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  1. Playing on recruit really shows how much this game loves to waste your time. Standards were really low back then I guess.
  2. I don't plan on playing this trash at all actually.
  3. I'm looking forward to getting tons of lootboxes so I can change the color of my nose hairs.
  4. No one knows. The developers are incompetent so don't expect any updates from them.
  5. Only if you're playing a walking simulator. Otherwise no.
  6. Probably because most indie games are trash. I wonder why no one saw that coming?
  7. No thanks, I'll wait when it's cheaper than $20.
  8. The fact that nothing but exploits exist for this mode proves just how shitty this game is.
  9. Funniest post I've seen all year. Thanks for the laugh.
  10. Don't bother trying to make a thread about differing opinions next time. People will just say you're complaining.
  11. FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX were all overrated. Glad they got rid of turn based combat.
  12. Prey. Very enjoyable experience considering I knew almost nothing about it except that it was made by Arkane.
  13. If only Naughty Dog was as good at making games as you are at making baseless assumptions.
  14. It must be nice to be so easily impressed by these generic games.
  15. I'm sure ND appreciates you being a mindless consumer. Maybe they can send you a pin in the mail next time?
  16. Looks like most reviewers have shit taste as usual. What a shock.
  17. I look forward to buying this when it hits the bargain bin in a couple of months.
  18. It's fine. I can wait.
  19. Now say all that without crying like a little child.
  20. A pre-rendered cutscene isn't impressive at all. Maybe they can make an actual game that looks like this in a decade or so.
  21. Glad this trash was leaked. If you had such low standards that you actually managed to get invested into this mediocre video "game" then I don't know what to say.
  22. A remaster of a old PS3 game and a glitchy mess no one cares about. Sounds about right for Sony.
  23. I tend to not listen to people too lazy to type down their thoughts on a game and instead just post a poorly made video.
  24. Who cares? Morons will still complain regardless of how much they make. Just look at this thread.
  25. Four old PS3 games given for "free". Riveting.