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  1. Borderlands - 100+73-32.25 = 140.75 Dr. Ned DLC - 50+11-43.68 = 17.32 Yakuza 6 - 100+70-17.56+25 = 177.44x2 = 354.88 Vampyr - 100+70-11.67 = 158.33 An update after my gaming hiatus.
  2. For those interested in stacking - In the US PSN Store the two DLCs are on sale for $2 each compared to $9.99.
  3. I was able to 100% Spider-Man PS4 which had a faction vs faction crime war dealio. I don’t think it fits the HC requirements.
  4. Last month will end up being a bronze. I started FF Type 0 but I never finished the story. But I’d like to do a stat update Platinum trophies: 202 -> 223 [+21]100% completed: 266 -> 291 [+25]Completion: 70.56% -> 69.65% [-.91]
  5. X-Men Destiny ~ 100+70-17.88 = 152.12 Yakuza Kiwami 2 ~ 100+70-11.7 = 158.3x2 = 316.6 I wish I was able to make better progress but I might as well post an update. I have a couple of games started but I have no clue if I’ll finish them. But I’m an eager beaver to play more of the Yakuza games. —— Darksiders ~ 100+70-13.02 = 156.98 Darksiders 2 ~ 100+70-6.07+25 = 188.93 Dragon Sinker ~ 100+70-41.14 = 128.86 Cat Quest ~ 100+69-76.56 = 92.44
  6. For last month I was able to finish the story for God of War and Yakuza Kiwami but I didn’t earn a platinum.
  7. I was able to complete X-Men Destiny - you get to fight abomination like mutants. It also counts towards the ABC event.
  8. Its been a long time since my last update but I did manage to make some process. . . Knee Deep - Darksiders - NCIS - Queen's Quest 3 - Yesterday's Origins I'll be taking a break from the PS4 and I'll try to focus more on the PS3. Currently, I'm working on Lego Indiana Jones 2. I even went and got the official guide. But it took me a week to figure out it was for the first game.
  9. Another update Darksiders ~ 100+70-13.02 = 156.98 Darksiders 2 ~ 100+70-6.07+25 = 188.93 I'd also like to switch The Witcher 3 out for Risen 3 for the double games. ---- Dragon Sinker ~ 100+70-41.14 = 128.86 Cat Quest ~ 100+69-76.56 = 92.44
  10. I’d like to use Darksiders PS3, please.
  11. I’d like to use a skip for last month. The closest I got was having a golem in the game.
  12. I'd like to make my first update! Dragon Sinker ~ 100+70-41.14 = 128.86 Cat Quest ~ 100+69-76.56 = 92.44 I have started World of Final Fantasy. Got through the story but I need to get the true ending but for some reason I feel stuck. I think I have to grind levels but I might just be overwhelmed. I feel under-leveled when trying to get Bahamut and the bunch. I also got to level up all the mirages so I can fill out their sheets. But I really want to finish the game and make room on my SD Card.
  13. @SanctifiedSword I'd like to call out Darksiders Warmastered Edition
  14. Is it safe to say that all of the Yakuza games are RPGs?
  15. Here's my month's round up - The Amazing Spider-man (Counts for ABC event, fulfills HC, and started this month) LEGO DC Super-Villians (Counts for ABC event, fulfills HC, all DLC completed, and started this month) The Council (Counts for ABC event, started this month) Darksiders (Counts for ABC event, started this month, 4th completed game)
  16. My triple game will be Yakuza 0 Double games will be Witcher 3 and Risen 2
  17. For the Yakuza games - I do believe that they all got classified as RPGs but Ishin is not. It’s the same gameplay dynamics just set in the past. Would it count?
