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  1. I pasted a lot of info into a post but I guess I did not choose to "keep original formatting". It's now a light Grey text. Is there a way I can fix this? I only see bold, emoji, and link options. Edit: If anyone has this problem I copied the text out of psnprofiles. Pasted it another program. Copied the text from the other program and edited my post on psnprofiles to paste the newly copied text. It changed some spacing around but worked.
  2. THE PUNIC WARS Credit to this video for getting me started on this. In our real life history Carthage was a country of power in northern Africa that had a long history with Rome. It culminated in 3 battles called the Punic Wars from 264-146 BC. Most of these references focus on the 2nd Punic War from 218-201 BC. -In Julia Dahl's audio logs on her computer in Omicron she says "Delenda Est". "Carthago Delenda Est" is Latin for "Carthage must be Destroyed". It was used by Cato the Elder of the Roman Senate during the Punic Wars. -In Simon's apartment is a statue of Ombra Della Sera, which is a tourist attraction for the city of Volterra in Italy. Volterra provided supplies to Rome during the Second Punic War. -There are books on the book shelves in Simon's apartment and Munshi's office about Roman laws, Roman politics and historical hindsight. -In Simon's bathroom is toothpaste with ENI on it. Eni S.P.A. is a company headquartered in Rome and they have expanded their oil operations into northern Africa. The Punic Wars concluded with Rome invading the city of Carthage in Northern Africa. -In Simon's apartment is a poster of the Beige Noise Tour. There's some cities listed and one is Seville, Spain. The Battle of Ilipa between Rome and Carthage took place in Seville during the 2nd Punic War. Historians often consider it one of Scipio Africanus' greatest victories over Hannibal of Carthage, lending weight to the Poul Anderson Sci fi story mentioned below. -One of the thank you notes to Jonsy in the Upsilon Comm room is from Cadiz, Spain. During the 1st Punic War Cadiz provided support to Carthage general Hannibal Barca until it was later captured by Rome in 206 BC. -One of the thank you notes in the Upsilon Comm room is signed by James Bloom. James J. Bloom is a writer who wrote about Roman history and specifically the Punic Wars. -On the notepad where you get the code to enter the back in Munshi's office is written down "Delphi Method". Delphi Method is a process in which a panel of experts sit in a roundtable discussion on a given topic trying to reach a consensus to form mutual understanding. We don't hear about anyone in the game other than Munshi and Berg working on the brain scan technology during those early stages so Delphi Method doesn't make much sense. It could potentially be a reference to Delphi, Greece. Delphi is a famous temple in Rome where they would pray to the gods, and there is some history during the Punic Wars. -One of the locations during the simulation where you try to get the security code from Brandon Wan is Versailles. This is a strange location in that it's very specific compared to the other locations (beach, wood cabin, etc.). The Treaty of Versailles was after WW1 and heavily favored the Allied Powers. Some historians have called the Treaty of Versailles a "Carthaginian Peace" in the similarity to Rome completely wiping out Carthage at the end of the 3rd Punic War. -The clipboard in Mark Sarang's nightstand that is stamped for approval by Haimatsu has the #218 circled at the bottom. The 2nd Punic Wars started in 218 BC. -One potential reference for Delenda Est could very well be the short story Delenda Est, which is part of the Time Patrol series written in the 1960's by Poul Anderson. The story involves 2 time travelers going back in time to kill 2 Roman generals during the 2nd Punic Wars and cause Carthage to defeat Rome during the 3rd Punic Wars. The protagonist of the story goes back in time to kill the 2 time travelers and revert history back to our current timeline in which Rome defeats Carthage.
