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  1. Can anyone confirm? I want to be sure. It's a long grind ahead that's why.
  2. Anyone knows which trophies are obtainable after the 18th of January that marks the servers' shutdown? I'm mostly concerned about mycareer trophies, espescially "Badge of Extreme Honor" that needs you to level up a badge to maximum in mycareer. Thanks in advance!
  3. Mine is from Need for Speed: Shift. Though it's neither my favorite platinum nor my favorite game the image looks very self awarding. PS: Thanks for the giveaway! Cheers!
  4. A user recently got online trophies in Mortal Kombat (Vita). Can anyone investigate?
  5. Because we are completionists (most of us here I suppose) and we'd rather complete what we started. Same game anyways.
  6. Our problem is that we want to play zen pinball 1 dlcs on zen pinball 1 game on ps3. Personally, my concern is obviously the trophies.
  7. I'm insanely curious as well. Also the question on where to find it is still not completely answered, but yeah, I suppose you just can't.
  8. Probably not, because you won't be able to beat the record, even if you trigger Doc's objective.
  9. Yeah that's true. I'm afraid you'll have to start a new player again. Doc gives you an objective to beat some kind of record in your rookie season. As for me, I never got that objective, never understood what's going on, but still was visiting the barber shop. In my surprise, I went to Doc towards the end of the season and the trophy unlocked for some unknown reason, without even knowing what my objective was (Yeah I got veeery lucky). 😀 My point is that 2k doesn't care much about things, so I can't really help you by providing exact steps to follow.
  10. Hey guys, I have a few questions. My PS3's wi-fi catcher-thingy is broken. Is it possible to do this whole procedure by only using cabled internet connection? And the second one is that I'm willing to try TLOTR: Conquest and Mortal Kombat (Vita) some time during July. Anyone want to try together and guide me as well? (Since I don't have a clue on programming and setting up internet and server settings)
  11. Yeah, according to others threads that I have read and info I personally know, it should probably work. But could you please tell me how I can even find the Juggernaut pack anywhere? I've been searching it for years. Next problem is to find someone who has the actual DLC...
  12. Do you guys think that these DLCs will be free again in the future? I missed the first one and I'm thinking about buying the premium pass which is on sale. If they release the first one for free again, I wont buy the pass.
  13. I recently got mine normally, meaning that I got the trophy right after the session I was playing ended. Probably the problem was that you didn't let the game in an orthodox way. I wouldn't say that the trophy is buggy because you actually got the trophy right after, so my guess is that it has something to do with how the game loads things etc. So, since I have never seen such an issue on other people again, I can confirm that the trophy is not buggy and there is no reason for people to worry.
  14. Any news guys? Did anyone tested Conquest, @TiagoAGH maybe you? I'm also interested in Mortal Kombat (Vita). Some guys above mentioned about it, I hope someone will test it. As for me, unfortunately I'm very busy with studies and work so I dont have the required time to study the method and start testing, sorry!
  15. That's sad. Thanks for the help anyways!