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  1. How the he'll do u fight the whispers on hard mode on chapter 18? I've died probably 15 times so far. I get ready to attack and they do like 5 moves on me and kill me. Doesn't matter if I switch because I'm always low on health while trying to heal or raise some one else. I've been on this part for about four hours now haven't even gotten to whisper Bahamut yet. I have over 100 hours and still playing but I'm kinda stuck on this part.
  2. So I imagine lvl 99 is the max. So in the next part will Cloud and company start at the lvl u ended at in part 1 and say go all the way to lvl 199 for part 2.
  3. Don't know if anyone said it yet, but do get a theme for playing the demo? There's a thing if u buy a Butterfinger/Crunch u get a download code for a Tifa Theme.
  4. Charlotte Flair won, and Drew McIntyre won. Im good. First half of the mens rumble sucked though. Dumb Brock Lesner. Lol.
  5. Super Mario Maker 2 coming June 28th.
  6. I update this list every couple months or so. Now I'm playing: Sekiro Shadows die twice, Assassins Creed Odyssey, and Octopath Traveler. Backlog of games I started not long ago and should finish: DMCV, Kingdom Hearts III, Red Dead 2, and a few others.
  7. @superfly Sry I was in a hurry. Its for Smash update 3.0 released today with Joker from Persona 5, Stage builder, and Video editor as well.
  9. Thx, fuckin pain. He only gets knocked back so much, broke his posture 5 times.
  10. How do u fight the armored warrior. U supposed to knock him off the bridge right?
  11. FFX/FFX-2 coming April 16th and FFXII is April 30th.
  12. To Staff or Admins: I've updated my profile and DMC Definitive is not there anymore

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    2. Benfoxy83


      U guys got the wrong message, I hid it cause the trophies r in wrong order and I explained what happened cause of that. I was knocked off the leaderboard because of it so I needed to hide it. 

    3. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Ah, lol xD 

      You were just informing, okay, you don't need to do that ;) Hiding is sufficient to be put back on the leaderboards

    4. Benfoxy83


      Oh... Ok.  Lol. Thx. 

  13. Ok, I checked it off. I don't have internet right now at home to sync a new trophy so I'll use my Vita here pretty soon. So this might take a day or too.
  14. @MMDE: thank u. And I know u were not the one that reported me. Plenty of people like to start drama also, cause thats most of the internet. I will hide it here in just a minute. I apologize for anything as well. I would be pissed if I wanted the fastest time in something also and notice something like this. I cared about stuff like this for the first four or five years collecting trophies. Now I mainly collect trophies on games I want to play, and not just go out of my way to collect just trophies, fastest times, and etc for trophies. So I'm very casual about it, and I play Switch a lot also.
  15. @MMDE"Then why did you write this?" Because someone reported me and knocked me off of leaderboards so I had to make my case, duh. "So why are you trying to claim you're not a cheater? You've admittingly broken the leaderboard rules." -See last explanation. "First part, almost everyone uses this excuse when caught with one game, even when they later are caught for several more. We've found one of your games to have trophies earned too fast, that doesn't mean there's not more." - I encourage u or anyone else to look at my profile. The only other thing I have is a couple of Vita trophies on Welcome Park out of order. So go ahead and dig away. @fastflowdaman "It's one thing to have a bugged trophy or two out of order or to have a worse completion time. But this fake "record" should be removed like any other illegitimate times and trophies." "And OP, if you've been around here for five years, you should know by now what's going on. At least you abused your save and trophies didn't just "appear in no order" out of nowhere. Cut the crap" - So then remove it if it makes everyone all crazy about leaderboards. Check my membership I have been here since September of 2013 so no not technically 5. I know what's going on, and I wanted to finish my game before returning it, and that's how most of my trophies popped back up. If u don't like it than have a pissy fit and mark it off my record. If u can't do it than have someone do it for you. So I just decided out of my over 200 games I have on record I just wanted to do this. Don't be dumb. I didn't really realize at the time this would be a hassle years later. So go ahead anyone and strike DMC remastered from my record.