  3. THE CARTHAGE CONSPIRACY *About 2/3 of this info was compiled by the community and I am just organizing it. Who created Simon? As evidenced by the robot that you deal with in Upsilon the WAU didn't have control over the creatures in the game that it supposedly created. Who then prepared Imogen Reed's body? A human would have had to remove her head and prepare her body to make Simon 2. The door is sealed from the outside and the vent is closed off. Simon has to break the glass to get out of the room. The data logs show that only 2 people were left at Upsilon: Amy Azzaro and Carl Semken. We find both of their bodies later. When you approach the room with the Omnitool we hear a man screaming. Inside the room is a body missing the head. Who is this person? The common theory is that he works for Carthage Industries and that he prepared the body. When you 1st wake up the computer connected to the Pilot Seat is inactive. After you get the Omni tool and plug it in the computer says "Pilot Seat activated". An Omni tool is needed for scan uploads. There is no Omni tool in the room when Simon wakes up. Likely this Carthage Operative took the Omni tool with him after uploading Simon but before Simon woke up, and had it with him before dying to the robot. He sealed the door and was to observe Simon but Simon broke the glass and turned on the power waking the robot. Julia Dahl There are 3 Carthage employees secretly on the staff: Julia Dahl, Mark Sarang, and Johan Ross. If you look at a timeline of events it goes like this: The Ark project is started. Sarang commits suicide for Continuity. The ark team takes the ark through Omicron. If not before then, at that point Julia Dahl should know that Sarang is dead. After the ark team goes into the Abyss, only the lifeless body of Johan Ross arrives on the Climber. Yet in Dahl's audio logs she's talking about the WAU trying to restore the body of Johan Ross and she is recorded as saying "I will report in what I find" and "I could use some advise if you can get through". Who is she trying to talk to? Her 2 secret coworkers are confirmed dead. Is she trying to communicate with Carthage? In Julia Dahl's written logs she talks about the evacuation attempt of Tau. She has some personal notes in which she is talking about the Climber being ordered to stay at Omicron and not go back into the Abyss. This means that there will be no further evacuation attempts of Tau. Yet Dahl has a personal log in which she says that the penalty is harsher than she expected but "I'll take it. As long as Ross is left to study the WAU at Alpha". Why would she be happy that the remaining people at Tau are going to starve to death, including Johan Ross? It could be because she values the WAU, but if Carthage was wiped out on the surface that doesn't make much sense. Unless Carthage is still in operation? Mark Sarang's notepad This notepad is in Mark Sarang's nightstand: -It shows a graph on the left that seems to show a drop in power that might happen AFTER a comet hits. -2 sites are crossed out and the only 2 sites that aren't accounted for in that list are Alpha and Omega. Omega was confirmed wiped out by the comet. Alpha was taken over by the WAU and flooded. Again leading to speculation that this document was filled out after the comet. -It seems to confirm other facilities, possibly besides Pathos 2. Possibly also underwater and still functioning. -It might confirm that Haimatsu played a larger role than the game tells us since it is stamped for approval by them. It might also confirm that Haimatsu was aware of site Alpha since Alpha is crossed out. -Was it stamped for approval after the comet hit? -The signature is not Johan Ross, Julia Dahl or Mark Sarang. It also doesn't appear to be anyone from Pathos 2. Who signed it? Was the base setup in preparation for the comet? In Catherine's room are her personal logs in which she talks about the Vivarium being "designed in an almost primitive way. As if it was designed for the WAU to access". She also says that the Pilot seats already have the electromagnetic drums needed to do brain scans. The Haimatsu logo is on the Pilot seats. This leads me to conclude that Carthage and/or Haimatsu designed the technology to allow the WAU to steal the scans since before it's inception into Pathos 2. Quite possibly after the comet was discovered, Carthage integrated the Pilot Seats, then the WAU, and created the Vivarium as a fail safe in case the comet hits. Omicron The WAU's primary directive was to protect human life. It doesn't make sense that the WAU shrieked, overloading the blackboxes and killing everyone at Omicron. We hear Julia Dahl scream and die immediately after she mentions Raleigh Herber going into the Abyss to find site Alpha. The overload of the blackboxes was likely a consequence of this statement. However, the WAU would have to kill people to protect itself. It does however make sense that someone working for Carthage and listening in would be willing to sacrifice the lives of the remaining Omicron staff to protect the WAU. These inconsistencies all seem to point to Carthage or Haimatsu still being in operation. The notepad could also make it look like the whole game is some kind of experiment, but that's the only thing I've seen mentioned that would hint at that.
  4. Yeah in theory the mockingbird and monsters should still be active. Hopefully if the WAU does not get ahold of Simon 3 it will not be able to expand and reach the surface. Unless you believe that the WAU was getting better at making humans by combining dead bodies with robotics (ie: make more in the style of Simon 2). You still have to contend with rotting flesh but I suppose the WAU could find other ways. It's open ended. The only person that would have been uploaded twice to the ARK was Catherine. There's been speculation on if the newest version overwrites the exisitjng version or if they are both in there. Should be an ackward conversation. As a side note, if you look at the timeline the people at Tau were left to starve to death. Months later the ARK team comes through and Catherine confirms she scanned the people of Tau. The Tau scans must have arrived in the ARK, saw the people that left them to starve and been like "wtf a holes". Catherine even comments on it being an interesting conversation or something like that. It's hard to say if Simon 4 might eventually figure out Simon 3 got left behind. Simon 3 had such a hard time with the concept even after experiencing it twice that it leads me to believe that he wasn't capable of grasping certain concepts based on the origin of his scan. I'll dig up the Carthage stuff from Reddit tomorrow. I have some more condensed versions of the facts that make it look like Carthage is still in business. I'll throw in the Punic War references as well. (The game has a bunch of references to the Punic Wars, a real world battle between Rome and Carthage circa 200 bc). You might find it interesting.
