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  1. Used the guide that's been linked and had no issues getting the platinum.
  2. #487 - YS VIII: LACRIMOSA OF DANA Adventurer ExtraordinaireProof that you read the entirety of "Travelogue of the Gaete Sea" by Adol Christin.
  3. The game is not hard but since only 2 of the planned 6/7 regions are available atm, there's limited options in gaining xp and that's why nobody have unlocked the phase 6 trophies.
  4. Level 78(21%) to 705(93%)
  5. Only the host gets the trophy
  6. Thanks for the info 👍 Tried with amber and her doll and it didn't work, guess it has to be another player .
  7. #456 - Dark Souls 3 The Dark Soul Acquire all trophies
  8. 450 Valkyria chronicles 4 Obtain all trophies
  9. Plat #439 - Uncharted 4 One last time
  10. Awesome. Was able to download it from the asia store and it's been awhile since I last played a lego game so I know what I'll be playing this weekend.
  11. I had an issue with the unlocking of the trophy , Berserker 2. I didn't have any problems unlocking the rest and had to delete the save file to be able to unlock the problematic trophy.
  12. Around 35 years. My first console i owned was the atari. Other consoles I have gamed on are nes, Sega genesis, neogeo, xbox 360, ps3 and ps4. I also spent a good chunk of my gaming life on the pc too.
  13. Valkyria revolution Grand Cordon of the Azure Wolf Obtained all trophies Not a difficult platinum to get but it gets grindy towards the end when you have to save up 300k ingame currency.
  14. The elder scrolls online
  15. For me, it's the platinum for Rack n Ruin which currently has 31 achievers.