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  1. Do you need to start every race and then go to ai mode for this to work? Starting a new race each time. Or can you go afk for a few hours at a time? Wanting to do this soon. I am only leaves 23 at the moment and haven’t played in a few months.
  2. Thanks! I sent a friend request and I should be in around that time. Shouldn’t take too long for the last two sets of trophies right?
  3. I’d like to get the latest 2 dlc update trophies! If you could help me with the trophy world that would be great!
  4. I was just wondering if you can do the proxy steps with an iPad? I may be selling my iMac and want to get the trophies still.
  5. A friend and myself beat the game the first time and want to go for the second play through as well together. It say on the “next mission” hub that I can’t access it while playing with someone. This is in Wakanda after the last boss. To get around this do I have to start the next mission, save and start another online invite? Thanks!
  6. Awesome, thanks so much for all the replies. Maybe they’ll release the dlc again. I heard they are working on a 3rd. Might be just for the switch.
  7. I just read that you can’t get the dlc anymore..but on this it looks like the dlc is part of the main list. Is the platinum still available without the dlc?
  8. Ok thanks for the reply. I’ll get the original trophies and the episodes done offline and see if the proxy thing will work for the other ones. I have a Mac so I’m crossing my fingers it will still work.
  9. I just checked my file on PS4 and I have all the dlc other than the royal pack installed. Version 1.20, if I played offline would that work for the comrades dlc?
  10. Ok thank you! I'll start doing the other runs now. Hopefully they are as easy as the avalanche ones.
  11. I played through the Alaska Denali area and got all gold but nothing popped up. It's been a while since I played and had to re agree to the terms. So after I finally got the trick it done I re did the survive and race. I don't know why it isn't unlocking for all 3 bronze through gold. It's the last 3 badges I need for the trophy. Thank you.
  12. Using this method how long would it take to go from lv 30-100?
  13. Looking for certified veteran item. I have a painted item I can trade. We can trade back once the trophies pop. Done trading!
  14. be sure yo review so I can play yours!
  15. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll be boosting it for sure now.