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  1. Wow, now only a corrupt manager mode is left lol
  2. Hmmm, at least we're getting Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, which is an amazing game imo btw, really excited about if the trophies in Cloudberry Kingdom are just glitched or requiring supernatural skills
  3. Him <333 (no homo)
  4. great idea, bad selection of games tho
  5. After I saw the new NFS trailer teaser:
  6. Looks like a mix between UG1/2 and the first MW, really excited for this
  7. Always listening to this while playing online or before writing an exam
  8. I'm still enjoying my ps3 more than as my ps4 lol
  9. Played with it thousand of hours, never freezed or had any error
  10. I'm not really a fan of these games, but this one was pretty fun ... for the first five minutes.
  11. Very surprising that the EU patch came as first.
  12. Do they ship to Europe? Edit: I guess they don't do :€ even if the shipping cost would be more than the game
  13. SNES quickscope or 360 no scope?