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  1. Found 5 camps in the France map with Paris as your capital with 2 competitors.
  2. I beat the campaign on Friday and didn't come across one bandit camp. Does anyone know what map is best to find them? I'm on sandbox right now in France with 4 competitors to get the 3 emperor trophies and the knight trophy. Bandit activity was at normal. Thanks
  3. So I took over one of his towns last night for the main mission in the story, but wanted the "go to hell" trophy too. So I took out his other 2 towns. My question is, can you still beat the game if he's gone before the end of chapter 3? I saw that he needs to be taken out at the end. I did it right after taking his first town by military means.
  4. Thanks for this! Got my platinum today!
  5. I am going for the herbivore trophy in the last mission. And after the first attack (before the 5 elements task) sets in my military loyalty lowers a lot. I have a big area with all military buildings and have apartments for them and entertainment. Trying to keep them happy but it keeps getting worse. I have tons of soldiers with a 1 approval and can’t figure out how to make it stable again. Any tips? This dlc is really tough.
  6. Are you taking about the “kill them every last one” mission glitch? Does that still work? I am only level 13 but have most of the trophies now except for crafting and horse stables, and belt buckles. It would be great if that still works. And would anyone want to join up with me if you have that mission?
  7. A friend and I have been playing the legendary campaign. It has been fine up until this boss fight. The last time we loaded up we had one enemy character drop a first aid but that was it. We got him to 1/4 health but he keeps taking up out and we usually give up. Any tips on how to get past this? I really don’t want to give up on the game. Thanks!
  8. Awesome, I was able to find it. Thanks!
  9. I’m wondering if the move pack dlc has been delisted? I can’t seem to find it in the Canadian psn store.
  10. Got the another lap trophy right at level 50. No glitch happened thankfully!
  11. Do you need to start every race and then go to ai mode for this to work? Starting a new race each time. Or can you go afk for a few hours at a time? Wanting to do this soon. I am only leaves 23 at the moment and haven’t played in a few months.
  12. Thanks! I sent a friend request and I should be in around that time. Shouldn’t take too long for the last two sets of trophies right?
  13. I’d like to get the latest 2 dlc update trophies! If you could help me with the trophy world that would be great!
  14. I was just wondering if you can do the proxy steps with an iPad? I may be selling my iMac and want to get the trophies still.
  15. A friend and myself beat the game the first time and want to go for the second play through as well together. It say on the “next mission” hub that I can’t access it while playing with someone. This is in Wakanda after the last boss. To get around this do I have to start the next mission, save and start another online invite? Thanks!