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  1. Just an update. I got the plat for FarCry 3 which was a blast. Having played it so long ago, I forgot what it was like. I miss having a protagonist that speaks and you can see the progress they make throughout the game - like Jason’s tattoos and the remarks he makes when rescuing his friends. I started on Warriors: Legends of Troy and I’m currently sitting at a 47% completion rate. This game is a blast. I love hack n slash games but this game got me more pumped than usual. The character designs were beautiful. Everyone was distinguishable besides Agamemnon and Menelaus- but that’s not important. They even pronounced the names correctly and you even get to fight the gods (it’s no God of War)! So if you know the story of the Trojan War then you know what’s going to happen but things get shaken up as the Greeks and Trojans have interface from Mt. Olympus. But I found myself laughing and eager to play the next level just to see what happens. This game reminded me of Latin class and reading about the deaths of Patroclus, Hektor, and Achilles. Along with the journey of Aeneas. It even got me thinking about relearning Latin. What I feared about this this game is the difficulty level. Playing through the story on easy was ok but got harder at the end. I’m on my expert play through now and I’m getting stuck. It took my 30 mins to get pass 3 specialty enemies. I’m currently on mission 7 out of 21. But I want to push through and 100% the game.
  2. I got the plat for Uncharted 4! Which brings me up to date with the series and now I kinda want to get the Nathan Drake collection. I was really impressed. Now I started on Far Cry 3 which brings back memories. It was the first time I played an FPS (the day after Christmas I went to game stop and payed full price) and I got so frustrated with it. But I ended up loving the game and Far Cry has become another favorite series.
  3. Make Friends - 14% Go Hiking - 14% Shoot Something - Make Something - 💯 Learn Something - 0% Be a Hermit - Survive - 0% Summer Vacation - Go on a Scavenger Hunt - 0% Chill by the Campfire - 0% Alrighty, heres the list @ProfBambam55 I just wanted to make it look nice
  4. I’d like to rejoin but I’ll have to give you my list later today - I’d like to change some games around.
  5. A little update - I 100% South Park SOT. I started Sims 3 Pets and I understand why everything is so rare. It seems it a lot slower going than Sims 3. I tried playing Dynasty Warriors and I’m just lost on how it works. I understand it’s a hack and slash but I don’t get how to go through the domination(?) mode. I lost my copy of Fallout 4 and that was what I was really looking forward to. Plus all the copy’s at my local library are checked out. So now I’m hoping to start beyond two souls soon.
  6. Sorry for the late update but I finished FarCry 5- counts for the HC and Abyss the wraiths of Eden which takes place underwater. Both games were also played for another event.
  7. Two more plats for Cabin 8! I finished Far Cry 5 and Abyss. Started the dlc for Gary cry and I’m surprised at how good it is. I thought it would just missions but I like how it’s just getting to the waypoint and you just come across things to do. The environment is really nice too. Also, I’d be happy to help with the coop trophy.
  8. I finally have some time to start earning some trophies. My first target is FarCry 5. Hopefully it’ll be a fun journey. Also, when I came up with my list - I wasn’t thinking. But could I get the Hermet theme to be Abyss - the artifex mundi game.
  9. I really didn’t make as much progress as I was hoping for. I’m missing one trophy but I’m stuck at a boss fight and I’m too poor to buy ammunition to actually beat it. But hopefully one day I’ll finish it.
  10. A mini update before the end of the month. I chose Borderlands the Pre-Sequel - so far I've completed the story, I have one side quest left and the DLC. Along with some miscellaneous trophies. I still have one more day left I'm not giving up! I really do want the platinum!
  11. I'd also like to sign up. My list - Making Friends -- Sims 3 Pets Go Hiking -- Skyrim PS4 Shoot Something -- FarCry 5 Make Something -- Fallout 4 DLC Learn Something -- Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires Tell A Ghost Story -- Beyond Two Souls Summer Vacation -- South Park the Stick of Truth PS3 Also for Be A Hermit, would Trivial Pursuit LIVE count? Its a trivia game made up of mini games. Thank you.
  12. I’m late but I tried to give an update earlier but I never posted it. But last month I platted Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4, Dark Arcana and 100% Marvel Puzzle Quest. For May I have my eye on Borderlands the Pre-sequel and Fallout 3.
  13. Sorry for another late update. I’ll try to get it done quicker for April! But I did 100% AC Origins. I think it was a runner up on the reward end but it was still fun. Also I used this game in the Lent Event.
  14. I’d say my favorite game would be Saints Row the Third. I played it maybe a month or two after getting my ps3 and I just fell in love with it.
  15. Just a little update - I got through some trophies for DA:I which I was hoping to plat but its the PS3 version so things are going slow. I need to finish up my nightmare run and the DLC. Then I'm hoping to 100% AC Origins.