  5. I could talk about this game all day. SPOILERS below. Read on at your own risk. You don't really kill the WAU. You poison it with uncalibrated gel so that it cannot control what is happening on the base anymore. Ross comes after you either way because he needs to destroy Simon 3 so that the WAU cannot recover his body and find a way to reverse the process. In the end Simon 3 is still there so it's hard to say what happens on Earth after the game. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what Catherine was saying in her room about "unfolding scans" and such. The technology started as "flat" scans and only when Catherine and Reed found the WAU's Vivarium did Catherine figure out how to make true scans. Catherine uploaded a true scan of Imogen Reed into her digital world with "Catherine and her capsule buddies" but the true scan was too real and couldn't coexist with the older, flat scans. Since Simon is a legacy scan his flat scan had to be modified to work as Simon 2-4. I believe this was a clever way for Frictional to give a scientific reason why Simon never understood what would happen. It's also nice to think that Simon 4 on the ARK will probably never understand what really happened and live as Ignorance is Bliss. There's a funny ethical debate here. Catherine never lied to Simon but she certainly deceived him. When Simon plugs Catherine into the final Pilot Seat she says she'll never get used to that. Simon says "after this you won't have to". Catherine says "riiiight". She holds the inflection on "i" just long enough to demonstrate that she knows Simon doesn't get it but she doesn't say anything. She cannot risk Simon knowing what will happen because after the way he flipped out in Omicron "you're f*****g disgusting" she has to be concerned that he will not launch the ARK if he figures it out. So she doesn't say anything. For the greater good of humanity, and at the terrible sacrifice of Simon 3. However she ultimately saves Simon since he lives on in the ARK. Catherine completely f****d Simon 3 but ethically made that deception to save Simon 4. Finally, there's a fairly prominent fan theory that Carthage Industries is still in business. There's actually a lot of evidence to support this. Carthage made some of the enemies Simon encounters. Carthage launched the signal that overloaded the black boxes at Omicron and killed everyone (remember it's the WAU's protocol to protect humans). Carthage has other sites underwater. Carthage created Simon 2 and activated the Pilot Seat that woke him up at the start of the game, since the Pilot Seat needs an Omni tool to be active.
  6. Sounds like you don't like it. No big deal. At the risk of more ridicule I'll recommend checking out a playthrough on YouTube? I listen to them at work. The game requires you to check 3 places and won't give you the tracer fluid until you check the 3rd place. There's nothing complicated with the controls it's just doing things in the right order. The game has a # of puzzles like this and doesn't hold your hand. In terms of gameplay it does feel a little old school. Most of the puzzles are fairly simple but there's a few that I can tell you wouldn't enjoy.
  7. Have to post this somewhere. Finally tried out rushing the last boss on hard with 2 fighters to see how it goes. 1st phase: 37 seconds 2nd phase: 26 seconds Both fighters nearly identical: Level: 20 Helm: Ornate Leather Helm Armor: Ornate Leather Armor Main hand: Sliver of Thanatos Off hand: Swift Both rings: +2 Critical range Guantlets: +2 and +3 Critical range Popped a potion each at the start of the 1st fight. Appropriately I named my player created Fighter "Drizzt".
  8. If anyone is reading this and wants to use a pc to clean it up and take credit for it let me know. It's 90% done and I can easily add people as a guide creator. Even if you want to go in and see it before deciding let me know. I put 100 hours in running every scenario I could think of to test certain trophies.
  9. @BlindMango I read your tips and some of the stuff you're specifically said not to do I've already done. I only have a phone so some of the formatting has been a huge pain in the ass. I'm not even sure I can do trophy links as opposed to "see such and such trophy". The story ones I just put "story related. Can't be missed". Do you think I'm better off just copying some of this stuff into a trophy topic instead of actually publishing it? You can preview what I have if you want.
  10. Oh man you saved me big time. Should I go ahead and post it? I only have a few small changes left.
  11. The game is Sword Coast Legends. I haven't posted the guide yet because the site recommends having everything verified before posting. The "Tips and Tricks" section disappeared. I had a TON of research here. I listed out all the best equipment in the game, where to find it, how much, what it does. Is there any way to get this back? I assume I deleted it by accident. Edit: Now I can't seem to get back to any of my progress. I kept going back in the browser hoping to find what I had in tips and tricks to copy/paste. My only option is to create a new guide which I'm not doing till I hear from a mod.
  12. Yes. It's apparently p2p servers. There's a link earlier with tips. I should probably just post what I have for a guide.
  13. I completely broke the game. It doesn't even show all damage because it's happening so fast. This is in my trophy guide. I haven't posted it yet because I'm trying to verify one thing. Anyways here's what I posted for the guide. It's in the free dlc and you can get it in 20 min if you rush to it. -After finishing the quest for Rauvfryn you get access to the merchant in the Drow Warehouse. The Ornate Leather Armor is 18,107. AC 2, occasionally throw shuriken, +15 physical damage, +4 Dexterity, +4 constitution. It adds 15 damage to every attack and Swift doubles attack speed. I've got 2 guys running around with this armor, Swift and lots of +crit range equipment and enemies practically can't attack even on hard.
  14. I found the other 2 dlc mentioned in post #2 but don't see Supersonic Fury? Anyone mind verifying if it was taken down or something? Edit: Found it. I couldn't find it by searching for "Rocket League" but did find it by going to the game's page and looking at add on.
  15. Excellent. Quicker reference then what I'm working on. Just a heads up I've encountered Javen the 1st time traveling to the Evermoors. That's the only thing I'd change. Bryns companion quest becomes unavailable after a certain point but it automatically goes to "completed". I have no idea if this impacts her trophy or all companion quest trophy since I already had them.