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  1. mochuishle Call of Duty: Black Ops II Reason given by reporter: (Too Fast) Impossible timestamp<br /> <br /> At least someone is having a good time in wasting his/her life. Please explain why I have an impossible timestamp? I played a MP game and it gave me the only trophy I didn't have in the game. If you guys were good at this, you should have reported this like 5 years ago and not now, it's just silly...
  2. Operational asset was obviously the last trophy he got before the game glitched out on him. Then the next day, he completed all the spec ops missions and then the glitched trophies started popping. I don't know why they didn't pop in the order that they should...That's why they called it glitch I guess
  3. I can't argue with Fuel. He defintely used save files for that game. He did even with Wet but that were only a couple of trophies? And the trophies on MW2 were actually glitched...Why bother use a safe file for a few trophies in spec ops if he could used one for all of them? Can't help it he did that...You can look into my trophy list and look for a platinum since 2013 where hacked trophies were used to get to that platinum...You won't find a single one
  4. mochuishle Wet Reason given by reporter: (Order Earned) End game trophies before chapter related ones<br /> <br /> Same story as the Fuel disputed game. It's an account that belonged to my brother. I only started playing around 2013. Why is this even reported? It's not even a platinum, only a couple of throphies. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Reason given by reporter: (Too Fast) Classic spec ops<br /> <br /> Some of the trophies for spec ops got glitched and didn't want to pop until my brother had all 69 stars.
  5. My brother isn't playing anymore on this account so Im good on that. Thank you for answering though! I'll take a look on how I can hide that game.
  6. mochuishle Fuel Reason: All this trophies were earned just a few seconds apart. That's definitely save-hack. This was my big brother's account in the beginning. He played on this account until 2013 or something. Since then I have been playing on it but I never used hacks to earn my trophies. I hope I am not getting deleted from leaderbords for a dumb thing my brother did. Hopefully you can understand this. Thank you.