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  1. still not aviable in EU, it seems. Maybe now, that they released a asian version, we will get this in europe, too?
  2. the gesture you have to use on these walls is randomised btw. so no way to know before the first encoutner. but since u have two tries you have a 66% chance of success
  3. Nice list, but you should add the name of the games. There are at least to plats I don't know the game they are from
  4. In my opinion the new songs are more difficult then the old ones. And they are all longer. I did the SS rank on I need you. Oh, and we got a new free song
  5. Damn, your speed is unreal i start sweeting just watching. But this song shows nicely how well this game work with metalcore. I need moreeeee.
  6. The Song Overkill is so much fun to play. I love it. I want more of these style of songs.
  7. yeah, definitly get Beat Saber, this is one hell of an awesome VR game. It's so much fun. "Job Simulator" is also a really fun game to play.
  8. I slowly start to become better Now I got on all Hard difficulty levels a S rank and start to work on my first Expert songs Played "I need you" yesterday, and I strt to get the hang of it. It's onyl a matter of time until I manage my first SS rank for sure
  9. I gonna try it with headphones next time. Sadly I'm away every week cause of work and can't play/practice I wonder if I ever becom good enough to get this plat
  10. Congrats I managed to get an S rank on another hard song. I often have tracking problems :X Make it quite hard. and the strikes from below are still 50/50. Sometimes 100+ and sometimes not higher then 50 -.- it seems the cam dosen't recognise the move controlers if I have the right below or a bit further behind me. Can't make any changes to may playing setup, since I dimpoly donÄt have time. I'm pretty close to the cam, this might be the reason. Oh, and anotehr question, do you use headphoens while playing this game? Right now I send the sound from the ps4 witha optical connection to my reciever. I wonder if theres a slight delay during gameplay. Maybe using headphoens might help, too
  11. I believe i tried this song on hatd before and failed miserably i will try it next time
  12. So here are the results i got from my watch for a 45min session. Started with a song on easy and switched afterwards over to some songs on hard difficulty rto work on those S ranks. Managed to get my first two s ranks. it‘s not a bad cardio, but the time between songs is probably to long. My highest hr was 130 for a few moments. I gonna try again with expert songs tomorrow.
  13. True. No way to achieve high numbers while sitting and its not fun playing while sitting. Standing and moving around is a nice experience. I‘m gonna track my heart rate during todays seasion. I want to get some heart data. I will share it afterwards
  14. I will try this. Have to find the straps though i actually like the purple. We need more color in this game would love different looking sabers, too. i will get moss, then. It seems nuce
  15. That might be a bit to early But I will work on getting it. I hope they will release the DLC songs soon. Can't wait to play more different songs. To go off topic for a moment, I did see you are playing moss. Can you reccommend that game? I palyed the short demo and quite liked it. What's your opinion?