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  1. if i only i knew bots were coming... both times i got the plat i had to get around 1,500 kills... would have been much faster having the brainless AI run at me
  2. damn shame developers can make a decent trophy list and then ruin it with just one dumb bullshit trophy making platinum seem pointless to go for.. like Dirt Rally 2 finish top 10% against other people who try way to hard and spend hours making setups... you hate to see it

  3. i dont see myself getting the McCrae challenges done on hard.. at all... hated timed related trophies... dont think i'll get that 100% AI with no assists one either... im hoping i can get the top 10% daily event one and then delete the game after the plat pops... rid myself of this game
  4. My Name Is Mayo or hopefully a sequel... great story
  5. it'll be obtainable in the next update.. dude in the video says it'll be for just entering the Dark Zone i guess so yaaaay... platinum and stuff
  6. Player Unknown Battlegrounds... good times
  7. Far Cry New Dawn or Wreckfest... decent/enjoyable plats to get
  8. i got PS4 version of Lego Harry Potter done as well as some DLC for a few games... then proceeded to platinum some little easy ones to get 5 away from 300.. hoping i can also boost the dumb plane trophy in BF V to get that plat too
  9. by going to Google and typing "Deadpool Trophy Guide"
  10. holy copy and paste trophy list Batman... these guys need to get more creative
  11. great movie
  12. glad we have another ground breaking trophy thread for such innovative and in depth analysis
  13. some trophies i got to pop after closing the game and restarting it... but still getting other ones to not pop after a few attempts... think im done with these nascar games... they are just no good
  14. as a Packers fan... i want to die with the play calling at the end... game we could have won... we threw.. no pun intended
  15. Rival trophy, Hire 12 Employees, Max out Department... got nothing...