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  1. Apparently AC Rogue is coming to the PS4. It will be nice to play as Shay again. It’s releasing in March - so my wallet is going to be hurting for a while. 

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    2. Jigglypuff


      Ubi confirmed it a few weeks ago. Coming in March. Think it's digital only in the US, but retail and digital elsewhere.

    3. scarishbal


      I think so too. I found it on the German Amazon site but nothing comes up on the US site.

    4. Jigglypuff


      Digital isn't a deal breaker, but prefer physical.

  2. I ordered some used games from gamestop with the 4 games for $10 deal. Out of 13 games only 6 had original covers. Which is a gamble with ordering online but two game cases are just beat up. They were smashed. Little chunks everywhere and huge cracks. I ordered the games for a reason but I’m thinking of returning the non-original cases back. 

    1. kidson2004


      I understand the feeling. I had ordered Trails of Cold Steel 2 form them online (had to do it in-store since the website was acting up) and got a beat up black case as well. Well before that, I had ordered Bayonetta from them online and the disk was scratched beyond recognition. 

    2. Mr_Skirra


      I absolutely hate it when this happens. I actually wrote a pretty long story after that to the site that sent me the games and afterwards they had an update on the site stating that it's not the original cover. I threatened to take legal action for false advertisement since the site actually said it was fully original 100% working game. 

      After that I got a refund as well. You have a perfectly good reason to send them back.

  3. I finally platinumed Book of Unwritten Tales 2 and since I'm on my PS3 - I thought I would knock some games out. I just downloaded Truck Racer, Handball, and Invizimals. I was looking at whats was already downloaded and I wanted to add 5 more games to my list - PES 2014 Thief Dishonored Puppeter GOW Ascension Some of these games have been on my Ps3 for two years but I'm going to need to make a lot of room for GOW.
  4. Thank you! I was thinking either Dishonored - Ride to Hell - Cat Quest or any God of War game. But I'll still be looking around for other games.
  5. Thank you. Also, I have a question - can we announce what games we want have the double points count towards at any time during the event? So far I just have 2 in mind - El Shaddai (based off a story in the Bible) and Dragon Age Inquisition (the whole Chantry and Hand of Andraste thing).
  6. Could I sign up, please? My current stats - Platinums: 156 100% : 72 Completion Rate : 67.99% I have a couple of games in mind to play for this months theme.
  7. I finished Uncanny Valley which is sorta like Home which I enjoyed. It was a little frustrating at first trying to complete the Anarchy Man minigame. But the game was pretty straight forward and pretty easy. I also finished Syberia. This game reminds me so much of Myst. My parents had a copy which I tried to play once and I couldn’t understand it (I was pretty young at the time as I was playing PuttPutt also). Later I got the PS1 version and I wasn’t to fond of it then. So I’m not too excited to go through Syberia 2. But I will say I love the pre-rendered movies (it’s that 2000s look) and the over all automatron vibe. Now I’m currently working through Book of Unwritten Tales 2.
  8. I’m guessing that signing up is still possible since the event starts next week. So could I join please? I find that these events make playing games more fun.
  9. The only thing I have to add is Skyrim with silver and the platinum. So that would be (100-11.71)x2.2x(210/1680)= 24.28 Now with the grand total of 285.54 I'll see if I can go back a check all the rarities- to make sure they are good.
  10. I finally have an update! XBlaze Lost Memory (100-66.51)x.5(1215/1215) = 16.75 Faery (100-25.10)x1.1x(300/300) = 82.39 Submerged (100-25.10)x.5x(285/285) = 33.72 Batman TT (100-65.38)x1.1x(1155/1155) = 38.08 Puzzle Showdown (100-81.84)x.3(1170/1170) = 5.45 Lost Grimoires (100-86.54)x.5x(1170/1170) = 6.73 Deliriant (100-92.57)x.1x(300/300) = .74 Machinarium (100-60.98)x.3x(315/315) = 11.71 Life Is Strange (100-40.28)x1x(1155/1155) = 65.69 With the grand total of 261.26 (maybe) I hit a gaming wall where I started Book of Unwritten Tales and I just stopped. I spent the rest of the day downloading custom content for the Sims 3 and playing that. I'll be going on a mini Sims break.
  11. I liked the game. If this wasn’t a telltale game - I would expect to see an animated movie about it. I was bummed out at the lack of villains - but looking at the whole story it was a smart choice to limit them. It was nice seeing Penguin as a normal human. Also a nice bonus to see Zsasz and half of Scarface. But I wished Ra’s saw more attention compared to being a side mission. But I seriously thought the villain would be Scarecrow - I thought his dad worked at Arkham and once the drug was introduced people connected it to fear. Vale was a nice twist that I never saw coming. The choices in the game game were pretty lame. Events happening with either choice you pick - I’m looking at the fight with Harvey. Or the characters completely ignoring your choice and use it against you. Plus I didn’t even know you could have Dent disfigured. But it was interesting to see that more people removed the cowl to save Alfred. I chose to attack because my mind went straight to Wayne Manor blowing up. It was interesting to see the end results of either Bruce losing part of his ear or Alfred losing an eye. I do like the extra stats you get at the end of the game about your overall choices. Like a moral stat. Also. Fucking Harvey Dent kept reminding me of Gumshoe from the Ace Attorney games.
  12. I’d like to join please! Now I’ll have double the motivation to get through my PS+ games. I’ll add my list later. The List 1. Book of Unwritten Tales 2. Darksiders 2 3. Syberia Collection 4. Uncanny Valley 5. Dungeon Punks 6. Amnesia Collection 7. Truck Racer 8. Handball 2016 9. Hatoful Boyfriend 10. Just Cause 3 11. Tokyo Jungle 12. Neon Chrome 13. Port Royale 3 14. Invizimals 15. This War of Mine
  13. I finally got my start -- it's not that great but it is something! XBlaze Lost Memory - 1 5 5 29 Faery 1 3 9 But just to double check! So for Faery a guide lists completion time to be 16 - 20 hrs. So to get the multiplier I do (16+20)/2 = 18. So then the multiplier would be 1.8? Also - Faery is a pretty fun game. I would suggest it for some easy points.
  14. I posted earlier but I got skipped. But I would like to sign up for this event. Thank you.
  15. I’ll take on the challenge. Sign me up please!