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  1. some trophies i got to pop after closing the game and restarting it... but still getting other ones to not pop after a few attempts... think im done with these nascar games... they are just no good
  2. as a Packers fan... i want to die with the play calling at the end... game we could have won... we threw.. no pun intended
  3. Rival trophy, Hire 12 Employees, Max out Department... got nothing...
  4. basically like any other sports games... different outfits/paint schemes... same graphics and everything else.. not a lot of effort and not worth full price
  5. ass cheeks... not enjoyable at all
  6. i think it's cool how that small scene last season between Brienne & Arya dueling showed the knife move she used to kill Knight Boi.. also i wasnt expecting Night King to raise the dead once again.. was kinda badass
  7. My Name is Mayo is probably a 50-60 hour 10/10 difficulty for this guy
  8. if they make trophies paid DLC... if it happens... i understand if you all hunt me down and call me names or other brutal things
  9. Uncharted 4... great game
  10. as an NA nerd with a NA Vita... what’s the trick to playing EU games? Is it the same as PS4 and just switching accounts or is there something else?

    1. dermarx


      It is not as easy as it is on the PS3 and PS4, you basically need to reset the Vita if you change your account. There is a topic here

      But I didn't try it yet

    2. KingCuervo88


      Ah thanks... almost seems worth buying a 2nd one just to avoid it... like a true nerd

    3. Squirlruler


      Do note, if you mess it up, and get illegitimate timestamps, you will be flagged and those flags will stick.



      Unlocking trophies on a list from a different region - You can't be flagged for unlocking trophies on a regional trophy list that is from a different region than your PSN account. This includes digital region-locked Vita games. Do note that you can and will be flagged if your time tags aren't legitimate as there are no exceptions, so do this at your own risk and be extremely careful when syncing the trophies you earn. It's recommended to sync after each unlocked trophy if done on Vita.


      Good luck! :]

  11. i just like hearing the trophy DING noise... their games make that a consistent possibility FeelsGoodMan
  12. kinda sucks that the trophy for the pizza slices, panties and fish bags was the only one for me that didnt pop... havent seen 1 pizza in the several hours ive spent killing these little turds
  13. im fine with free updates with new content but damn man... can they stop adding trophies lol... let us keep it at 100% and not have to worry about new DLC 8 months later
  14. i feel like the 1K kills trophy worked fairly fine on my NA version... EU version is well over 1K kills and nothing... it's getting frustrating
  15. well for the Dr Ned zombie ones just go to Jakobs Cove and they pop... i got some Claptrap ones to pop... and one kill with each elemental popped those... not sure how i can get the level trophies to pop tho besides just leveling up normally