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  1. Thanks mate. That’s awesome. Is it known if we need to beat game on normal for girls or hero mode is enough?
  2. Sooo. 2 persons on this site got the platinum (you need to click actual platinim trophy to see them for now before they site updated) it would be awesome if one of them can tell us what was needed for “you got skills” in this version of the game
  3. From what I can see, your window between two 360T is larger then that guy's. He looks faster transitioning between 360T. No offense. I am starting UNs today.
  4. Thanks. I did 5 master already. not sure I get why do we may need to beat master with girls? 50 missions should be enough with just acolyte and mentor? by the way, yesterday evening platinum completion on psn when looking from ps4 changed from 0.0% to 0.1%. This probably means that someone got the platinum.
  5. Couldn’t complete mn5 yesterday. Just skipped it for mn6. mn1, 2, 4 and 6 were easy - one or two tries for each of them. however mn3 with 2 Genshins kicked my ass for like 1.5 hours is anyone knows if we need to complete 5 UN trials for the costumes or 3 is enough?
  6. As I posted in NG 3 forum, NGS is the easiest of them all. All you really need to master is chaining Ultimate tech with any weapon. Hold block to avoid absorbing orbs, jump and hold triangle on landing - instant charging of UT. The game is very easy with this and bosses are a joke compared to NGS2 I did it on vita and with normal joypad it will be much easier. Platinum coins all easy except of 2-3 with several Almas - those are luck based
  7. For everyone who is complaining: 1)This is hardest difficulty, not everyone is supposed to be able to beat the game on it. 2)Did you ever play any car simulator before? Like gran turismo for example Anything not Need for speed with at least some physics? If you did than this race is just a mediocre challenge - nothing hard at all. It took everyone I know who is familiar with simulators around 20-40 minutes. Of cause you are not expecting to see simulator on shooting game but we have what we have.
  8. It is possible in Razor Edge to do missions solo with Scythe. Very hard but 100% possible. I put 100s of hours in these games platinumed sigma 2, both 3 and razor edge (100%) and sigma 1 on vita. I just feel like it is probably enough and I don't want to do it again. Sigma 1 was the easiest since everything is just chaining UT. Bosses in sigma 1 are a joke compared to sigma 2. Sigma 2 is 100% the hardest part with sigma 1 is the easiest and razor edge a bit harder than sigma 1. Basically to beat games you need: SIgma 1 - learn how to chain UT NG 3 - learn 360 with Scythe Sigma 2 - learn chaining UT with huge sword (Fang sword or something like this) and master bosses. Bosses are a problem but almost each of them has cheese. Like Alexey can be beaten with spamming forward + triangle on dragon sword. Genshin - izuna drop with staff. Elizabeth has Genshin corpse glitch, etc. I have done a big post with all bosses cheese on russian forum back in the day. Can translate and post it here if needed (assuming nothing was patched). And yes - I am talking about master difficulty. I would love to see NG 4 some day. With NGS2 - like mechanics but completely new game. These remasters are cool but they will not return that desperation felling after first time on Master Zedonius trying to do something for 2 hours. Or having your ass flawlessly handled to you by master Alexey. I want something new, not replaying 10 years old games. But of cause it is good for the new players.
  9. I loved both of them. Both 15 and 13 are great games which I enjoyed a lot. The worst one for me is FF8 by now.
  10. I can confirm. I went hearts only on both consoles and ignored all qte on both. At the end I got hearts trophy so it is completely possible in coop. Also playing like this only Brad survived and others died in different places. It took me 4 full episodes of season 6 Vikings game lost connection to servers and crashed only once at the very end of the game in Olson chapter. Just booted it back without any issues. this is actually the way i recommend if you have 2 ps4 consoles. Nothing is difficult at all. Just completely ignore second console unless he is doing a choice. Then quickly grab second controller, make a choice and put it back. And ignore all qte. also, you don’t need to buy ps plus on second account. Just activate your main account with plus on second console and be online with your main account on the first. This is doable with only one ps plus subscription. I have special gaming room in my house with 3 ps4, 3 ps3, xbox, switch and multiple tvs. So It was easy for me to play 2 consoles and watch movies at the same time. This was a boosting cave from old glory days of Uncharted boosting when I hooked up 3 consoles with split screen which led to 6 active accounts. But this is another story.
  11. I would also suggest to keep both old and new levels for some time to let things settle down. Right now I am extremely confused when looking at friends levels. Example: I was level 100 (118 based on psnprofiles) and my friend was 39. So I was like 3 times higher level. Now I am 859 and he is 500. I mean I do understand that calculations are different but seeing level 500 tells me nothing now. Level 39 however told me a lot about approximate number of trophies. Just saying that I (and not only me probably) need some time to get used to it and old levels would help for this transition
  12. This is so disappointing to read this thread in late 2020 when GT7 is officially announced. People were expecting it for PS4 even before PS4 was released and here we are. Gt7 is coming to PS5. PS4 never got major GT game (not talking about Sport obviously). Rather strange taking inti account how great PS4 generation was
  13. No. Never. Create a new profile, dont cheat on it and get access to the leaderboards.
  14. I also would appreciate any help with 10 bosses in a row having little luck with randoms
  15. Demon Souls. Did it 3 times on PS3 for EU, US and Asia regions and will do it again on PS5 (they announced remake)