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  1. What day is it?



    1. Lorajet


      Was going to come up with something witty, funny, insane, but believe everything has already been used.  :hmm:

    2. MMDE
  2. Just make sure your matchmaking is set to Public. If there is nobody online try running the missions at a different time. If that doesn't work, you can always ask in the recruiting channel (in game) for a taxi or help.
  3. Because OCD is not a quirk Mental health disorder =/= quirk. People with OCD aren't like oh yeah it's my OCD so could you please fix that kthxbai. When people use OCD out of context they're disrespecting the people who truly have OCD and suffer with it everyday If you or someone you know is suffering with a mental health disorder, get help. Don't suffer in silence.
  4. Well of course it would help as the trophy is for reaching level 50. Even if you earned all the other MP trophies legit you'd still probably be short of level 50.
  5. It doesn't, only Kuaka (the little rodents running around) and the birds.
  6. All the Symmetra related trophies are easier now.
  7. Reaper, Overwatch
  8. Genji, Overwatch
  9. -Lucio, Overwatch
  10. What's your favorite memory from Overwatch? Mandatory: Who is your favorite Overwatch booster? There is only one correct answer to this.
  11. -Bioshock Infinite
  12. —Rebel soldier sighted (Two variants by two officers) Star Wars Battlefront II (PS2)
  13. I think his interview should be removed until he answers this question properly especially since Razing Storm deserves GOAT status and writing 1,000 words or more about this game would be easier than the 100% in Aab's Animals. 👿
  14. Most people I know of used the dualshock. Personally, I used the Guncon because that's what I learned Time Crisis on in arcades.