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  1. Update: It turns out that my game not only glitched badly and did not register the diamond cups once the challenges ended... but it completely glitched me out of ANY trophies. They simply did not register anything. That's a damn shame, still have a lot of points to get, every bronze ot silver counts. There's no way I'm ever going to get the diamond legit... not with the 1% almost always being the same people. Not cool on that front. Sorry guys, I know you love the game and love to beat your scores, but when everyone is trying to get a diamond cup this difficult and you have 500+ diamond cups, well... that's a little compulsive. Just sayin' Can't wait for the day this glitches again. I missed the last one cuz I just happened not to check that day.
  2. So, I don't know what in the WHAT is going on... but last night, when the new challenges arrived (at 8:05 pm my time), I was first on one of them (either the daily regular, or the daily xtreme). Anyway, needless to say when I finished, I had a diamond... as you always do when you're first and you're #1. I am NEVER #1, btw. So, I went back to the main screen after doing both challenges, and just put my PS VITA to sleep. I just went on and my guy was still in the main screen. I went into challenges, it says there's 6 hrs some odd minutes left, and it says I have TWO diamond cups, one for each daily challenge! I did NOT jump into the challenges when I saw this, hoping this is a once-in-a-lifetime glitch. Instead, I walked back out the doors and went back to the main screen and put my VITA to sleep. I will update everyone in about 6 and a half hours on whether I double-diamond-glitched this b****!
  3. Pas mal, Arkiokin! :-) Listening to that, though, I feel like I just won World War II and am celebrating!
  4. Dammit, for 5 months, I've been checking everyday. Today, I check ed 1 hour after it was over. I hate this game.
  5. I'm getting really sick of this challenge bull as well. 1% my ass. How about a patch to make it 10%... even THAT I can barely reach.
  6. This is a terrible, terrible game. Even at a couple of bucks, it's a ripoff and absolutely infuriating. I wish I could just get all the trophies and delete it, but I can't get past the randomness of the gameplay and don't have the patience to stick it out. How many times have I ALMOST won, only to have the game stop because it supposedly went on too long... Worthless.
  7. Here's my take on this trophy. I just had it go off during Kyle's story. It happened after I beat the dragon boss. I only used SBM once at 100%. I missed a bunch of the later inputs and a few of the early ones (nowhere near my best SBM). Maybe, just maybe, as you do SBMs during the game, it keeps track of each of them and which inputs you got perfectly. Once you've filled in the "list" of inputs (getting all of them perfect, but across different SBM uses) the trophy pops. Or maybe, you have to do each SBM (50% and 100%) a certain amount of times with a high enough percentage of perfect inputs. Just my theories.
  8. But, just to get it right... there is no purple circle for the "no-hit" until box trophy, is there? You just have to start a 2nd game?
  9. Anyone else have this trophy NOT pop for them? I read somewhere that it might take MINUTES for a trophy to pop. It's been over an hour of gameplay already, and this one did not pop. I was not damaged at all up until the box, not even once. Playing on Hard++. Do you actually have to start a 2nd "new game" for it to work? Lemme know if you have any info.
  10. This is great to know. That's NOT going to be an easy trophy, but this makes it easier.
  11. Need MP Partner for "Pocket God vs Desert Ashes," please see my gaming session!

  12. F.Y. Designers! The last few levels, starting with about 54 (out of 60) are absolutely crap, cheap, and badly done. It makes it almost impossible to finish. Why? Dark levels where the slightest amount of glare on your screen will guarantee you can't see anything, and the screen spins really fast. This is a game where you have to drag your character and it teleports. With the spinning, dark screen you can't see anything. Designers really need to stop making games this stupidly hard. You should know better. There's a difference between a challenging level, and one made so badly that you lose because you can't control your character properly. So F.Y. Designers! Spierdoliliście grę przy samym końcu!
  13. Does ANYONE know how to solve this goddamn level?!? I've been at it for 4 hours AT LEAST! It's driving me frickin'mental!!
  14. Does this mean 100,000 lines "connected to internet"? Or... 100,000 lines against an opponent online?
  15. What is your bottom trophy's rarity percentage on the first page of your trophy advisor? Mine is 27.12%. Booya!