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  1. Thx, but somehow it dosent seem to work. I uploaded the pic and got a link. But i cant use it to insert a image in here. I tried the embeded post link as well but then aftewr sending my post i get a window that i was blocked on psnprofiles 😅 So, whatever. please just use this link. 🤷‍♂️ no idea, why it isn‘t working
  2. Hey evreryone, i would like to join finished FF I - III so far and decided to go for the whole series let‘s see how far I can go. Okay, i failed to insert a screenshot of the webtracking for the series. Can anybody help with that? I will take a look later on pc. Maybe i find a way to upload screenshots in here 😅
  3. Okay, that was realy strange. I did read somewhere gray dots indicate also not yet visited ares (sight skill). To be clear, i reloaded my save right before of the point of no return. I noticed that besides the dort in the middle of saronia i also had a grey dot at the place of northwest saronia. I‘m absolutly sure i visited that location. But as soon as i entered it, i got my last trophy and the platinum. so in case anybody else has a similiar problem. Try loading an old save and go to a grey place. Seems the ga,e had something not correctly registerd
  4. So it seems I missed a location somewhere. 🙈 at least the trophy didn‘t pop after the credits. I wonder, is there a way to actually get a number on how many locations has been visited? so far I wasn‘t able to locate anything missing with the maps on the guide. 🤔 got everything else, so no missing chests or items at all. Also have 13 chocobo forrests in total edit: i noticed one thing missing in saronia. The grey one in the middle of it 🤔 any idea what this point is? Got the four parts of saronia, the castle and the dragonspire.
  5. This was tracking before. I already had ingame 100% and there was a flying fieldguide page shown in the psguide. Sadly it is that bugged one at the greenhouse. edit: just tested my oldest savestate. There i haven‘t collected the greenhouse page. This time it finally registers on the ps guide. on my 100% savestate that‘s the missing page which hasn‘t registerd. 😅 i might tackle those last hours till 100% again in a few werks or months. For now I‘m done with this game. Became quite boring after 56houre. Ah, wait. I totaly forgot that the trophy has nothing to do with the game jelp challanges. 😅 it‘s tracking the infame collections and that missing field guide page shouldn‘t be relevant for that. So yeah. Entirely different problem which would change nothing for the not unlocking trophy 🥲
  6. This was tracking before. I already had ingame 100% and there was a flying fieldguide page shown in the psguide. Sadly it is that bugged one at the greenhouse.
  7. Checked the patchnotes. No word about the achivement. So yeah. Won‘t help us right now. I‘m gonna keep waiting 🤷‍♂️ hopefully one day we will get a fix.
  8. well, I thought it might be worth a try 😅 I hope we will get an update soon. They didn't provide anything lately
  9. Tried this but I couldn‘t get my counter on the playstation to move 😞 and all the chests i was able to locate and open were empty. Out of around 10 chests sadly not one. Tried grabbing some field guide pages, but they didnt help with the counter either. Guess i‘m unlucky. Do i have to do sopmethign else? Did i miss somethign? Follwed exactly your steps
  10. Still waiting for a patch and still stuck at 602/603 on the psn trophie cou ter 🥲 so sad. Ingame I have everything.
  11. I used this guide here on steam it‘s a nice follow along one which get you all trophies. now i need to find a good guide for ff 2
  12. Thank you. I voted on this bug and left a comment, too. Hope this get fixed soon. I definitly will not start a new game and collect everything again 😅
  13. Have the same problem. 100% collection ingame, but playstation tells me 602/603. even finished all the field guid pages not needed for the trophie. While doing thi si found a bugged flying one. In my 100% save it seems i collected that but th eplaystation help list this as my liste collectible missing. Fueld guide#36. flying page behind the green house. Loaded an older save and the page were still flying. Catched it and ps 5 help still says in that save state im missing it. But i cant believe this is actually the bug not unlocking the trophie. So for now I can probably only wait. Is there a place to report bugs to the hogwarts legacy team? I did read the bug has been resolved for some people with an update, so i fear they might leave us hanging if we not reach out to them again
  14. Well. I tried exactly that. The butterflies where there again. I followed them and I still have only 602/603 on ps 5. inga,e i have everything in the collection 🙈 any other ideas? I‘m stuckk with everything in the ingame collection but 602/603 on the ps5. tried the forbidden forrest butterflies and reloading and grabbing the last chest with the last item from the collection again. Nothing 😭
  15. oh, wasnt aware of that. thx