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  1. Hola hola! Are you playing VirZOOM with the controller or the bike?

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    2. DrHambone


      Ok! I wonder if they will glitch and pop for a US player? Cycled USA, is that a glitches one or did it pop ALOT earlier because you used the controlled?

    3. Sinh82


      Unfortunately, US players do not have this glitch. They must complete the correct distance for each trophy. If you cover 40 km per day, Cycled USA may need 100 days to complete. Max speed with the controller is capped lower than max speed for a bike user to balance for how much easier it is to push a button than to pedal as fast as you can.


      Six trophies are distance-related: Marathon, Boston to NY, Cycled Britain, Tour de France, Route 66 and Cycled USA. Marathon requires 40 km and Cycled USA requires 4000 km, but all European players with these trophies got them at the same time.


    4. DrHambone


      I ended up getting the bike. Played it today. Good exercise lol.


      However, none of the trophies are popping - there isn't even a trophy list for the game on my PS4 showing up. Am I missing something?