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  1. I played the Momohime campaign on Chaos up till the final boss. Then I seemed to hit a wall since there were no swords I could upgrade until I beat the game or do the white caves, which require beating the game. I turned the difficulty down to Legend and beat the game. I'm going to hit this wall again on Fury? There's no way to get around not being able to get better swords before beating the final boss, right? Now I can't open the white caves until I do the other campaign but it looks like I'll have to do both campaigns on Fury and get all 108 swords on Fury anyways? I need all 108 swords on Fury to get all endings so I'm wondering if it's worth getting all 108 swords on Legend/Chaos difficulty? I suppose I'm going to need to do all caves anyways and it sounds like that is really frustrating on Fury so maybe I should just keep going on the Legend/Chaos difficulty? TL:DR: Should I unlock and jump into Chaos to get all the trophies after beating the game only once, or would I be better going for trophies on the easier difficulty first?
  2. It's weird looking. If you click on the platinum on here (link below) it says 7 achievers but only shows 2 names on recent and first achievers. I'm not sure if that's because the other 5 people that supposedly have the Plat haven't synced with psnprofiles?σ2-plus/1-master-of-the-secret-arts I checked the 2 names under recent/first achievers. 1 person got all the trophies on the same day, so that's obviously hacked. The other first achiever's profile looks like they earned some trophies legit and then a bunch unlocked 1 second after another. TLDR The time stamps show they're hacked.
  3. Thanks. I'll try logging in with my secondary account if I can remember the password.
  4. The 2nd controller trick is not working for us. As soon as we make the 2nd controller active it kicks us off psn. I wonder if it was patched out? For example, my first controller is logged in as Big_bob002. I turn on the 2nd controller. It wants to either take control as Big_bob002 or as Guest1. I choose Guest1 with the 2nd controller. Now at the Rocket League menu I have to hit options on the 2nd controller and it shows 2 cars. Except now when I try to create a tournament match or play online it says I am not connected to psn?
  5. Thanks. I'll look for that.
  6. The guide says to choose the 3 arenas that have "Rocket labs" at the end. I've watched a few videos and see what the lab names should look like but they do not show up for me when choosing an arena. I do not have arenas in my list that say rocket lab at the end. Any ideas?
  7. Confused about this. I've been waiting for all the dlc to play. When they announced that the next dlc will be the last I finally started the game. I have something in my download list on psn called "Final Fantasy XV: Comrades". I take it that even this even this version won't work? They aren't releasing a stand alone version we can buy later or anything?
  8. Yes and no. So you can play through once and definitely have a very clear idea of the main theme. By itself you'll probably think of the ending for a long time. The game is more about the implications of your decisions and what happens in the game. This main story is easily worth a play through if you are into story driven games. There's 1 character you will probably be a little confused on. He takes a bit of studying to figure out what was going on there. Then there's this nuts back story stuff and references to real world history that is really innovative and probably one of the most complicated things I've seen. However you do not need these last 2 things to get a lot of the story and if you are remotely interested in this other stuff you can just read summaries online.
  9. Imo. Copied from a post I made on another site Pros:-Great philosophical and very dark story for 1 playthrough if you want. If you like stories where everyone is f***ed this is pretty good. -There's some really interesting back story stuff going on. There's some condensed versions in another topic on here. Combined with this stuff it's my favorite story in anything ever. -It's only about 10 hours.-If you have a conscience the game starts kicking you in the nuts for the last 3rd of the game. In a messed up way. -Pretty solid atmosphere and sound design. -I put the ending up there with MGS3, FFT, Red Dead, and TLOU. -You got it for free?Cons:-The enemies aren't anything special. It's "run and hide" which most people dislike. You can make it so the enemies can't kill you but then... -It feels a lot like a walking sim. It's very slow with a descent amount of dialog. They have fairly simple puzzles to break it up a little.-There are a few open areas earlier in the game that are easy to get lost in. This completely kills the game for some people. The last half of the game is much more linear.
  10. There's a part in that area where you can break a window. I did that, jumped through and made some noise to spawn him. Then started chucking s*** through the window at him. It's like those messing with sasquatch commercials.
  11. It should be more than obvious that I love this game. I've been extremely vocal online about it. The thing is I'd call the game an 8/10 after my first play. It wasn't until subsequent playthroughs that I found what I, and likely you, missed. There's another topic on psnorofiles called "this game and the philosophy". If you have 10 minutes to spare scroll down to "Carthage Conspiracy" and "Punic Wars". There's a LOT going on in this game. Even beyond those things the writing in general reveals itself over multiple play throughs. I'm still finding things 2 years later. There's lots of foreshadowing, and I've never seen something where lines of dialog can sound like they mean 1 thing but as you understand it better you realize how well thought out everything is. Julia Dahl is an excellent example. There's also 1 line in a hard to find data log about an "interesting conversation between the people of Tau and Omicron". Spoilers - the people of Omicron left the people of Tau to starve to death. Much later the people of Omicron were scanned, and subsequently Tau. The Tau people would have arrived on the ARK and been like "wtf happened?! We watched people starve to death." - end Spoilers. That 1 line in the log shows that Frictional thought of this stuff.
  12. @fastflowdaman Is it Inside? If not I'd be very interested in it.
  13. Sounds like you don't need convincing but things start to get more interesting in Omicron. It introduces you to one of the more interesting characters imo. Then at the end of Omicron the game starts kicking your ass. You'll see.
  14. I'll give you a small hint. Each enemy type has a gimmick and you need to figure out what it is. If you don't know what to do they'll just keep killing you and it's frustrating. When you do, they are very trivial. Later enemies are more random. Thanks for the comment on the name. It's what my uncle called my grandfather so I just went with that. Glad I didn't choose xxx69sniperb***h or something. Is there a particular reference for your name?
  15. I'm not sure if anyone else has encountered this. There's some dream challenges that require not using magic or allies. When I am attacking it calls in the allies even when I don't hit the shoulder buttons. Very rarely it will use magic. I can use shield bash - tied to circle - no problem, but it does very little damage and sometimes no damage. If no one has recommendations I'll try a delete/reinstall.