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  1. What better way to finish out this dreadful year than with a terrible sale? Props to Sony.
  2. Look at all of those terrible deals on games everyone already played years ago.
  3. I like how how angry folks are getting at people actually enjoying this game. Might pick it up soon just for that.
  4. Nice, no trophies for playing in higher difficulties. They were probably all lazy damage sponge modes anyway. I'll be sure to borrow this from my friend.
  5. Rime Mad Max Mass Effect Andromeda Mafia 3 Virginia Ducati Life is Strange Coffin Dodgers Burly Men At Sea Heavy Rain Rocket League Game of Thrones
  6. I'll watch the cutscenes on youtube and buy it when it's dirt cheap next year or so.
  7. Every game EA owns is mostly all trash anyway so it doesn't matter to me.
  8. Nice, maybe they finally listened and got rid of the boring time consuming trophies barely anyone cared about.
  9. I've played every single one and liked them a decent amount. Maybe this game was somewhat impressive back when it first released but I did't like it.
  10. I couldn't care less what the future of gaming is. I don't buy games new anymore regardless of how good they are. Every game that came out this year will be in my backlog when they're all ten bucks or lower next year.
  11. Nothing about this game is underrated. Literally one of the most boring shooters I ever played. I'm glad the developers moved on from this tired franchise.
  12. A boring generic looking shooter gets a boring generic trophy list. Seems about right.
  13. This Halloween sale is terrible to be honest. Bunch of boring games I have no interest in. I guess I'll keep waiting for the Christmas sales.
  14. Last of Us Fallout 76 Any Call of Duty game. All sports games.
  15. This game wasn't terrible but it was definitely horribly made. So much loading for such simple things made it a chore. Gave me a lot of free time to catch up on my mobile games while the loading is happening though. Gotta grind for those orbs so I can pull some good five stars in FEH.
  16. I voted for the PSN card I won't get. Appreciate the false hope though.
  17. Because I value my time.
  18. Never played The Last of Us and never will even if it's free. Sports games are jokes. Thanks for helping my backlog, Sony.
  19. Can this topic be locked already? It's going nowhere and the egos of these kids are stopping any real discussion from being made.
  20. Wow you sure did a great job keeping it civil huh?
  21. Yeah, you're the only person in the entire planet who doesn't like this one game. You've done it. You found the one thing that makes you special. I hope it was worth it.
  22. Nah, we're all gonna be dust anyway so I tend to not worry about small things like that.
  23. A rooty tooty point and shooty from last gen and a walking simulator. Sony wins again.
  24. More content for a game I love. Nice. Not bothering to stick around and read the comments though.