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  1. Finaly finished up LEGO Harry Potter Collection: Years 1-4. Took me long enough XD
  2. Well, this sucks. Then I stuck with my bad German voice over. Thanks for your answers
  3. So which of the versions actually includes English? The Australian one? 🤔 wasn‘t the European version sold in England too? This is really confusing. I‘m glad not many games do this region shit and locking out languages
  4. So i‘m seriously surprised. I started the game in German, no surprise there. I was utterly disappointed with the Synchronisation and wanted to switch over to English. Now here comes the big surprise. The digital version comes with only four languages and englisch is non of them. I can choose between German, Spain, France and Italian. Is this a bad joke? I even switched my console to englisch. With English settings the game start up in French🙈 brilliant. so does anybody know a way to play this game in English?
  5. Thx a lot for the information. This makes me happy 😁
  6. So do you have to buy the game again to play the ps5 version? 🤔 totals missed that there’s a ps5 version coming and bought the ps4 version a few months ago
  7. So I thought I bump this thread up for the use on a ps5. I had problems keeping fever, too. I use a 2021 generation Samsung in game mode and the sound is lagging a lot. On ps3 back in the days there were workarounds like splitting video and audio signal to feed the audio directly in the av receiver and the image directly into the tv. I didn‘t find any of that solutions for the ps5. Only idea I have would be a hdmi Splitter to get the lone audio signal. so long story short, I just use the game with headphones now. Not my preferred version, but I didn‘t managed anything else 🤷‍♂️ ps: my setup would be ps5 -> tv -> av receiver
  8. Rocksmith and Rocksmith 2014
  9. I‘m actually shocked, that the game is literally unplayable without an internet connection. 🙈 i mean, mainpart of the game is offline and here loading takes forever and you can inly play custom races. Quite disappointing ps: and did i mention, that i can choose only out of 13 cars in offline mode?
  10. Had no problems on the latest version while playing today. Was able to buy new cars and got a few from races.
  11. Same for me. It‘s a bit annoying, since i left out some firegleam spots and now I habe to visit every spot again
  12. I have the same problem on my samsung qled tv. So, please let me know if you find a solution for this i have been testing around with settings but wasn‘t able to find anything. I also sometimes have a problem with the brightness. Sometimes while switcjing fast between map and game, the brightness seams way lower then normal abd gradually go back up to normal. No idea if it‘s a bug or not, but never had anything like that in other games. Tried to tinker with local dimming and stuff, no change.
  13. Playing in resolution mode. i tested around with both modes and while 60fps feel great in the game, the graphical downgrade is huge in my opinion. This world has to be seen in resolution mode. And as far as i‘m aware it‘s not only higher resolution you get, better textures and sometimes more foliage and stuff. i absolutly hope we will get another graphic option in the future which combines 60fps with the features of the resolution mode
  14. So i just run into this glitch, too. but actually, i got rid of clarissa innthis playthrough and i have the feeling this might have been the problem and cause of this bug. I never pressed x. I decided to recover an little older save from the cloude (right before opening the bunker) and played to the end without rekoving clarissa and the trophie popped 🤔 so, just to be safe, don‘t get rid of clarissa 🙈
  15. Thank you for the fast answer. I feared I had tk start all over