. Not because it's a good game. The first reason is that I want to be able to take someone into my game room, and say "Here is my game collection." Then they ask which one is my favorite, I'll take POOP SLINGER off the shelf and say "This one, because it's called Poop Slinger and it's worth the most money out of the rest of this garbage." The second reason is because I know someone will see this post in the future and say, "Of course he would say that." Just like they are now.
  4. You know what? ^Yeah. Everything outta Japan that's just a teensy bit risque nearly always involves a high school aged schoolgirl, and it's to be honest a little skeevy. No wait. It's all kinds of skeevy. And I get it, it's Japan. Their culture's different, their morals are different, etc. But chances are you're not Japanese, and no matter how many Japanese language classes you take, no matter how much buttered corn flavor pocky you consume, no matter how long ago you moved to downtown Tokyo and married a Japanese national, will ever change that. You will always (always always) be to your Japanese friends that one foreigner they know. Oooh. Weird soapbox.
  5. Every time I see some of the quote/unquote "Dispute Team's" quote/unquote "handiwork" come unwanted across my feed, I think on who remains on the leaderboard and I'm reminded of something once uttered by Sheriff Buford T. Justice:



    1. Spaz


      Great movie. They had some real belly laughing comedy movies back then.


      Airplane! is probably my all time favorite comedy film. The John Hughes directed films were pretty good, always loved his work.

    2. MidnightDragon


      xD Don’t make ‘em like they used to.

  6. Discussion on the FFXIV Zalera world called Zalera the Alabama of Eorzea. I said that Zalera really seemed to be more like Florida and Balmung was Alabama. Replies included "Balmung seems more lk Flordia" and "Albama is more lik Zalrea". So I said "You convinced me. With all these spelling errors, Zalera is like Alabama."


    Because Alabama is 50th in education. Roll Tide!

  7. So were @Beyondthegrave07 and @DaivRules made mods in addition to @Parker and @Stevieboy, or to eventually replace them? Because 4 fulltime mods, and 1 collateral duty mod is good. 2 fulltime mods and 1 collateral duty mod is...eh.
  8. My wife and I have a black miniature australian shepherd with white markings that's roughly 28 pounds. We tend to talk to him like you would a small child, because most intelligent dogs seem to like the sound of your voice even if they can't understand you.


    About three years ago we live in this two story townhouse in Maryland. I went upstairs to go to bed one night. I slept on the right side of the bed, with the left side of the bed facing the door. The room had a tall window where curtains only covered the bottom 2/3rds, so the room always had a little ambient light.


    I'd been laying there roughly 30 minutes facing away from the door when I heard the sort of shuffling sound a dog makes when it's walking on carpet, then the left side of the bed pushed down a bit like my dog had jumped up on it. I turn over and see a shadow of my dog standing there, tilting his head in the direction of the door. The shadow is completely black and I can't see any white markings in the dim light, so that would mean he's facing away from me. I say, "Hi, Bandit." At this, the head of the shadow turns around to face me, but I still don't see any white markings. I then said, "Did you come up to say hi?" The shadow tilts its head as I'm talking just like my dog would. The mannerisms are spot on, down to even how the ears bob around as its head move.


    At that moment, my wife, who is still downstairs playing on her computer, calls up and says, "Are you alright?" I say "Yeah." She says, "Who are you talking to?" I say, "The dog, he just jumped on the bed." She says, "Uhhh...the dog is downstairs next to me." I sit up all the way, and reach for where I last saw that shadow. Nothing there. I get up and switch on the lights. Nothing there. I look under the bed. Nothing there. I walk downstairs, and there's my dog on the couch fast asleep. We ended up searching the entire upstairs that night to see if an animal had somehow gotten in and didn't find anything.

  9. Check Metal Gear Solid 4.
  10. Just make sure to keep a window open. The other thread was getting sweaty, and was starting to smell weird.
  11. Paladin looks great, they gave it more damage potential, simplified the melee combo, got rid of the janky stances so I'm never in the "wrong" Oath again, got rid of all the useless defensive cooldowns (Convalescence, Anticipation, Awareness) so I have less opportunity to get yelled at by the healer. The only thing I don't like is that they nerfed Cover so that you don't get the default 15% damage resistance when you use it on a party member. Cover's what I consider the showcase ability of the Final Fantasy Paladin, like Jump for the Dragoon.
  12. Have this discussion somewhere else.
  13. I've been to 19 different countries in my lifetime, and nothing puts me immediately on guard like some random guy approaching me saying, "Hey dude, hey bro, hey my man," with a heavy accent.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Angelo Urkel

      Angelo Urkel

      What countries have ya been to?

    3. damon8r351


      Egypt, China, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, England, Vatican City, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

    4. NERVergoproxy


      Thats a lot...does me going to another State count? haha...

  14. Here's a link to articles on the changes to each job (except Blue Mage because nobody likes youuuuuu) that Shadowbringers is going to bring: https://gamerescape.com/page/1/?s=shadowbringers+hands-on Here you can read all the tooltips so you can get an idea of what you're going to get at what level and what's going to be different with each abilities. Keep in mind this is still a product in development so the end result might be different on release.