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  1. Just to clarify some things. There are no bugged trophies in this game. "Matches played" only counts when there are at least 4 players, but for wins it counts even with only 2 players. "Pot of Gold" trophies require 4 players to unlock too.
  2. I would like to join as well. Thanks!
  3. does this still work?
  4. 410 matches
  5. For February 2020: Fallout 4 and Yooka Laylee
  6. 218, again
  7. Still my favorite!
  8. For January 2020: Persona 5 and Battleborn
  9. Damn, I miss it when they give out 6 games a month. With some PS3 games included.
  10. My favorite christmas memory will always be the last christmas my younger cousin and I were together. I was playing Rise of the Tomb Raider when they arrived at my parent's house. It was the first time he got a taste of a PS4 game, because they were poor and couldn't afford to buy any console. I let him play for a couple of hours and he really enjoyed the game. Got a few trophies along the way too. They stayed for a week or so and left after new year's day. It was the last time I saw him. And it still hurts like fucking hell cause I miss him. And I feel so bad for his parents because he was the only child they had.
  11. 218 matches fosho
  12. Entry #3: WipEout's Anti-Gravity Ship So fast and (looks) awesome to drive.
  13. Entry #2: The Storage Box from Resident Evil. Saves lot of space in my house LOL
  14. ASHPD from the Portal series Life would be fun af LOL
  15. Thanks for this awesome (and easy) giveaway. Good luck to everyone!