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  1. These "games" have budget of 2 cans of Red Bull, packet of Hot Pockets and about tree fiddy in extra costs, in this case voting with your wallet doesn't work because they only need a handful of votes to become Mayors of Grifterville, Scumtown and PlayStationStorePollution City.
  2. I'm gonna be peak contrarian and say that I enjoyed first Sly the most, then 4 (no idea why is it so hated among fans, it's pretty much the same game as previous two titles), then 3 and I found 2 the worst. Also, I can't say much about game itself since our opinions differ, but the platinum in 4 is easily the most annoying with 3 sets of collectables and dumbass "check your map in every single level and area" trophy. Probably won't go for it even though I enjoyed the game.
  3. I've heard rumors about new IP, but don't quote me on that. But also something about new Uncharted, without Nate as protag, maybe his daughter's adventures with Nathan filling Sully's shoes? That's one "strong independent woman" from ND I wouldn't mind . Just speculations, but guy can dream. In any case, according to Druckmann's own words, Factions 2 is probably their biggest project to date and they had 1 (one) artwork to show, with more to show NEXT YEAR. We won't know what the cool thing is for years
  4. They're currently working on Remake and Factions 2 and, according to Druckmann, "working on something really cool", so unless that really cool thing is Director's Cut, which I doubt, they're busy enough wihtout making PS5 port with extra content. Also, is one of the worst (semi)videogame websites I know, with one clickbait article based on rumours and speculations after another. You should steer clear from there.
  5. I few days ago I read somebody else's comment how the dumbest threads, posts and ideas comes from users with single digit post count and without profile pic. Well, kudos to OP for at least having the profile picture. edit: The "must" part actually makes me kinda angry, absolute Karen-tier behavior, just as bad as corporate dicksuckers from the opposite side. Sony doesn't have to do anything which isn't in terms and conditions, since it isn't Mom's Friendly Videogame Company, but a business. Just as McDonalds won't keep a restaurant open if they're not getting any customers, Sony won't keep servers online for games that nobody will play. Enjoy the service they're providing and if you're not satisfied, don't pay for it. But don't expect they'll bent over backwards for every whim people come up with and don't make these fruitless campaigns. Also, at this point, just accept that plenty of games are now impossible to 100% and will be forever. Your mindset is sending you towards the downward spiral.
  6. Battle Pass with Tier skips alone cost 20 dollars, but yeah, it's kinda shitty deal. I might get suckered in for that Ghost legacy pack though, I'm hoping this will be the best CoD since Black Ops and I will be playing it more than first 2 months.
  7. Check the document in Manson's Instagram bio if you're interested, it was enough for me to trust the "innocent until proven guilty" thing.
  8. Don't care about Depp that much, but good god I do hope Marilyn Manson will be the next to clear his name. The fact that he got dropped by his label and all promotion of his latest album halted just because of some unproven and highly suspicious claims is crazy, especially after he posted solid evidence of his innocence. Same as Depp, Manson is not exactly boy scout, but the idea that he survived all that flak in the 90's and 2000's and THIS is what buries him is just surreal.
  9. If 2D platformers were series, then that, I don't recall a single easy 2D platformer plat. Also any series with multiplayer skill-related trophies, some of them pretty much force you to boost them, ruining the experience for you and your fellow teammates. Non-smartass answer - Devil May Cry and Yakuza series have both hard and time consuming platinum trophies. Uncharted is pretty easy and all games have 10%+ platinum rate. I have them all except Lost Legacy, since I didn't enjoy that one much. Crash is definitely up there though.
  10. Dexter - New Blood ending once again ruined the whole show, but still worth watching
  11. Alright, I'm in! 1) Dragon Quest VIII 2) Burnout 3 3) MediEvil 2 4) Syphon Filter 3 5) GTA Vice City Stories
  12. I'm usually just checking what catches my eye in Recent and I never noticed any big off-topic derails. But I also made TLoU 2 thread about permadeath and it went the way you might guess. I still didn't lock or delete it though, just ignored it.
  13. But there wasn't any other thread after? I think it contained them alright. Although I don't recall any hoardes of angry christians either.
  14. Then why not keep them in that containment thread and ignoring it? I haven't seen anyone pulling it up outside of that one thread, so it wasn't that much of a problem. Also what did you expect, that was clear *Dead Dove: Do Not Eat* situation.
  15. Can't you and the people upvoting you tell reality from hypothetical situation? If this was about death penalty and I said that if I kill 5 people tomorrow, I would get the chair, would you also accuse me that I killed 5 people just to prove my point? And I even assured the only normal reply that I will not do so in the post you're replying to. Absolutely ridiculous. Also, still not adressing any arguments. I'm really expecting too much I guess.