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  1. 9/10 who's her?
  2. 10 because reasons
  3. Oh well, I'm another one of the club that never win anything, at first I thought it was spam on my inbox then I remembered the Topic or Parker's giveaway and then I thought I log in too late since I was away a couple of days, well it's still nice how the good deed from one guy combined with random luck can give a moment of happiness to another unknown person. Thanks Parker! and congrats to TheEndOfWhyOU and ELCHIHUA12 too! And yeah rock on!
  4. 10/10 very voluptuous happy blonde girl
  5. Devil May Cry 4
  6. It's amazing how a simple melody like this one can be recorded of our memories, I do like this track too, I associated it with "safety" that's why I liked it Here's another great song from another great horror game: Theme of Laura (Silent Hill 2)
  7. Cross Slash (FF VII)
  8. Already got you on my list
  9. Zestful cheesy taco already on the list
  10. Motoi Sakuraba ftw Here's another masterpiece from him Star Ocean: Until End of Time
  11. Asura Strike (Ragnarok Online)
  12. Nepster
  13. JanClaudeVanDamme
  14. I have played all of them, It all depends on your taste, if you like violence, good music and retro style all the way to hotline Miami If you like puzzles (unforgiving puzzles that you will need a guide to get 100%) an original game with fantastic 2D-3D merging and platforming, then Fez And proteus... It's so boring, there is not other reason to play it other than the trophies... Or I don't know maybe it's enjoyable if you are a hippi or you are on drugs only play it if you get it for free since it doesn't even worth what it costs. So... hotline Miami or fez should be your choice
  15. Im already there... It's been About 5 or 6 years since I got to that part... Now I don't even remember the plot, something about fairies dunno...