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  1. maybe i missed something with the PS5 edition and Miles Morales but the first Spiderman game that came out in 2018... i got and completed but i can't download it i have to buy it for $20... i am very confused unless im not remembering getting it for free? i had to do the $20 upgrade for PS5 but am very confused as to why i have to buy the PS4 version... my brain hurt

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    2. Viper


      Oh maybe I misunderstood. So you're saying it's telling you to pay $20 for the PS4 version, which you already own? If that's the case then something is wrong, if you already own it, it should simply be in your library to redownload whenever you want. I have it on disc so I can't double check for you. 

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      If you owned it physical on ps4, you're not entitled to a digital copy. Otherwise you could simply be mixing up names... theres Spider-Man,  and Spider-Man Game of the Year i believe. Maybe you had GOTY?

    4. KingCuervo88


      @Infected Elite @Viper i think i have hit my head too many times resulting in 1 functioning braincell and forgot i had used the disc version which is why I couldnt just download it again... things made a lot more sense when i realized my super dumb.. a common thing with me

  2. is it just me or did this update make enemies waaay stronger... im level 92 and level 50 people are now melting me all of a sudden and everything else just drops me in 2-3 hits edit: it's just me and the fact that my IQ is 3... my armor was unepuipped... everyone move along... nothing to see here
  3. happy to report everything is back to normal so... thank you very much... got my 600 and am now on towards 700... weee
  4. thanks.... i knew being a trophy hunter would somehow bite me in the ass at some point... should have become an over the top youtube reactor or pokemon card opener... maybe even hot tub streamer
  5. big sads... makes me want to buy/download what games i have on my list and then delete it forever... not worth... do regret.. save money... heckin up my normal disc games
  6. I decided to make an AS account to get even more Platinums... which depending on who you ask makes me a garbage pile of a human who's not a real gamer and should yeet myself into the sun... but ever since I did, EVERY time I load up a game, it will crash and log me out of the PS4 completely and unfortunately glitch trophies to where I have to delete my entire save data and restart just to get a trophy to unlock... not a big deal for the small easy games but if that happens for a game where you spend hours and hours going for it and it doesn't pop... that's a big no no... anyone else have this issue? if i gotta delete the AS account then that's fine, and I've already rebuilt the data base.. I really dont want to spend 200 hours in a game and then not have a trophy pop because my playstation is being a weenie
  7. shout out to Hakoom for being 1 Platinum away from 3,000

  8. Good news... guess it was the disc because I bought a cheap copy online and reinstalled it and it works fine now... I know everyone here was devastated about it
  9. looks like i need someone who's at chapter 7 which on PS3 these days is probably too much to ask for... really dont want to lose all my progress and loot but...
  10. yeah reinstalling was gonna be one of my next options.... man... can't even get a PS5 and now the PS3 is trying to hurt me... Sony... pls... im a simple peasant... no need to abuse me further
  11. so in act 2 you lead captain overalls to the sewer entrance, but when i enter it takes about 5 minutes to load and when it finally does the screen goes black and i take damage until i die and then i respawn and it does it again... reloading checkpoint doesn't help and when i tried joining someone else's game i was good up until that same point... just black screen and die.. anyone know a fix besides joining someone who's got a checkpoint after the sewer section? me big sad... just want my trophies for a 30 year old game... it's the PS3 version so im not surprised it's being a turd
  12. yes... alphabetically with different colors and fonts
  13. not gonna make a whole list but i believe ended up getting around 220 platinums this year? comin for that ass, Hakoom
  14. since PS5's are a no-go for me and a lot of others i used gift cards for PS3 games so i'll be able to knock out another 10 i had on my Excel spreadsheet...i have Earth Defense Force going in the background afk grinding as i type
  15. oh yeah i almost gave up at that school part... no ammo or ability to craft things... found the invisible while prone cheese and blew through the rest of the campaign where possible and don't feel bad about it... the dark room i killed everything up to when the bloaters ran in and just went in circles and didnt kill them and was able to progress... and for the big ugly boss in the hospital i had tons of ammo saved up for that... rinsed it with the flamethrower... some parts are tricky but doable... all hail the invisible cheese method