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  1. Addicted to Dragon Quest Builders

  2. Such an awesome game :3
  3. Finished Uncharted 4 last Saturday. Fantastic game and probably the best Uncharted game in the series so far!

    1. fisty123


      I liked it however I found it less inviting for replay value

  4. Uncharted 4 is awesome!

  5. Got a review code for Megatagmension Blanc :3 I've made a first impressions gameplay video of it if you are interested!

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    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      FUUUUU, cheaters! :D

    3. BlueFireReaper


      I might as well do the guide like I did for Neptunia U.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      There is one already :P

  6. Heads up! Megatagmension Blanc Neptune vs Zombies has region locked multiplayer. Meaning that if you are in EU and want to play with someone from the US, you can't do that.

  7. CoD: Infinite Warfare looks boring as ever. DICE, your turn next. Hoping for WW1 or WW2. If it's another generic modern bro shooter then I wont touch FPS games for a good while.

    1. xZoneHunter


      Get DOOM next week for a solid FPS :D

    2. DarkWolfHunterPS


      I think people should stop living in the past, IMO Infinite warfare looked amazing and I can't wait till it releases.

  8. Pre-ordered Uncharted 4. Next week it's time to revisit Drake!

  9. Got it digitally on PSN. Really awesome game!
  10. Rachet and Clank PS4 is so awesome :o We need more platformers!

    1. LukeWarm115


      Yooka-Laylee is supposedly coming out this year. I really want it to be great. I miss 3D platformers so much.

    2. BlindMango


      For real, I've been having so much fun with Ratchet & Clank

    3. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Yeah can't wait to get it soon!

  11. How about you show me the real sale numbers yourself since you never provided a link to backup your claim.
  12. Your argument failed when you linked VGChartz.
  13. Stop lying to yourself. EU is Sony's main market. US is nowhere near that. While I can agree that Vita might not be doing well in EU, PS4 on the other hand is dominating. So nice try.
  14. PS+ ran out. Not sure if I'll be renewing it. The PS+ library is meh so far and I don't play a lot of MP games on PS4 anyway.

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    2. --Deleted--


      Demon's souls was free once. Why not Bloodborne?

    3. snakebit10


      I'd keep mine. A lot of the deals are great that you get with being a plus user. I like some of the free games to.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Weeeeeell... there may be Golden Week sale so... you may lose access to PS+ discounts =D

  15. Video live for Severed PSVita! Since this game got leaked on the PS Store, I thought I'd already release this video