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  1. wish someone had a guide for what should my mons...all the master cup ones are like max out everything...what do i max out?
  2. Is this Assists? If so pick the guy with recon dron and just scan ppl in breakthrough
  3. Lol why would you play ps4 instead of ps5 one....sure you may need to play it twice. Whats the point of having the ps5 if you just want to auto pop...
  4. Finally just spun and juked like a madman ha hate this game
  5. Juking and spinning without r2 with and without pll no trophy
  6. The juke one is passing me off atm. Did it against players and not against playwr. With r2 and without r2. left.
  7. This, especially since all it takes is a local match. Plus bringing it up cuz my main account got messed up for a bit because it seems like my stats got carried over to other players and I wasn't unlocking when I should.
  8. Check your region settings, I know I've messed this up and had same issues
  9. Lol my 8 year old somehow got olay 50 matches before me and playinumed it. It's really screwy with local players
  10. So while playing with my kids I discovered the 2nd player in local match gets all the trophies of the main account. All of a sudden my 8 year old has 22/25 trophies lol.
  11. How's the ranked trophy? Boostable?
  12. After I posted it next match I finally started killing things. Went 16-0 as our team defended Omaha. We got cocky and moved up with 1 min to go I assumed we win, but I guess someone got in and captured, timer reset to 30 we defend for 30? I wasn't down to sit around for another 30 to defend quit out just as I was starting to enjoy. Then learned no xp for quiting, sucks you don't get xp as you do things :(. I don't have time to sit through matches. Oh well just as I was starting to enjoy
  13. I don't think i can get into this game. So much walking after you die. How are people finding ppl to kill I get shot out of no where, have to spend another 2 m8ns getting to fight. This game is too slow for me.
  14. They busted still no one has unlocked em. A patch released but sounds like still busted. Also the new patch makes momentum swing that's nice..
  15. I deleted my save data and game data that fixed stuff like throwing dots and such