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  1. I've struggled for months with various levels in LBP and with the PS4 only 3 days away now I'm hoping to clean up missing trophies. Which leads me to the hope that a nice person/people will help me ace a level/levels to finish off my last trophy for this hellish platinum. I still need to ace: The Bunker The Construction Site There are other levels but those two are the biggest ones.
  2. That normally is the issue.
  3. Unless there's been major changes, all the raid trophies since Destiny 1 have only required you to defeat the final boss of the raid. The issue is getting a checkpoint for the boss.
  4. Finding the motivation to finish Razing Storm. Realistically, finding a solution to not being able to re-download Destiny 2 because I don't want to send my PS4 to Sony for "repair."
  5. Destiny 2 gets corrupted every time I try to re-download it, any advice?

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      Maybe?  I did all the re-start, power cycle, restore licenses stuff and even "initialized" the PS4.  I'm not sure if rebuilding the database is something else though.

    3. KingGuy420


      It's not hard to do. Just look up a guide. Might fix your issue.

    4. Quikdrawjoe


      Thanks, appreciate it

  6. Good on you, once you finish, I'd recommend publishing it although I'm out of touch on what the requirements for guides are. It would be super beneficial to have a comprehensive guide for this game. 60 hours in can see why this hasn't been done before.
  7. Warframe has had consistent updates for the past 5 years and almost every major update has an impact on the trophies in this game. Good luck getting a single person/people to constantly update and modify a singular guide for every update. It was a massive undertaking the first time to even make a guide for the "base game" much less what it would require now.
  8. Battle Manual - ~300/500 G-Action kills 765 - 235/765 matches Grim Reaper - 3,240/7,650 kills Battle Hardened - Prestige 1, level 40/Prestige 2, level 50
  9. Inspired by Madbuk's brilliant and awe inspiring checklist (HERE) I decided to make my own checklist to track my progress in Razing Storm. None of the stats are recorded in a manner visible to the players so this should help me keep track of my progress and motivate me to keep progressing. Brink Assassin's Creed Revelations Skyrim Assassin's Creed III Disney Universe Far Cry 3 Dark Void Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Megamind Terminator Salvation Assassin's Creed II LittleBigPlanet Back to the Future: The Game Madden NFL 13 Game of Thrones Watch Dogs Bioshock Infinite Ys: Memories of Celceta Destiny Fairytale Fights Rocket League Legends of War: Patton Grim Fandango Remastered Gauntlet Sword Art Online: Lost Song Hitman GO Stories: The Path of Destinies God of War II Destiny 2 Overwatch: Origins Edition Time Crisis Razing Storm (see most recent post for updated progress) Battle Manual - 300/500 kills 765 - 157/765 matches Grim Reaper - 1,700/7,650 kills Battle Hardened - Level 50 Rate, hate, appreciate
  10. Battle Manual - ~300/500 kills 765 - 218/765 matches Grim Reaper - 2,899/7,650 kills Battle Hardened - Prestige 1, level 35
  11. Online has been dead for years. When I started playing it there were maybe 10 people active who weren't specifically boosting. The only guide out there has a very inaccurate estimated timeframe. The singleplayer trophies are tough but doable, for someone who played them in arcades I bought a Guncon because they were tough for me. Personally, I'm also just lazy and wanted the easier route and I had the income at the time to get a set. (ahh the nostalgia). Multiplayer takes awhile to boost and you need 4 people (or 4 PS3s) for some of the trophies. The majority can be done with 2 people (or 2 PS3s) which is how I'm doing it now. Overall, unless you have a dedicated boosting group I wouldn't bother at this point unless you want to put the effort in to find one (or buy the necessary equipment to solo boost) or you're super dedicated to UR platinums.
  12. Battle Manual - ~300/500 kills 765 - 192/765 matches Grim Reaper - 2,379/7,650 kills Battle Hardened - Prestige 1, level 21
  13. So because I'm lazy and haven't bothered with this in over a year I'm finally returning since I've realized that these won't be my last trophies unless Warframe, Rocket League, and Overwatch stop adding trophies. At the very least this will be my last platinum (YAY partial goals). I'm self-boosting everything with 2 PS3s and I'll try to add to @Aela's methods of boosting for someone solo boosting the final trophies (if you're a loser like me). So far the most efficient method seems to be using the attack which increases melee damage by 100% (I forget the name) which is available around level 46 which allows you to 1 shot melee. I have the account I want to gain kills with stand in one spot and I control the dummy character to run in front of mine, "POW right in the kisser!" to farm the kills. Battle Manual - ~300/500 kills 765 - ~157/765 matches Grim Reaper - 2,159/7,650 kills Battle Hardened - Level 50, 48,205/56,120 XP (to Prestige 1)
  14. Then you better find a squad.
  15. Just do the lowest level bounty 6x.
  16. As other people have said, there's a QP MMR. So actually it is based on skill even in QP, the range is looser but it definitely exists.
  17. Your XP level has nothing to do with matchmaking. It's all skill based so the game is matching you with people around your skill irrespective of XP.
  18. You could just do it solo in the spot that's basically intended for this.
  19. This, from what I understand Overwatch is already relatively small for a AAA game. Warframe had to do a reinstall for optimization purposes recently and it was huge (although better than it was prior to reinstall).
  20. Even with POE they only added 2 trophies. It releases soon on PC so it's at least 2 weeks from console.
  21. Yes, you can go into the in-game recruiting channel to find players to help.
  22. What day is it?



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      Was going to come up with something witty, funny, insane, but believe everything has already been used.  :hmm:

    2. MMDE
  23. Just make sure your matchmaking is set to Public. If there is nobody online try running the missions at a different time. If that doesn't work, you can always ask in the recruiting channel (in game) for a taxi or help.