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  1. Original Trilogy is great, the first one is pretty dated and has bad shooting controls, but still fun. 2 and 3 are fantastic. Gladiator/Deadlocked is maybe my favorite R&C game, it's very action oriented and absolute blast to play. Tools of Destruction is another great title, but without trophies. Worth playing though. Quest for Booty is short and also trophyless fun, I think this one is bundled with Into the Nexus. Crack In Time is the best original PS3 title for sure, awesome game. All 4 One & Full Frontal Assault I haven't played, but pretty much everyone agree that they're weakest entries in the whole franchise. Howewer since they're made by Insomniac and from what I've seen, I think they're not terrible, just dissapointing. Into the Nexus is very good. R&C 2016 is one of my favorite PS4 games in general, I guess you can play it intead of the first game, but it's not 1:1 remake like MediEvil for example. The highlighted titles are definitely recommended from the point of trophy hunting and fun.
  2. Sent request, big thanks for this!
  3. It's really good. It'd give the campaign a solid 7, About the same quality as MW 2019 campaign, except the style went from 2010's action movie to 80's action movie πŸ˜ƒ Spoiler free: The variety of missions is fantastic, in very first two hours or so, you go from chasing suspect on Amsterdam rooftops, to assaulting a cargo plane trying to take off, after that it's flashback mission from Vietnam and then you're back in 80's sneaking around East Berlin. Desperate Measures is not only the best mission in the game, but easily in top 10 missions of all Call of Duty games for me, I'd like to hype it up a bit but it's best that you play it and experience yourself. Gunplay feels fine, some people may call it downgrade from MW but I like that they kept the feel of older, more arcade CoD titles. Story is... alright I guess, there is pretty good twist but the core plot about Perseus is a bit lackluster. New characters are pretty cool, except for Russel Adler, he's extremely cool. There are also two sidemissions that if you want to fully complete, you have to solve a puzzle for which you need to find evidence in main missions, which makes this the first Call of Duty where collectibles aren't completely meaningless waste of time. And a few times during the campaign you are able to walk around the safehouse, which works as a hub, and observe and talk to your teammates, which doesn't give you much, but it's a nice touch and makes the game feel a bit more real. Spoilers ahoy:
  4. It varies. It goes from very hard (BO3) to very easy (MW), but this set doesn't seem too tough. Zombies are usually the problem since you usually need to have 4 decently skilled and coordinated players. I don't know how new are you to this site, but you can create gaming session and there is always someone willing to help unless it's some old or obscure game. Not saying that you shouldn't play with Gxxvin, just that there's always fellow trophy hunter to help you ☺️
  5. I like Campaign trophies, pretty standard set, glad there isn't the usual collectible hunt. Shame there isn't separate Realism mode trophy, it was tough as nails in BO3 but worth it, at least for me. Guess I'll stick to Veteran this time. I don't like Zombies trophies and coop trophies in general, but who knows, maybe they won't be that bad. Suprised to see 5(?) Dead Ops Arcade trophies, no idea how hard they'll be but the first one was fun as far as I remember. Glad to see some Multiplayer trophies, not too stoked about Fireteam one though, Ground War mode was absolute mess in MW and pretty much anything above 12v12 doesn't interest me in CoD game. Onslaught is the same as Zombies for me, but might be a bit more solo-friendly since it's only 2 player coop, but who knows. Overall, it doesn't seem too bad. I'm glad it's closer to piss easy MW trophies than the masochistic experience that BO3 was, but one or more of the Zombie trophies might prevent me from Platinum.
  6. Daily reminder that - "I already own this game" - "I already played this game" - "everybody already played this game" - "it's on PS Now" - "it was on sale last month" - "it's shit (despite 60+ metacritic score)" - "some dude on the internet said we will be getting a better game" - etc. is NOT valid criticism I already owned at least half of Plus games the last two years but I also understand that not everybody does. Now I played Shadow of War before, but not HK, even though it was in my sights for some time and Bugsnax is a nice bonus (if the leak is legit)
  7. Not a fan of Zombies and even less fan of Zombies trophies, but I'm glad multiplayer got some trophies this time since I plan to spend there some (a lot of) time Howewer the trophy list and today's launch trailer made me really hyped for the campaign mode, hope it will be as good as the very first Black Ops.
  8. Just the other day I was saying to my friend that trophy hunting community is one of the nicest communities there is and it's especially noteworthy since it's almost 100% online and videogame related, therefore highest chance of toxicity πŸ˜€
  9. No Joe's Diner? Sorry, Xbox it is.
  10. nope edit: I stand corrected
  11. Bronze medal: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 - there were probably worse games that I don't recall, but this gets the award for being AA title. Also not from PS+, so it was actually my wallet that hurt. Terrible technical state, easily longest loadings on PS4, horrible game design, god awful story and broken controls. The game itself COULD have been fun, sniping wasn't the worst I've ever seen, but almost everything else was just shit. Silver medal: Aaru's Awakening - I was actually angry when I played this game, thinking why would anyone make such unfun platformer. You know when you play a good 2d platformer and the flow is flawless and you feel absolutely in control? Well this is the exact oposite. Gold medal: Dragon Fin Soup - It's one of those rare games which you just play for a minute and you know you would rather get hit with a crowbar in the shin than play another. The fact that it has broken trophies with unobtainable platinum and devs just said it won't get fixed ever is just icing on the turd.
  12. I have 100% and arguably didn't have to git gud since it was pretty easy. All I'm saying is that TLoU 2's game design is horrible for permadeath. yes, think of it as NG++
  13. It actually is a joke. Just throw 2-3 bombs on him, then start doing circles through the rooms right behind him, he's pretty slow so you won't have any problem gaining a bit of a lead and attack. Six bombs and 2/3 of flamethrower tank (and maybe few shotgun shells) did the job for me. Seriously, there's nothing to worry about, just play merry-go-round with him and don't get cornered.
  14. Yup, as well as your guns and holsters (you'll get them when you arrive at Seattle). And while it's already much easier than first game, Grounded in TLoU 2 can be turned into a joke with accessibility options, especially invisibility while crawling.
  15. Well, I guess I'll try them at least. Never played SF title before, so at least there's that.