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  1. It was a humble bundle for PS3 and some PS4 games. Ended yesterday though.
  2. Sorry all. Gave them away. Maybe another time though
  3. You were first so you will get it. Cant send another pm for a few mins though
  4. Did it send? I keep hitting the send button but nothing happens
  5. Got a couple of codes left from the humble bundle. Let me know if you want one of them and i will pm you the code
  6. Making America great again *thumbs up*

    1. skateak
    2. HaSoOoN-MHD


      that human sized cheeto sure as fuck ain't

    3. Fatty_Fatness


      @HaSoOoN: That was a horrible, horrible insult...

      ... to Cheetos.


  7. Tales of Xillia 2. over 80 hours and have barely made a scratch in trophies.
  8. Slightly worse, but I still enjoy it. To me, nothing beats the SNES days with PS1 right behind. I speak as a mostly RPG and strat fan though.
  9. JRPGs and portable PS1 games.
  10. Fire Emblem for sure. With Vitas graphics and adding trophy support would be delicious to me.
  11. Persona 5 is water Fallout 4 is food Which one do you need more to survive?
  12. God of War Ascension. Now I can get rid of that giant 35 GB file size for good.
  13. Diet Coke. It is cleansing my insides
  14. I would streak through the mall nekkid until security was forced to restrain me.
  15. Hope you guys get a lot more fun out of Twisted Metal than I did. They really have butchered the series and this entry doesn't really help it's cause. Good luck getting the platinum too. If you want a difficult one, especially the multiplayer trophies, this is one of them.