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  1. I just got king of track and king of rock (step 1 in the OP) by using 2 controllers. It guarantees 3rd place every race.
  2. On the way to the true ending when you get the truck again don't get out and proceed on foot. It's very easy to not be able to get back to the truck. The frog doesn't work to warp you back either.
  3. Created a separate save. Ran around killing guys with Skippy and after 12 kills the trophy popped and platinum. Can't say I understand. At all. In the end I have no idea if you need to finish Skippy or that quest. It still says "who knows what you will find?".
  4. This is the last thing I need for platinum. Skippy is the name of a unique gun. I'll leave it at that to avoid spoilers. I can go to the ally way. Pick up the gun, do the convo and leave with it. The quest always says "who knows what you will find?" Checking a bunch of other sites it seems the quest will continue after 50 kills and I eventually need to bring it to it's owner. Is the quest supposed to not change until later? Should I just hold the save for a possible patch?
  5. I've been using one called PS trophies by Nicolas Ortiz for years. There was an update that requires you to log in with your Playstation email/password. The app is great because you can hide 100% games and earned trophies. Makes is extremely quick and easy to see what's missing. However it keeps logging me out and I have to log in again. Ideally I keep my psn password different then every other log in and do not want to use my password at all. Any recommendations?
  6. This ultimately didn't work too well. I didn't think to check the dlc trophy guides before playing the main game. Got the plat, did the other dlc first. Since I'd already killed the 2 dragons I'm on a new play through on casual. Trying to get high enough level to kill the dragon while having no potions. 30 hours so far.
  7. It seems that some trophies require you to start a new game of the main campaign and do certain things as you play through? Other trophies can only be obtained by doing the content that starts 2 years after the main campaign? Is that right?
  8. The quest ends by playing a file in front of Mikhaila in your office. There should be 2 files on the computer in your office if you transferred the file earlier in the quest. However it's glitchy and the file might not show up. Just keep talking to Mikhaila and the file will spawn on the computer. I've seen some comments online of people not finishing the quest.
  9. Wow thanks for the quick response. This one is Clive Lawrence. I watched him walk by and he looks like Venom. Is this considered mind a controlled human? Can I kill Clive Lawrence?
  10. The trophy is for not killing any humans. Posts say to check stats. I found my stats but I do not see humans killed. I see Engineering Operators Destroyed: 3. Can I assume that voids the trophy? I see a black mass of the alien goo and it has someone's name in red. Is this considered a human? It hasn't seen me yet so I'll go to a different location until I get a reply.
  11. I picked the tip up off of True Achievements but wanted to post some info here. There are 9x you need to choose the R'lyehian dialog option. It's a bunch of letters and should be obvious. The trophy wasn't popping for me despite choosing all the options on multiple playthroughs. Choose to submit to Leviathan and accept the knowledge. Make sure to accept all 3 options during the dream sequence (medicine, eating, and shooting the doctor). Make sure to choose the ending where you perform the ritual. The trophy finally popped after the final ending cut scene. Basically just do whatever Leviathan and the cult wants you to do.
  12. Thanks. I'll just play blind and do follow up playthroughs. I had read it's 15 hours and possibly 3 playthroughs for Plat, but now I understand it's closer to 7-8. That's more manageable. I just finished reading Call of Cthulhu for the first time last week. Lovecraft is the man. Downloaded this game but wrapping up another one first.
  13. Hey quick question "Make a backup at chapter 10". It looks like there are a ton of things you can and cannot do. Is it possible to mess up before chapter 10 to get all trophies in 1 playthrough? I'd like to play blind up to the beginning of chapter 10, backup my save, continue my blind playthrough, and after I beat the game use the backed up save to get the other trophies. Would this work?
  14. I did get Dormin's sword and it wasn't that hard or time consuming with the video. Due to unlimited ng+ it was worth it imo. I backed up the save to usb and if I ever want to play again I can power through really easy. If it was some 40 hour grind it would've been a waste.
  15. It was weird timing. July 19 Xbox tweeted about it releasing for them. July 20 was my posts above. In my frustration I searched Twitter looking for possible solutions and found the Xbox tweet. I vented in response to the Xbox one. The developer got my tweet and still didn't respond. This is going out to anyone that follows the xbox twitter account. After I felt like kind of an ahole but I can't believe he didn't try to defend his game in front of any potential Xbox buyers.