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  1. Hi, I’m assuming they haven’t fixed this glitch for digital game owners who can’t uninstall Aberration, but this is a really fucking annoying problem considering it’s my last trophy. I doubt I’m the only person but it’s been what, a month now? Can we start tweeting the relevant people on a daily basis so they actually do something? I don’t follow the maintenance updates so maybe they have fixed it. I have yet to get a response so I’m skeptical. The below is what I have been sending on an inconsistent daily basis, to their community manager and their main page: @survivetheark @Jatheish Hi, are you aware of the trophy glitch for non-DLC holders for the digital edition? The max level trophy does not unlock at 115 when Aberration is not installed/purchased
  2. So basically, if you have the digital game without the Aberration DLC, you're fucked until they patch this?
  3. I spent some Freeman dollars and built a staircase until I got the trophy.
  4. Currently SL 100 and painfully farming Vertbrae shackles...can someone assist me with this?
  5. Looking for someone to assist me with the final two trophies- 50 mounted kills while grounded, and 100 mounted range kills. Message me on PSN and we'll do a 1:1 kill rate until they pop for me. Duel is the best game type due to filtering out griefers.
  6. When going for a conquest, there's a lot of times where you'll upgrade some of your soldiers. Every time you hit upgrade though and try to go back, it starts you from the very top of the list. If you're not upgrading every soldier at once (14/17 for example), then holding right on the D-pad before finalizing the upgrade will take you where you left off.
  7. You can give a companion the throwing weapons and they will slowly accumulate them. A glance at the controls for MP in the pause menu says that it's Up on the DPAD. I'm in a siege otherwise I would verify.
  8. Currently at 60% and pushing for the platinum. Is this feature possible? Furthermore, is this game cross-platform with PC? I've read that you can host a game with bots for the MP achievements so I wanted to know instead of getting gud.
  9. The only trophy you can't get is the elope trophy as a female.
  10. Will Wakka at 160~ strength and his celestial hit the 1.2m on Attack Reels?
  11. As for the trophy argument, I'm reluctant as a gamer to play older games without trophy support due to the fact that nobody really knows you've played the game at all and there's no challenge. In the ps2 days there was no reason to 100% a game, and even if you did you could only show off to your friends- if any. These days you can brag and demonstrate your skill at games thanks to the trophy support. Look at that guy with 500+ platinums for example. Anyway the plat is only long because levequests require 1000 to be done, which is 4 months of allowances.