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  1. Beavbeats1985 Grand Theft Auto V I went to the online option in the menu, hit go as usual, I was on a random public server and there appeared to be a hacker as I got a message saying a bounty of over 200 million had been placed on my head, I don't think I was the only one that got a bounty as everyone started going crazy, I also noticed weird things like giant windmill blades on the ground spinning at full speed and players with campfires placed on them that killed them each time they spawned (this one happened to me on a separate occasion). Due to the incident beginning out of my hands I think the flag is unfair, I've been trophy hunting for years and I'm proud of all of them.
  2. I'm jealous of anyone with the Super Street Fighter 4 plat. Ranking everyone upto lvl C is a heck of a grind and them challenges, nightmare. Would sell a kindey for that bad boy. Fingers of fury required.
  3. I need help, any grind partners please add me. Im playing SSF4, journey, spec ops MW3, MK.
  4. need help with some ssf4 trophies add me if we can help each other

  5. need help with some ssf4 trophies add me if we can help each other