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  1. Me neither, I'm more of a platinum guy.
  2. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. Since well the movie takes place during the Spanish Inquisition. The ending of Unity was absolute crap. At least Origins had a proper ending. Even an epilogue to boot.
  3. Dirty Harry works on zombies. I got the trophy this way.
  4. This is starting to get annoying.
  5. Is there just 2 trophies for maniac mansion, I don't have to beat it right? If so I got both of them.
  6. Glad to see no multiplayer trophies though, hate them.
  7. Frankly, I'm waiting for the Vita version anyways. Prefer to play this on the go.
  8. Mass Effect 3, while more difficult, can be platted without touching multiplayer at all.
  9. You may need 4 controllers before it will start the game. Although I'm not sure if you can have just 3 controllers and an online friend for it to work too.
  10. Back up your game every morning so when you die you can download your save again, did this and it worked.
  11. Yup, very grindy indeed.
  12. Also expect for it to take days to do and I do mean actual 24 hours type days. I only need 300+ kills more and that terrible trophy is mine. Never going for one of these again.
  13. I used the eye toy, its not worth trying to resell when it was only like $5 from amazon or was it ebay. Maby it will come in handy in the future.
  14. Supposely you can trade bounties or something, cause before the patch getting bounties was a huge pain apparently. Its easy to get all the bounties now though without even needing to use the feature.
  15. I draw the line on spending money just for trophies, after the mugshot trophy, not doing it again. Same for grindy trophies, going for one but never again, and difficult trophies, after World at War never again. In other words if its annoying to get the platinum, then I won't get the platinum for that game.