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  1. I do not receive any request for the trophy, I'm in chapter 2 and I've talked to everyone several times at different times. Anyone with that problem? What should I do?
  2. Yeah, EU PS now miss a lot of good games
  3. Noragami ❤️ Noragami Aragato ❤️
  4. Puppeteer 😍 Rain Sly Trilogy + thieves in time Ps3 must
  5. If I buy a free PS plus game (Batman), Will some money go to Telltale? I don't want to give to Telltale a cent
  6. batman arkham asylum, very hard game
  7. Medal of Honor Warfighter
  8. Crash Bandicoot games, I want those games!!
  9. Naruto uns4, I liked uns3 and I want to play the 4
  10. Sly cooper platinums, loved those games
  11. Life is strange, the best ps4 story game with Tales from the borderlands
  13. Valiant Hearts: The Great War awesome game!
  14. Black ops 3 I never had the time and the patience to platinum it!
  15. Uncharted, one of the most awesome games of ps