  18. I'd also like to join in.
  19. I'd like to join please.
  20. Games Completed The Amazing Spider-man (VITA) - I love Spider-man games because of the web slinging. It was amazing being able to swing around fancy free. I never watched the movie so I really didn't know how the game and the movie tie together but that really didn't matter. I did like the story and overall gameplay but it did get frustrating at some parts playing on the highest difficulty. As a person who likes collectibles - getting the 700 comic book pages was a little rough. It was fun swinging around and web slinging to the pages but it was a grind to get it down until the pages showed up on the map. Then it only showed up in proximity to you. LEGO DC Super-Villians (PS4) - Strangely enough this game made me nostalgic for the first Lego Batman game for the DS. The simple sets, no voice acting, and disappearing studs when there were too many on screen. It's crazy how far the LEGO games have come. I wasn't too fond of the story but ,at least, I thought it was neat. The free play world was fun to run around as all the major cities (Gotham and Metropolis) and noteworthy buildings (ACE and Arkham) were all on the same map and you can seamlessly visit each location. Plus there is Captain Clown which is always a win. Life is Strange : Before the Storm (PS4) - I really didn't know what to expect with this game as I found the first game to be a little cringe at certain points. But I was pleasantly surprised at the story. It built up the characters and made them seem real and the struggles they faced before the events of the first game. Oddly it was nice seeing Joyce and David interact without Chloe driving a wedge into the relationship. It also seems like there was a new voice actor for Chloe in the second game which also may have an effect on why I like this game. But towards the last episode, the game hit a little too close to home and made it a little difficult to play on and especially watch the end. Drowning (PS4) - A simple walking sim about depression. You walk along a linear path as text appears in front of you. It runs smoothly as you can read everything without stopping. There are multiple endings depending how you choose to deal with depression. The part I liked most about it was once to starting going down a path at the end the dialogue switch from the player talking to themselves to a conversation between the player and the depression. It was pretty powerful where you have the two voices pleading with each other during the darkest ending. The Council (PS4) - This game was a blast. It was fun having to do skill checks for dialogue options and having to keep an eye open to pick stuff up from the environment. Plus there are other things to do during the episodes besides the main quest objectives. So it's not as passive as TellTale. The character designs were very nice and everything seemed to belong with the time period. I did like Louie but I think my favorite character design was Holm. Some plot points you could see coming but they didn't appear where I thought they would and there was usually a twist with it. I would highly recommend it. Works in Progress - I tried playing AC Chronicles but I just hate the game. I haven't played past China so I'm not sure if its just that part I don't like or the whole gameplay change. I'm trying to make space on my PS3 but I decided to play Beyond Good and Evil, its been on my system for 2 years, to make room but now I'm stuck on that. On the PS4, I started Darksiders and I'm currently at the Straga bossfight. I also played Queen's Quest but I didn't realize I used a hint and have to replay the game.
  21. I’d like to join please. My stats are 202 Platinums 100% - 266 Completion rate - 70.56%
  22. I'd like to join please. I'm hoping this will help motivate me to play games I have been putting off for years. I look forward to regretting adding some these to my trophy list but I'll feel better once they are done. A Assassin's Creed Chronicles VITA B Bioshock - PS3 C (the) Council - PS4 D Darksiders - PS4 + Drowning PS4 E Enslaved - PS3 F Friday the 13th - PS4 G (the) Godfather 2 - PS3 H Hitman - PS4 I (LEGO) Indiana Jones 2 EU - PS3 J Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast - PS4 K Knee Deep - PS4 L Life is Strange Before the Storm - PS4 + LEGO DC Super Villains PS4 M Man Vs Wild - PS3 N NCIS - PS3 O Octodad Dadlist Catch - PS4 P Psychonauts - PS4 Q Queen's Quest 3 - PS4 R Risen 2 - PS3 S Scene it? - PS3 T The Amazing Spiderman - VITA U (SWAP) LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 - PS3 V Valley - PS4 W Witcher 3 GOTY - PS4 X X-Men Destiny - PS3 Y Yesterdays Origins - PS4 Z Zombi - PS4 Back-ups : Iron Man 2 - The Technomancer - LEGO Incredibles
  23. Just an update. I got the plat for FarCry 3 which was a blast. Having played it so long ago, I forgot what it was like. I miss having a protagonist that speaks and you can see the progress they make throughout the game - like Jason’s tattoos and the remarks he makes when rescuing his friends. I started on Warriors: Legends of Troy and I’m currently sitting at a 47% completion rate. This game is a blast. I love hack n slash games but this game got me more pumped than usual. The character designs were beautiful. Everyone was distinguishable besides Agamemnon and Menelaus- but that’s not important. They even pronounced the names correctly and you even get to fight the gods (it’s no God of War)! So if you know the story of the Trojan War then you know what’s going to happen but things get shaken up as the Greeks and Trojans have interface from Mt. Olympus. But I found myself laughing and eager to play the next level just to see what happens. This game reminded me of Latin class and reading about the deaths of Patroclus, Hektor, and Achilles. Along with the journey of Aeneas. It even got me thinking about relearning Latin. What I feared about this this game is the difficulty level. Playing through the story on easy was ok but got harder at the end. I’m on my expert play through now and I’m getting stuck. It took my 30 mins to get pass 3 specialty enemies. I’m currently on mission 7 out of 21. But I want to push through and 100% the game.
  24. I got the plat for Uncharted 4! Which brings me up to date with the series and now I kinda want to get the Nathan Drake collection. I was really impressed. Now I started on Far Cry 3 which brings back memories. It was the first time I played an FPS (the day after Christmas I went to game stop and payed full price) and I got so frustrated with it. But I ended up loving the game and Far Cry has become another favorite series.