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  1. Is the game still in cinematic 24 fps mode, dropping to silky smooth 15 fps when something happens? I played it for a while when it was free in PS+, but I had to stop because my eyes were literally hurting. Other than that, I don't recall it being that bad. Yeah, the aiming sucked ass, but hey, so did aiming in JC2 and it was a great game anyway.
  2. Well I don't know if it's "completely fixed" but people are already getting the trophy and I can confirm that the game counts even the missions finished before the patch, I completed the first one few days after launch and got the trophy without any problem.
  3. Just unlocked the trophy, it popped up after beating 4th mission, right after the "Mission accomplished" (or something) screen. Probably thanks to today's patch. Anyway, it's hard, but doable with randoms, like I did. You have to be lucky not to get noobs/retards, but I don't think it took me more than 5 tries each op. PKM/M91 with extended amo belt + Riot shield is probably the best and most universal loadout for Spec Ops imo. Especially the shield, when your team consist of 4 shieldwielders, you know your chances are pretty good πŸ˜„
  4. They said they will add more Spec Ops later in free updates, so maybe they already counted them in while making the trophy and putting it as dlc for that reason.
  5. As people already posted, yes.
  6. And for those wondering what are the Ghost Lady encounters like - she's just standing next to me and doesn't attack at all, so you don't have to worry about her either. I'm really glad I haven't done the difficulty before the update, I tried it once, but got stuck in the wall while running from an enemy just before the first save in chapter 3 and died, so I got angry and postponed it πŸ˜ƒ It is really cheap and I completely understand that people who finished it properly are gonna be upset, but I just hate permadeath/limited saves in games with lot of cutscenes and walking segments. Actually, I hate permadeath/limited saves in all games, doing easy and/or long levels over and over again just because I made a mistake or hard part after is just not for me.
  7. You can always stay on lvl 20 in one delve and use it as "farming" delve, just upgrade treasure horde to 10 quality and then you can stop ugrading it and concentrate on delve you want to max out, I did this with Sea of Sorrow and even though I use soul farming team, delve is completely finished under 10 minutes, so if you'd use some effective team, Dragons for example, it could possibly be done in 5 minutes. And if you want to do delve events and collect it's rewards, just do all rooms except "boss" fight and you'll stay on lvl 20.
  8. We have trophy hunting based guild with basically no requirements other than be somewhat active player, anything else is voluntary. We're doing Team Synergy once in a while, so you'd get it before hitting lvl 500 for sure. I don't know how are things with you now, but if you or anyone else is interested, send me message on psn. Also, it's a massive grind to achieve 100% and devs keep adding new features/trophies, so unless you really like this type of games or don't mind leaving it unfinished, I wouldn't recommend it trophy-wise. It's a great game though ☺️ edit: well it's lvl 1000 now πŸ˜„
  9. 1) Yes While I'm not proud of it, I'm not ashamed either. I played through most of the Destroy All Humans! with cheats on, since the game was really boring and frustrating. I remember playing demo on PS2 and it was unironically best part of the game. There was even a trophy where you had to play with cheat on, so... πŸ˜„ Other than that, I don't really recall any other game, maybe because cheats aren't really a thing these days. Not counting boosting of course. 2) No ...and I frown upon those who do. Cheats are part of the game and devs can disable trophies if cheats are on if they want, mods are not. If you encounter modder online "accidentaly" and use his weapon like MySenkai said for example, that's not that bad I guess, but still. 3) Yes I have no problem with this. Last time I exploited bug big time was God of War III Remaster, I completely skipped the difficulty trophy, but since I already plat'd original GoW3 legit, I think this one gets a pass. Planning to "skip" Bioshock Remaster the same way, I think I finished it on PC as well. I'm also big fan of uploading saves in games with permadeath, that's pure bullshit imo. Same as cheats, it's part of the game, so I don't really see why shouldn't I use them if the game is not fun.
  10. It's completely standalone, you don't need the disc or the game installed.
  11. I made it to the doctor's house, but decided to not play futher until they'll fix it. Hipfire and aim assist kinda worked but it's just not fun for me to play. And yes, there are many things that FC3 does better and perks and upgrades are definitely one of them, especially since the challenges for which you'll get the perks were shit.
  12. Trophies are finally synced, but the game is pretty much unplayable atm (at least for me) because of the terrible aiming control. Ubisoft already aknowledged the problem so they will hopefully patch it soon. Also the AK-47 has insane ROF, but I guess that's not a bug, but a feature πŸ˜ƒ
  13. Sure, just post your invite code.
  14. As coordinated event, unfortunately no. Not because lack of will, but during the first time we had over 50 players who actively grinded gold, now we have less than 20. But we just added new member who is also going for TS trophy, so if you want to join and eventually get it, you're welcome. I'm sure guild can help with few milions, but as I said, it won't be our main concern.
  15. Eh, it wasn't that hard with all completition bonuses. Worst part was probably 2 fat moldeds on the ship, but you could outran them easily. It was great fun though.