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  1. I look forward to buying this when it hits the bargain bin in a couple of months.
  2. It's fine. I can wait.
  3. Now say all that without crying like a little child.
  4. A pre-rendered cutscene isn't impressive at all. Maybe they can make an actual game that looks like this in a decade or so.
  5. Glad this trash was leaked. If you had such low standards that you actually managed to get invested into this mediocre video "game" then I don't know what to say.
  6. A remaster of a old PS3 game and a glitchy mess no one cares about. Sounds about right for Sony.
  7. I tend to not listen to people too lazy to type down their thoughts on a game and instead just post a poorly made video.
  8. Who cares? Morons will still complain regardless of how much they make. Just look at this thread.
  9. Four old PS3 games given for "free". Riveting.
  10. A climbing and walking simulator and a boring racing game. Great month as usual. Really putting their money to use.
  11. One of the only good games to release this year and it's a remaster. Excited to do it all again. God Hard was a lot of fun and it's a shame barely anyone will experience it.
  12. Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes. It was my first platinum I ever felt proud of. I could go on and on about how much I loved it but I still have fond memories playing it.
  13. A lot of these guides are for games I'll never play so I won't ever use them but other folks will so thanks for that. Congrats.
  14. Four years late but the answer is no. It's one of biggest piles of trash I ever played on the Vita. You're better off buying some laxative and seeing how long you can hold it in instead of wasting money on this garbage.
  15. It's a lot of fun seeing fans of the show try this game out only to realize it's completely overrated in every aspect. They're better off reading the books.