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  1. If anyone wants a rank 8. 5432007832
  2. Thx for the info Han.
  3. Hey all I'm 16, I bought this game BF 1943 but unfortunately I get booted off everyone 2 or 3 minutes every game. It has something to do with their servers not supporting my router type. I'm missing 8 trophies I really want to have this game 100% complete. Does anyone "I can trust" mind getting the rest of these trophies for me I can offer both Far Cry 3 & Tomb Raider full games to let gameshare for helping me with these. Email me here if can help ty [email protected]
  4. My fingers are sweaty but I managed to S Rank every single level & scenario on hard it was TUFF!!!
  5. Uhhh yEAAA!! I complete that Special Stage!!! That trophy 2.96% ultra rare hardest trophy for that game I might have a chance to 100% it ^^!!
  6. @ Humonic hahha not me I'm actually trying to impress myself, like cleaning my room even though no1 enters my room I clean it anyways. I'll get 100% completion someday
  7. I did that I hid all trophies for my 0% games that I haven't even played & they all appear here but other sites hide them....
  8. I use the dual shock & yeah I hope I improve
  9. There's definetly no way I'll get an S rank on every level on hard. These trophies are almost impossible u_u* I doubt I'll 100% this game. What do you guys think?
  10. I didn't put color in mine, only bolded text. Sorry if it's too basic I can't figure out anything to add to it because there's not much space in that section...
  11. Hey all, SN3aky here today I will show you how to have edited text for your "About Me" section that appears on here All you need to do is put HTML in your "About Me" section. Examples: <font color="red">RED <font size="28">HUGE! <b>BOLDED text</b> And so on... Result:
  12. Thank you!!!
  13. How do I get a custom profile background? (not trophy card background). Mine keeps going to my last game played :/
  14. Yeah with Google Chrome