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  1. I finally have an update worth posting about! I was able to 100% The Walking Dead PS3 & Monster High! I finally had enough strength to play Monster High again due to the wardrobe glitch. I also got the plat for Alice Madness Returns. But that’s going to stay at a solid 85%. Ill probably end up switching games. I’ve been thinking and I’d like to make Red Seeds Profiles my 300th platinum. So I’m not sure if I’ll get around to finishing anything else.
  2. I have been able to platinum Heavy Rain and Escape from Dead Island. Both taking more than 5 years to complete. I bought a copy of Heavy Rain from my local library and I thought it was going to kill my little PS3. A day I truly fear. But I ended up buying a nicer copy and move controllers. I only needed 2 trophies so it was pretty straight forward. Heavy Rain is an awesome game. But the last time I played it was 2016 or something and boy was I in for a fright. I completely forgot about the sex scene in the motel and it just felt so archaic. Also using the motion controls made it weirder. I also platinumed Escape Dead Island but unfortunately I’m missing one trophy for 100%. I just need to get 100 kills with the assault rifle. The game is not really scary but it’s pretty fun. It’s also very nice that you can replay the game numerous times without having to worry about losing progress on kills and collectibles.
  3. I’d like to join with . . . 1.Red Seed Profile (Twin peaks inspired murder mystery) 2.Silent Hill Downpour (I don’t know exactly what it’s about but I know it’ll be spooky) 3.Dead Island PS3(Zombies) Then 4. Escape Dead Island (Zombies) 5. Walking Dead Ps3 (Zombies) 6.Monster High New Ghoul in School (It’s not all about being scary) 7.Saw (Game based on the film) 8.Alice Madness Returns (Darker themed retelling of Alice in Wonderland) 9.Dead Rising (Zombies) 10.Alone in the Dark (There’s a giant monster looking for a stone) 11.Heavy Rain PS3 (Murder Mystery) 12.Thief PS3 (Sneaking around in a dark and gloomy world) 13.I am Alive (A post apocalyptic world)
  4. #268 - Invizimals Lost Kingdom (PS3) This game is a pure collect-a-thon but it's a kid's game. But it's pretty good and easy. . . This is defiantly a good game to play when you don't want to worry about trophies and just play. Collectables range from orbs, hidden in chests and barrels, and statues hidden within the level. Some are hidden pretty well and you'll need to search pretty good but the game has a good in-game counter so if you miss anything - it'll be easy to figure out what. The game play is very simple consisting of punching, platforming, and puzzle solving. Graphics are really good considering it's a game based off of a tv show plus the voice acting is good! I'd recommend it if you got it from PS Plus years ago.
  5. I got the free trial for PsNow hoping to complete some games but so far i only got 1 of the 2 I was hoping to finish. One was Interpol and the other was the Strong Bad game. The Marshy game is the only thing that needs to be done. Platinumed - Brave - Cars Race-o-rama -Magus 100% -Interpol (4 years later) -Frogger Returns -Fighting Vipers Started -DeathSpank -Revenge of the Shinobi -GoW Chains of Olympus
  6. I'd like to join. The PS3 was my first new console so my backlog has been growing for years! I have a lot of progress to make! I recently 100% Sleeping Dogs and my next goal is to platinum Dynasty Warriors 7.
  7. Game 1 — Aquanaut’s Holiday (0%)Game 2 — Game of Thrones (27%)Game 3 — Yakuza 5 (55%)Game 4 — Thief (61%)Game 5 — Darksiders 3 (90%) I’d like to join with these games. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some progress with them!
  8. Borderlands - 100+73-32.25 = 140.75 Dr. Ned DLC - 50+11-43.68 = 17.32 Yakuza 6 - 100+70-17.56+25 = 177.44x2 = 354.88 Vampyr - 100+70-11.67 = 158.33 An update after my gaming hiatus.
  9. For those interested in stacking - In the US PSN Store the two DLCs are on sale for $2 each compared to $9.99.
  10. I was able to 100% Spider-Man PS4 which had a faction vs faction crime war dealio. I don’t think it fits the HC requirements.
  11. Last month will end up being a bronze. I started FF Type 0 but I never finished the story. But I’d like to do a stat update Platinum trophies: 202 -> 223 [+21]100% completed: 266 -> 291 [+25]Completion: 70.56% -> 69.65% [-.91]
  12. X-Men Destiny ~ 100+70-17.88 = 152.12 Yakuza Kiwami 2 ~ 100+70-11.7 = 158.3x2 = 316.6 I wish I was able to make better progress but I might as well post an update. I have a couple of games started but I have no clue if I’ll finish them. But I’m an eager beaver to play more of the Yakuza games. —— Darksiders ~ 100+70-13.02 = 156.98 Darksiders 2 ~ 100+70-6.07+25 = 188.93 Dragon Sinker ~ 100+70-41.14 = 128.86 Cat Quest ~ 100+69-76.56 = 92.44
  13. For last month I was able to finish the story for God of War and Yakuza Kiwami but I didn’t earn a platinum.
  14. I was able to complete X-Men Destiny - you get to fight abomination like mutants. It also counts towards the ABC event.