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  1. Still having problems :/
  2. I'll try that.
  3. Still can't fix it -.-
  4. It never happen before
  5. Yeah red light don't show up after going off. And I try different metodos which I found on YT and my ps3 in one case show me the yellow light
  6. My PS3 is going on then off. Can I get some tips how to fix it? I looked on YT but it didn't help me
  7. For me Gta IV has more realistic elements in the game like driving and shooting and I love deathmatches/ team dm much more in Gta IV
  8. Billy Talent - Viking Death March
  9. This will be sweet
  10. Glad to hear that
  11. Liverpool deserved to win
  12. Yeah if you have challenge acepted trophy cause there isn't challenges anymore