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  1. I was able to 100% Spider-Man PS4 which had a faction vs faction crime war dealio. I don’t think it fits the HC requirements.
  2. Last month will end up being a bronze. I started FF Type 0 but I never finished the story. But I’d like to do a stat update Platinum trophies: 202 -> 223 [+21]100% completed: 266 -> 291 [+25]Completion: 70.56% -> 69.65% [-.91]
  3. X-Men Destiny ~ 100+70-17.88 = 152.12 Yakuza Kiwami 2 ~ 100+70-11.7 = 158.3x2 = 316.6 I wish I was able to make better progress but I might as well post an update. I have a couple of games started but I have no clue if I’ll finish them. But I’m an eager beaver to play more of the Yakuza games. —— Darksiders ~ 100+70-13.02 = 156.98 Darksiders 2 ~ 100+70-6.07+25 = 188.93 Dragon Sinker ~ 100+70-41.14 = 128.86 Cat Quest ~ 100+69-76.56 = 92.44
  4. For last month I was able to finish the story for God of War and Yakuza Kiwami but I didn’t earn a platinum.
  5. I was able to complete X-Men Destiny - you get to fight abomination like mutants. It also counts towards the ABC event.
  6. Its been a long time since my last update but I did manage to make some process. . . Knee Deep - Darksiders - NCIS - Queen's Quest 3 - Yesterday's Origins I'll be taking a break from the PS4 and I'll try to focus more on the PS3. Currently, I'm working on Lego Indiana Jones 2. I even went and got the official guide. But it took me a week to figure out it was for the first game.
  7. Another update Darksiders ~ 100+70-13.02 = 156.98 Darksiders 2 ~ 100+70-6.07+25 = 188.93 I'd also like to switch The Witcher 3 out for Risen 3 for the double games. ---- Dragon Sinker ~ 100+70-41.14 = 128.86 Cat Quest ~ 100+69-76.56 = 92.44
  8. I’d like to use Darksiders PS3, please.
  9. I’d like to use a skip for last month. The closest I got was having a golem in the game.
  10. I'd like to make my first update! Dragon Sinker ~ 100+70-41.14 = 128.86 Cat Quest ~ 100+69-76.56 = 92.44 I have started World of Final Fantasy. Got through the story but I need to get the true ending but for some reason I feel stuck. I think I have to grind levels but I might just be overwhelmed. I feel under-leveled when trying to get Bahamut and the bunch. I also got to level up all the mirages so I can fill out their sheets. But I really want to finish the game and make room on my SD Card.
  11. @SanctifiedSword I'd like to call out Darksiders Warmastered Edition
  12. Is it safe to say that all of the Yakuza games are RPGs?
  13. Here's my month's round up - The Amazing Spider-man (Counts for ABC event, fulfills HC, and started this month) LEGO DC Super-Villians (Counts for ABC event, fulfills HC, all DLC completed, and started this month) The Council (Counts for ABC event, started this month) Darksiders (Counts for ABC event, started this month, 4th completed game)
  14. My triple game will be Yakuza 0 Double games will be Witcher 3 and Risen 2
  15. For the Yakuza games - I do believe that they all got classified as RPGs but Ishin is not. It’s the same gameplay dynamics just set in the past. Would it count?