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  1. So a friend and myself got to 12/12 boss wins with no revival yesterday. The last one was nice fury on legendary. The trophy unlocked for him without any issues. But it didn’t pop for me. We retried Goliath, tinker bot and the boss fight with venom and green goblin where you toss the bombs in the pit. But no luck. Anyone have this issue and found a way to fix it so the trophy pops? I want to get this game done ASAP! EDIT got it with the tinker bot again solo. This stupid game is so full of bugs.
  2. Thanks for this post! Got the last 7 or 8 upgrades really quick!
  3. Thanks! I’ll pick it up and play it when I get the ps5.
  4. I see this is 80% off on the psn store. If I bought it and played the PS4 version on the ps5 (when I get it) will I be able to do manual saves? Or is that just on the PS4 system itself? Thanks!
  5. I tried that. I can play the main game. But when I go to extra content, it’s just agent hunt and mercenaries that show up. Instead of all the other dlc.
  6. I was wanting to boost the online stuff that just needs one other person with a second system. So I downloaded it on the other system. But it says it’s locked to my account and only the activated ps3 can use it. Is there a work around without having to buy it again, or just boost it all in a session? I already bought a second disk copy of the game. Thanks.
  7. Welcome to the club!
  8. Yes it still works. I almost gave up, but I saw that some others got it with this and I rarely got stuck on anything. Especially near the end I had my guy skate a bit to the left and just left the system on while I was sleeping.
  9. It may be possible. But I heard that the devs have to approve maps for the consoles. So I don’t know if they would want to make it easy for people to get it. Luckily my around the world popped early in the morning while doing the mountain glitch on the big ramp map.
  10. I finished the out of the darkness quest and the ifrit boss now. Thanks again for the link! Now to the other dlcs!
  11. Awesome, I’ll be taking advantage of those tips. Thanks so much.
  12. I’ve been getting through the dlc pretty steady up to this point. I’ve even beat the level 80 quest for once of the last Sigils. I’m level 29 and was hoping for some tips on beating this mission without too much of a grind? I have a level 60 golden axe that does 230 attack and it’s strength based. And my other good weapon is Kanes Lance I think? With 277 attack. I have all the Sigils up to this point. He’s able to get me down in 2 hits. It would be easier if there wasn’t a target to protect and if I could just warp strike in a big area.
  13. I’m playing through this with my level 15 avatar. Haven’t seen him yet...I’ve managed to get every other cook I believe. I wish there was a solid way for him to spawn. I finished some quests with no good on myself of any of the ai. EDIT. I ended up getting him on the roboressurection mission after about 10 times. So happy! Still have to beat the story and farm the kW.
  14. Thanks for this! It’s downloading now. Says version 1.30 but the file size is 30.071GB. So I’m all set. Can’t wait to get this done and then go back to finish the episodes and royal pack. I’m doing this on a day one physical copy.
  15. Doing this as I type! I’ve been doing the big ramp for a while now but I’ll occasionally get stuck in a block or something and it won’t do anything after. So I hope this will finish it off quick! I’ll load the olli tutorial before I quit the game now just in case too. Thanks for sharing!