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  1. Thanks guys I Can see I'm going to like it here!
  2. I'm going to be doing a mixture of both. I'll be doing let's plays on things such as infamous seconds son, The order 1866 and other games such as them but will be doing smaller game videos on stuff such as gta V & The Elder Scrolls online
  3. Thanks guys y'all know how to make a fellow gamer feel welcome I hope to have some videos up as soon as possible does anyone have any recommendations ? Oh and Hard angel fan me and my sister big fans of your fall out series
  4. Hey guys I'm looking to start posting videos on my channel some time in the new year. I'll be uploading ps3 ps4 gameplay and some blogs I'm interested in what game you all think I should play. I'm also into indie games if you could also subscribe to me? That would be cool too, JoviesTheThird is my channel name thanks