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  1. It is an easy Plat actually. Here's some quick tips. I picked some of these up from the other topic. -You can get a one goal lead and then hang out behind your own goal. You might get 1 guy from the other team to chase you but you can just do loops around your goal until the clock runs out. -Anything related to deaths on ice, etc has to he done in the mini career mode. The way it works is your guys get brain damage every match. You can choose not to rest them between matches. The only way injuries/deaths can happen is from fighting. You can start a fight by bumping into your own goalie 5-6x. You can win fights easy by going straight to the top and down to the bottom while mashing the punch button. Repeat. The result of fights is guys will get either death, long term injury or short term injury. Short term injury they will get up from before the game ends. I tried to alternate which team loses the fight and you need get to get lucky to not have too many long term injuries in that one game. -For career mode you can finish the match and if you lose you can exit without saving. You save by resting overnight. -Contrary to posts on other sites you do NOT need to win every game in your first season. If you look at the calendar there's a mini playoffs. I only lost 1 game and still got the trophy. -For 100 wins I did the exhibition matches, 1:00 periods. 3 periods obviously. Takes roughly 4 min per win. I was at about 50 wins after getting all the other trophies.
  2. Don't let the graphics hold you back. This game is a lot of fun. No online play but I can confirm shareplay works and only 1 person needs the game that way.
  3. @bud-arc Thanks for the tips. Read them a few times. I got all trophies and did everything in the game with no problems at all. It sounds like I just got super lucky. I used a different save file after every completed projector and backed up my save after every 5 completed projectors. Fortunately I never needed the backups. The only time I closed the game was for backing up saves. Other than that I used Rest mode a bunch of times. I found the puzzles confusing and used the ps4trophies guides a lot if that helps anyone having problems. Maybe follow the order they did things.
  4. Crap. I was about to start it. Guess I'll take my chances. I guess the worst case is another game not at 100%. I will check out these projector bugs and try backing up beforehand.
  5. Sounds good. Thanks.
  6. Reading the existing topics it seems the game had lots of glitches but the topics are very old. The trophy guide mentions an upcoming patch. Does anyone know if that happened? I'm on patch 1.05 if that helps. Downloaded yesterday. Patch notes look like these glitches were fixed but not 100% sure. From the guide: "NEVER USE THE GATE FROM PINWHEEL HARBOUR TO VILLAGE! In most cases this will break your game and force you to restart the story or wait for an patch.KEYBOARD - The current patch has a bug to where the keyboard does not show up when it's supposed to, the next patch should fix this problem. Until then, you cannot progress during points where the keyboard has to be used."
  7. Not sure if it's been mentioned but I'm guessing Share play automatically adds online coop?
  8. To make matters worse. Got to 100 kills. No trophy. Did a few more rounds to 111 kills. No trophy. Watched the only video on youtube for this and he died at the end, so I started another round and died on purpose. No trophy. Continued. Went to get the last trophy I need besides this. No 100 kills trophy. Went and got a replacement frying pan. Back to the arena. Did 1 more round in the arena for 4 kills. No trophy. The only trophy I need for plat is 100 kills in the arena. I got 111 kills. No trophy. Edit: Got to 92 kills and an enemy knocked me out of bounds which kills you. Then I got back to 100 kills and the trophy popped within 5 seconds of kill 100. Deleted the game. Frustrating experience with too many issues outside player control.
  9. Just a heads up to anyone thinking about buying. There's an arena and a trophy for killing 100 enemies. It goes in rounds and you summon the next wave when you are ready. Spiders can spawn after you kill the enemies for that round and not count. That's annoying but not the real issue. Reading a bunch online it seems the 1st common issue is all enemies you kill stop counting. The other more common problem is there are no enemies left but the game does not recognize you have finished that round. From what I gather reading Youtube comments the issue seems to be around these spiders that do not count. Couple of tips though. The frying pan is the best weapon in the game and 1h kills everything. When you enter the arena with a frying pan it should save. If it doesn't exit the arena and it will definitely save then. If you die just exit back to the main menu and continue. This way you don't lose the frying pan. The left 2 switches summon the lowest amount of enemies. Make sure you have not been running (there's a hidden stamina bar) before starting a round, alternate between those 2 switches, and as soon as the round starts begin running to get the witches to spawn in front of you so you can deal with them first.
  10. I don't have a computer so I will submit this. Plus it's not asking them to patch anything really. Just undo the patch that removed Comrades from the dlc menu. It should be something easier than asking them to change a bunch of things. Edit: Submitted this: "I am inquiring if it would be possible to revert Final Fantasy XV on ps4 to a state where Comrades was accessible through the main game? Currently it is not possible to achieve 100% trophies/ achievements. Thank you for your time, "
  11. Just unlocked a couple of trophies in North America. If you have killed the first enemy and still no trophy I would delete/reinstall.
  12. Did you kill an enemy yet? There's a trophy for that. This is next in my backlog list. Already installed but haven't started it yet.
  13. @IDiivil Do you think that you have to do the step to lock in the romance before Meridian? In other words, don't do the final Reyes mission, do the city trophy and immediately go and finish Meridian. Then create the save scum save. If you can do the final 2 steps there that would be great. However based on your post it sounds like you cannot do this. I suppose I need another playthrough for the puzzles trophy so I suppose I could test this.
  14. Last post. Spoilers again. I'm locked out of the other romances. I'm 90% sure it's Reyes. Which means I probably won't bother keeping the save in case they do make a sequel. Kind of BIG SPOILERS below. Here's what I can say about Reyes. The final mission is meeting Sloane Kelly in a cave. I would avoid doing that until after the city and you are at a point to either save scrub or try to get 3 romances on 1 file. Due to the glitchiness of it, and how it possibly changed after patches I think the safest bet is to try for 3 on 1 save. That means waiting till after the city, doing the historian and Keri, and then trying for the 3rd and final romance. Probably I would create a seperate hard save after those 2 and you can try reloading after romancing after a 3rd, in case the trophy doesn't pop. This is just from my personal experience.
  15. I got the trophy this morning much sooner than I expected. Here's what I did. I chose the romance dialog with anyone every time it appeared. I did all side quests except the 4 architects and the stuff in the optional log before the city (ie: the Activation trophy). I did all loyalty missions and any time Keri the reporter was not "on hold". After the city i had Keri and the historian Angara on Aya quests available again. They are both in that optional mission log. I went to the Nexus and met Keri at the bar. Then the Angara and kissed her twice. Plus Reyes must have been my 3rd. I did have to go find him after finishing his final mission, but I talked to him prior to the city. If it helps, my Ryder still hasn't actually gotten it on with anyone and AFAIK nothing has been locked out. I still haven't found Meridian (ie: mission accomplished trophy). For TC, I recommend doing the romance option every chance you get and trying to finish Reyes, the historian and Keri. Then if you still don't have it do a save scrub before the point where you start actually going the distance with people. Edit: If it makes you feel better I might have to replay for "20 remnant puzzles in 1 playthrough".